Episode-2: "Ramifications"

-Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Bennish land on a world very familiar to the three original sliders.  It is the Revolution world from the Pilot episode.  The resistance has almost been crushed in the last five years.  Without Wade's double to rally the people the resistance nearly crumbled.  Against the others better judgment, Wade steps into her dead double's place and convinces the people that she never died and that it was only a trick perpetrated by this world's Arturo, who now rules California.  Bennish is arrested by the KGB and Quinn must find and stop his double from giving the communist government sliding technology.  Wade and Remmy break into the jail to rescue Bennish, while Quinn attempts to talk some sense into his double.  Quinn discovers it was the sliders original visit to this world that forced this worlds Arturo to seek out this Quinn and force him to create sliding so that the government could not only conquer this world but others.  Arturo enters the lab and a fight erupts between him and our Quinn.  Quinn's double activates the sliding machine (He hasn't yet perfected a timer device for it) and rushes Arturo.  The two fall into the wormhole and the equipment shorts out and explodes.  Wade and Rembrandt find Bennish and rescue him, but not before the KGB discovers that this Wade Wells is indeed a different Wade from the one who originally led the resistance.  With word of Arturo's vanishing reaching the masses, the resistance gains hope once more, and they swear to Wade they will keep fighting this time until they win.  As the four get ready to slide out, Quinn notes that somewhere out there on another world, this world's Quinn and Arturo are stranded and he wonders what the ramifications of that will be. Back to Archives Page