sliders: earth 374

Episode-16:  "Playing Cupid pt.1"

-The scene opens with Wade writing in her diary.

-It's been a quiet stay on this world.  We've been here almost a month and we all needed the rest.  After what happened with the Kromaggs and the Draconians a nice peaceful world was just what we needed.  I still find it hard to believe that Quinn proposed to me.  He wants me to marry him!  I've been waiting for this moment for years and it finally happened!  It's so strange, the group has changed so much over the years.  In the beginning it was just Quinn, Remmy, Arturo and myself, but now we have Bennish and Mary along for the ride and we still haven't found the Professor.  Quinn has been extremely happy of late.  We met a very nice couple the  first week we were here.  There names are Scott and Alyson Walker.  He's a writer.  As a matter of fact, he's been writing novels about "sliding" although he doesn't call it that.  He's done pretty well for himself.  Alyson's a teacher at  a local school.  They seem so happy together.  Quinn and Scott became such fast friends, that Quinn decided to tell them the truth about all of us.  Scott loved the story.  He wants to incorporate it into his next book.  We've been staying with them for the last few days.  I only hope Quinn and me are as happy together as they are.

-Shift to Quinn and Scott talking on the deck of their house.

-"You know, Quinn, I really envy you guys.  You're out there exploring the unknown.  You get to see almost every possible permutation of history.  It must be somewhat humbling."  Quinn replied," It's almost unimaginable, Scott.  I mean, up until this year it's been one constant struggle after another.  Except for trying to find the Professor and that whole run-in we had with the Kromaggs, this year has been almost nothing but enjoying sliding.  You know, that you're welcome to come along."  "I can't.  My life is here.  Alyson is here.  She is my life Quinn.  I love her more than anything else.  You understand that, don't you?"  "Of course I do.  I feel the same about Wade.  When I lost her the last time, I didn't know what I'd do without her."  Scott spoke up,"I know what you mean.  For a long time I cared about Alyson, but it just seemed like things could never work out.  Finally, one day, almost as if by fate,  she stepped back into my life and I swore I'd never let her go again.  I don't know what I would have done without her.  So always remember to never take for granted what you have."  "Thanks for the advice, Scott.  If I can ever get the last few glitches out of my sliding system, me and Wade will swing back by this world after the wedding."  "You know, you all are always welcome here.  After all, this story of your adventures will probably be the biggest thing I've written yet, and the funny part is it's all true."  The two laughed  and Bennish, Mary, Wade, Remmy and Alyson walked out onto the deck.  Bennish spoke, "It's time guys."  He pulled the timer from his pocket.  Hugs and good-byes were exchanged and the sliders jumped into the vortex and vanished.

-The five figures came hurtling out of the vortex.  Mary spoke, "I don't understand how Kromagg sliding was so comfortable and your vortex has the tendency to always land us on our backs."  Quinn replied, "One of these days, you're going to help me fix that problem Mary, and maybe figure out how to open the gateway at will."  "Anyway I can be of help," she replied.  "Quinn look!" Wade screamed.  Quinn turned his eyes upward and saw a young man about to jump from a bridge.  Quinn ran as fast as he could and grabbed the young man before he could jump.  The young man turned around and Quinn saw his face.  He was Scott Walker.

-"Scott?" Quinn said.  "Do I know you?  No, I couldn't.  Why did you save me?" he replied.  "Why were you trying to kill yourself?" Quinn asked.  By this time the others had arrived at the scene and were just as startled as Quinn to the identity of the jumper.  Scott replied, "Why are you all looking at me like that?"  No one could answer him.

-The sliders convinced Scott to go to the hotel with them. They thought it best if he wasn't left alone.  Once in the room, Wade was able to get him to open up.  "It's just, I feel like I have nothing left.  You see, I was in love once, it was a while back, but I still care about her a great deal.  I just found out she's engaged to be married to some guy.  I don't want to live anymore.  Without her I don't think I can.   I use to always want to write, to make something out of myself.  But when she disappeared from my life a few years ago all those dreams died.  I don't want to live.  Can't you see that?  Why did you have to stop me?  Why?"  Quinn and Wade walked into the other room.  Wade spoke, "We have to do something."  "Let me check something first," Quinn replied.  "Scott.  If you don't mind me asking, what is this woman's name?"  Scott raised his head up and spoke, "Alyson Andrews, why does it matter?"  Quinn replied, "I think we may be able to help."  Rembrandt spoke, "Hold on there Q-Ball, when did we start playing Cupid?"  Wade just looked at him and spoke, "You've been there before Remmy, or don't you remember?"  He remained silent.  Bennish was looking out he window when he screamed, "Guys, come here quick!"  The sliders run to the window and Wade speaks, "The Golden Gate Bridge, it's blue.  We've made it!"  Quinn replied, "Well then, it look like we've got our work cut out for us on a few different fronts, but that's okay.  I have a plan."  Scott just looked at the sliders strangely, he had no clue what they were about to do.

To Be Continued

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