sliders: earth 374

Episode-17:  "Playing Cupid pt.2"

-Scott could only stare at the five sliders as he listened to their story.  Surely they were all mad.  They had to be crazy.  Their story didn't make any sense.  Except for when Scott finally remembered a few years ago all the fuss that was made over one Professor Maximillian Arturo.  He had claimed to have invented inter dimensional travel, but when it came down to it, it was all a lie.  These people though, they knew him somehow.  And they seemed to know about Alyson.  How was that possible.  Isn't it bad enough that they kept me from ending this torment that is my life, but now I have to hear them talk about other worlds where I'm with Alyson.

-Quinn turned to Bennish and spoke, "Here's the plan.  Wade will go in search of Alyson.  Remmy and You head to the university and see is Professor Arturo is still on staff there.  If he is, bring him back here.  Remmy, do whatever it takes to get him here.  Mary.  Do you still have your Kromagg timer?"   Mary turned to Quinn and replied, "Yes, but it's useless now."  "Not entirely.  Do you think you could show me how it works, I mean a crash course in Kromagg tech.  If I can figure out how to generate a gateway without having to wait for the timer to countdown, I think I can fix a couple of our problems at the same time."  Mary replied, "It's not too very complicated Quinn, I will do my best."  "What about me?" The sliders turn to see Scott standing in the doorway.   Quinn looked at Wade and cracked a big smile.  "Scott, I want you to write down everything that's happening today.  Everything involving us and you and Alyson and anything else you can think of."  Scott was a little puzzled but he replied, "Okay, don't see what good it'll do.  I mean, you're all crazy anyway."  Quinn turned to the others and spoke, "Let's get to work."

-Wade walked up to the doorstep of apartment 3-C.  She had gotten the address for Alyson's residence from information (it's amazing what kind of info they'll give out when you act like you're not sure if it's the right person).  She knocked on the door  and it opened.  Standing in front of her was a man of about age 23.  She spoke, "I'm looking for Alyson Andrews."  He turned back into the house and yelled for Alyson.  In a few moments Alyson was at the door.  "Can I help you?" she asked.  "I hope so.  My name is Wade Welles.  I'm a friend of Scott Walker.  It's kind of important that I talk to you."  Alyson spoke, "Scott Walker.  There's somebody I haven't thought of in years.  I wonder if he knows we're getting married Brian?"  Brian replied, "I could actually care.  Remember that time I met him?  He was shaking so bad I thought he was going to cry.  It was funny.  What's he got to do with us anyway, Wade isn't it?"  Wade replied, "It's more of a private matter with Alyson and myself."  "I don't like the sound of that," Brian replied.  "No, it's not anything like that.  I just, well . . ." Wade was thinking fast.  She looked at the ring on her finger and spoke, " Scott and I are engaged and he always spoke so highly of Alyson that I kind of wanted to meet her and talk to her a little bit."  "Oh," Brian replied.  "Would you mind if we took a walk?"  "That's fine, I'd love to hear all about this.  Brian, I'll be back later."  Wade and Alyson left the apartment and walked down the road.

-Rembrandt and Bennish walked  through the halls of the university.  The lights began to flicker and  they heard someone scream out, "If this is Arturo's crazy experiment again, I'm going to fire him!"  A tall balding man walked towards them, it was obvious he was the man who had been screaming.  Remmy spoke, "Excuse me, but we're looking for a Professor Arturo?"  The man replied, "I'm Dean Howards, and I assume the Professor is in his lab on floor three.  Wait a second, Conrad Bennish Jr.?  What are you doing here?"  Bennish stuttered for a moment and spoke, "I was just looking  Arturo up.  I miss the old windbag."  Howard replied, "Well, it is certainly an honor to have the inventor of cold nuclear fusion in our hallowed  halls yet again."  Remmy did a double take and looked at Bennish.  The lights flickered again and Howards began to scream, "Arturo!  I swear I'm going to fire you!"    Remmy and Bennish follow  Howards up to Arturo's lab.  When they open the door, Howards speaks, "What is that?"  Remmy and Bennish knew all too well what it was.  A swirling bluish wormhole was right in  front of them and Arturo was no where to be seen.

-Back at the hotel, Scott continues writing down everything that is happening.  He suddenly realized  that he hasn't lost his knack for it. He began thinking to himself about what a great book this would make.  The story of travelers from other dimensions, jumping from world to world.  No, not jumping, sliding.  Yea, he liked the sound of that.   "YES!" Scott's thoughts  were interrupted by Quinn screaming with joy.  "It was so simple.  Why didn't I figure this out years ago?"  Mary replies, "Don't forget Quinn, you had a Kromagg implant in your brain for two years."  "Is that your answer to everything I couldn't figure out?"  "It works doesn't it?"  "Mary, I think you're spending way too much time with Bennish.  He's rubbing off on you."  "And this is a bad thing?"  "No, I guess when you're raised by Kromaggs, even the world according to Bennish is okay."  "He fascinates me Quinn."  "I'd noticed, I think the only one who hasn't noticed it is him."  Mary turned her head from Quinn.  'No, Mary, it's okay.  I was the same way with Wade for years and look at us now.  Bennish is a different kind of guy.  Jr. Space Cadet, but he's okay.  give him some time.  He'll come around."  Mary cracked a smile and spoke, "What are you going to do?"  Quinn replied, "I have a little trip to make.  I'll be back in a few minutes."  Quinn pressed a button on the timer and a gateway opened.  He jumped in and Scott walked up behind Mary.  "That was incredible.  I heard him say you were raised by kullmazzs or something."  "Kromaggs," Mary replied.  "I was wondering if you mind telling me about that."  "I'm not sure you'd like it very much."  "I'm intrigued by it.  Please tell me."  Mary began to talk  and Scott began to write down her words.

-"So, you're marrying Scott?"  Wade wasn't sure she wanted to continue this lie, but in her mind it was the only way to get Alyson to open up to her.  "Yeah, we met a few months ago.  He's really great.  He proposed about a month ago."  Alyson replied, "That's great.  I always hoped he'd find someone.  He has so much talent."  "What do you mean?" Wade replied.  "His writing.  He still does doesn't he?"  "Not much at all anymore."  Alyson's face grew somber.  "I really hate that.  He was so good."  "He told me that he just lost the desire for it.  Said he lost his inspiration."  Alyson became quiet.  "So, how is he?"  Wade replied, "He's okay."  "For a woman who's marrying him, you don't sound real convincing."  Wade could no longer keep the charade up, "Alyson, I'm not marrying  Scott.  I'm here because he needs you."  Alyson just looked at Wade.

-Dean Howards could only stare as the wormhole shrank and vanished.  "What was that?"  Remmy replied, "It must have been some great light show."  Bennish interrupted, "I think it was a hologram, yea that's it."  "Where is Arturo?"Howards asked.  "Maybe he stepped out for a bite to eat," Remmy replied.  "I think we'll try again later."  Remmy and Bennish left , they knew they had to get back to the hotel to tell Quinn that Arturo had slid off world.

To Be Continued

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