Episode-15: "The Kromagg Agenda pt.4"

                 -Quinn could only stare helplessly at the vision on the view-screen.
                 The saucer was directly above the main hall. Only moments ago, it
                 had emitted a beam that had destroyed BOTH races of Kromaggs.
                 Even Kornelius's dead body had been reduced to ash. He could only
                 assume that the beam had been tuned to the Kromagg's DNA, that
                 was the only explanantion for why the beam hadn't affected them. He
                 knew his mind should have been on the situatuion at hand, but all he
                 could think of was the question he had never been able to ask Wade.
                 He was interrupted by Colin's sudden appearence. Yet, he had to
                 keep his mind on the current situation. "Mary, I need you to open a
                 gateway to the world we were on before this one. We can then use
                 our timer to slide off of that world." Mary pulled her timer-device
                 from a pocket. She looked at the readout and her eyes grew wide.
                 "Quinn, the device is scrambled. I can't open a gateway."
                 "Wonderful," he thought to himself. The saucer began to glow, and the
                 sliders prepared themsleves for the worst.

                 -Quinn grabbed Wade by the arm and pulled her aside. "Wade, there
                 was something I was going to ask you earlier, but I didn't have the
                 chance. I know this isn't the best time or place," He reached into his
                 pocket and pulled out a ring box, he opened it to reveal a ring, "but if
                 we make it out of this, once we find the Professor and get back to
                 Earth Prime, well, will you marry me?" The others turned to Quinn
                 after hearing his proposal. Their eyes wide with surprise. Wade
                 replied,"Quinn . . . look behind you!" Quinn turned around to see the
                 fabric of reality become hazy and distorted as there figures simply
                 walked from this strange effect. The sliders were speechless at the
                 figures that stood before them.

                 -The center figure was at least 6'9". He had green skin and red eyes.
                 There were two large fins on his head that started at the base of his
                 neck and converged at his brow. He cracked a smile to reveal fangs.
                 To his right was a feline figure. Standing at about 6'3". The figure was
                 most certainly female, as one could tell from her endowments. Her
                 hands resembled paws to some extent and had claws on them. She
                 was covered in fur, three distinct colors, black, white and gold, and
                 her tail swayed back and forth as she stood there. To the left of the
                 center figure was a large grey gorilla. He was standing erect and must
                 have been 6'7". He held in his right hand a strange looking pentagon
                 shaped object.

                 -The center figure began to speak, "Greetings, humans. We have
                 freed you from the tyranny of the Kromagg Dynasty. You owe your
                 lives to the Draconian Empire. I am Dragonius, she is Talese, and this
                 is Cyrus. Your former lives are over. You will now serve the
                 Draconian Empire." Rembrandt was the first to speak up," Hold on a
                 second. What makes you think that we want to serve you?" The feline
                 known as Talese spoke,"That is irrelevant. You will serve the Empire.
                 The Kromagg agenda is complete. Both races have been destroyed.
                 The only minor threat to the empire is gone. Nothing stands in our
                 way now. All of these worlds filled with you so-called humans, will
                 bow before the might of the Draconian Empire!" "There is no escape.
                 We have scrambled your primitive "sliding" technology. You will serve
                 us or you will die!" Cyrus said. "If anyone is going to kill them, it will
                 be me." The Draconians turn around to seee Colin Mallory standing
                 behind them. He is holding a strange device, that is obviously
                 Genesis-Kromagg technology. "Another human,"Cyrus said. "Not just
                 any human. A Kromagg trained killer, you senseless ape." "Cyrus,
                 deal with this one," Dragonius said. Cyrus runs toward Colin, but
                 Colin blasts him with the weapon and he falls to the ground. Colin
                 grabs the pentagon shaped device from Cyrus and looks at it. "Here
                 Quinn, see if you can figure this thing out." he tosses the device
                 towards Quinn. Talese and Dragonius try to retrieve it, but they are
                 blasted by Colin. Quinn picks up the device and begins fiddling with
                 it. He turns to Mary and speaks, "Mary I need you over here, this
                 vaugley resembles Kromagg tech." Mary runs to Quinn's side and
                 begins looking over the device with him. She turns to him and
                 speaks,"I thnk if you use this series of keys, you will open one of their
                 transport fields." Quinn punches in the keys and a strange distortion,
                 not unlike the one that the three arrived in appears. "We have to get
                 them inside this distortion! Colin we'll need your help." "fine. Just as
                 long as you disable the scrambler field, so I can slide off this world."
                 The six sliders struggle with the unconscious forms of the Draconians,
                 but finally throw them into their distortion.

                 -"Well, are you going to disable that scrambler field, or what?" "Colin,
                 I'm not sure I can," Quinn replied. "Look, those guys will be back at
                 any momnet. Give me that thing." Colin grabs the device and presses
                 a few keys. He grabs his timer and opens a wormhole. "Remember
                 Quinn, watch your back. Without the maggs, I have nothing but my
                 revenge against you." Colin jumps into his vortex and it closes. "Mary.
                 Open your vortex." Mary pulls her timer out and opens a gateway.
                 The five of them leap into the vortex and it closes."

                 -The five sliders come flying out of the vortex into their hotel room.
                 "We made it," Rembrandt said. Quinn pulls their timer from his
                 pocket, "We've got about three minutes left on this world." "Cutting it
                 a little close there aren't you Quinn?"Remmy replied. "I didn't figure
                 we'd have to use the timer again, if I'd gotten the Kromagg tech I
                 needed. That doesn't matter though. We can't go back there.
                 Thankfully we left that device there. The last thing we need is to have
                 them tracking us." Bennish spoke,"What do we do about Mary?"
                 Quinn replied,"You're welcome to come with us. Maybe you'll find a
                 world out there that you can settle down on." She replied,"I'd like
                 that. Besides, this Conrad Bennish Jr. intrigues me." "Time to go
                 guys." Quinn opens the gateway and the five sliders slide out.

                 -On the next world, Quinn and Wade take a walk in the park.
                 "Quinn, I've been thining about it and my answer is yes." Quinn
                 replied, "Huh?" "Quinn." "I'm just playing Wade. Here." He reaches
                 into his pocket and pulls out the ring box. He takes the ring from
                 inside of it and places it on Wades finger. "I love you Quinn Mallory."
                 "And I love you future Mrs. Quinn Mallory." The two kiss and the
                 scene fades to something else.

                 -On board the Draconian saucer. Dragonius speaks,"Quinn Mallory
                 has earned our wrath. Let him think he has defeated us. Let him think
                 we can't find him, and when he least expects it, he will be ours!"  Back to Archives Page