sliders: earth 374

Episode-18: "Playing Cupid pt.3"

-Alyson turned to Wade and spoke,"What do you mean he needs me?"  "Alyson, my friends had to stop him from, well let's just say he was going to do something really bad."  "What do you want me to do about it?"  Wade replied, "Please, just talk to him.  He's at our hotel room right now.  Please, Alyson, just talk to him."  Alyson was quiet for a long time, but finally, "Okay.  Let's go."  The two began to head for the room, but little did either of them realize they were being followed.

-Scott turned to Mary and spoke, "That was an incredible recounting of your life, Mary.  So, all of these Kromaggs are gone?"  "As far as we've been able to tell, the Draconians weapon totally destroyed all of them, regardless of where they were.  If you don't mind me asking, Scott, are you doing any better?"  "Honestly, when I first met all of you I hated you.  I wanted to end it and you all stopped me.  Now, I understand why Quinn wanted me to write all of this down.  It makes so much sense and makes everything so much clearer to me, and at the same time I'm realizing that I still have my talent."  The door to the room flew open and Remmy and Bennish came running in.

-"Where's Q-Ball?" Remmy asked. He was seriously panting.  The two had obviously ran as quick as they could to the room.  Mary replied, "He's not on-world at this time."  "What!" Remmy screamed, "He slid without us?"  Bennish spoke up, "No way, man.  Remember, Mary and him were going to fix the timer."    "So where is he?" Rembrandt asked.  "He said he had to take care of something.  Why is it so important?"  "Because Mary, the Professor just slid about half an hour ago.  He's no longer on this world and we've got to track him."  About this time, the door opened and Wade and Alyson steeped through it.

-"Scott!" Alyson screamed.  "Alyson, is it really you.  What are you doing here?"  "Wade told me everything on the way over here.  Why?  I can't possibly mean that much to you."  "You do.  When you left my life it seemed like nothing else mattered anymore.  I didn't have you, I didn't have anything.  I mean, Alyson I love you."  "I know Scott.  I care alot about you, but I'm marrying Brian."  "There's nothing I can say to change your mind is there?" Alyson replied, "No, I don't think there is."  A loud swirling, swooshing sound was heard as a bluish wormhole opened and Quinn Mallory and another Scott and Alyson stepped from it.  Wade spoke, "Maybe there's something we can show you that will change your mind.  Scott. Alyson. These two are you from . .."  Quinn cut Wade off, "The future."  Wade looked at Quinn and he kind of winked as if to say "don't worry it's under control" then he spoke, "We're time travelers.  These two are you from the future, where you two are married."  The other Scott spoke up, "That's right.  We fell in love, we got married, and as a matter of fact, Alyson's pregnant."  Alyson and Scott looked at their doubles, they could tell they were truly happy."  The other Scott spoke , "That stack of papers in your hand Scott, that's your first best-selling novel you're holding."  The other Alyson spoke up, "Alyson, you have to realize this is for the best.  Brian is no good for you, I should know."  The door came flying open and their was Brian, it was obvious that he was extremely pissed to put it mildly.

-'You know, I didn't spend the last five years building a time machine to screw up Scott Walker's life for you  "time travelers" to show up and ruin all my fine laid plans.  Quinn spoke up, "Time travel!  You mean, you're the one responsible for this?"  "Yeah, I hated Scott, I hated the life he had.  He was so happy and content, needless to say I had a friend who had been working on time travel.  All I had to do was go back and get Alyson away from him and all the pieces fell apart."  Scott spoke up, "You sonuva-"  "Easy there Scott or I'll just travel back about a day and make sure that little suicide attempt works this time."  Brian pulled a device from his pocket, it was very similar in design to the timer.  He began punching buttons and a strange lit doorway appeared.  Quinn rushed him before he could enter.  He tossed the device to Scott and he began fiddling with it.  Brian slipped out of Quinn's grip and jumped into the doorway.  It closed and Quinn spoke, "This could be bad, we have to stop him."  "Don't worry about it.  I changed his destination.  He'll be lucky if he sees another human being before he dies."  Alyson was overcome.  She sat down on the couch and just stared at the wall.

-Alyson's double sat down next to her and began to talk to her, meanwhile Scott and his double had a conversation.  Quinn and the others began o talk amongst themselves.  Remmy informed Quinn of the Arturo dilemma.  "Don't worry Remmy.  I'll take Scott and Alyson back to their world, then slide back here and we'll track him.  Since the gateway's accessible anytime now we shouldn't have a problem tracking him.  Alyson and Scott walked up and spoke, "I think things will work out for them.  She's still kind of shaken up from Brian's little revelation, but hey I think they're gonna make it."  "Good to hear.  Thanks for the help you two.  I couldn't stand the thought of not seeing you two together on this world."  Alyson spoke, "We were glad to help, after all, I dated the Brian of our Word for  almost two years, I knew the kind of jerk he was."  "Let's get you guys home," Quinn said.

-Scott and Alyson (the other ones, not the ones who just slid)  walked up to the others.  Scott spoke, "We're going for a walk.  Will you guys still be here when we get back?"  Wade replied, "Probably not, we've got things to do."  Alyson replied, "Thank you Wade.  I nearly made the biggest mistake of my life."  The two walked out the door and left.  The wormhole opened and Quinn returned.  He fiddled with the timer and spoke, "I've got a lock.  Let's go."  He opened the vortex and the five sliders each leapt in ready for the next world.

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