Episode-14: "The Kromagg Agenda pt.3"

                 -Quinn could only stare blankly at the view screen. He saw the
                 hundreds and hundreds of Kromagg soldiers pouring from it with each
                 passing second. Kornelius spoke, "This is not good. We won't be able
                 to complete our work with a war going on around us." Quinn's eyes
                 grew large. "Wade. . . she's out there! I have to go! I'll be back as
                 soon as I can." "But Quinn, what about the distortion effect?" "I can't
                 worry about it now. I'll be back I promise." Quinn turned and ran
                 from the lab.

                 -Outside in the midst of the war zone, Rembrandt, Wade and Bennish
                 seek to make their way back to the main hall. "Great, it never fails.
                 We try to relax a little bit and a war breaks out," Remmy said. "Just
                 keep running, Remmy," Wade replied. "Guys look! They've got
                 Mary," Bennish said. Before the others can respond, Bennish has
                 broken off to engage the Kromagg that has Mary. "Hey ugly!" The
                 Kromagg is revealed as General Kalis. He turns around and Bennish
                 punches him in the face. Kalis shakes it off and begins to choke
                 Bennish. Bennish knees Kalis in the groin (Yep, Kromaggs are just
                 like humans all right.) and he falls to the ground. Bennish grabs Mary
                 and speaks,"Come on, we've got to get back to the main hall." She
                 replies,"Thank you for saving my life, and I know a shortcut." Mary
                 pulls a small cylindrical object out and opens a wormhole. "Quickly,
                 this will take us to the main hall." The two jump into the vortex and it

                 -Rembrandt and Wade could see the main hall entrance. They were
                 only a few feet from the door. It suddenly swung open and there was
                 Quinn. "Wade, thank God! I thought the maggs had got you." "I'm
                 fine , Quinn. We're all fine." Rembrandt speaks, "Bennish went after
                 Mary. If the maggs didn't get them they should be right behind us." At
                 that precise moment a vortex opens behind Quinn inside of the main
                 hall and Mary and Bennish appear. "Glad to see you guys made it,"
                 Rembrandt said. "Hurry, we have to get back to the lab. I have a

                 -Inside the Kromagg lab, Kornelius continues his study of the
                 distortion effect. He hears the door open and speaks,"Quinn, you're
                 back so soon?" "I'm not Quinn." Kornelius turns around and is face to
                 face with Colin Mallory, who is holding a Kromagg weapon in his
                 hand. "Who?" "My name is Colin Mallory. I guess you could say I'm
                 Quinn's "brother" in a sorts. And you my friend seem to be helping
                 him in the ills that are plaguing the Dynasty." "No, this distortion effect
                 is not our doing." "You know, if only I believed you. I am judge, jury
                 and executioner for the Dynasty and you Kromagg pretender are
                 sentenced to death!" Colin raises his weapon and fires. Kornelius falls
                 to the ground and Colin opens a vortex and vanishes.

                 -Quinn and the others walked into the lab and saw Kornelius's body
                 on the floor. "Kornelius!" Quinn screamed. Mary went to the body.
                 She checked for a pulse and breathing and spoke,"He's dead." "Who
                 could have done this?" Wade asked. Quinn replied, "I'll give everyone
                 two guesses." "Colin," Rembrandt said. "Damn it! How can I stop this
                 distortion effect without someone with at least a passing familiarity with
                 it?" "You'll do what you always do, Quinn, the best you can," Wade
                 said. The building began to shake. "The battle must be getting closer,"
                 Mary said. "Then I've got work to do."

                 -Quinn slaved over the computer console as the battle grew closer.
                 He raised his head and spoke, "This is unbelievable!" "What is it,
                 Quinn?" Wade asked. "The distortion effect. It's almost identical to
                 the properties of the wormhole that are used for sliding. From what I
                 can gather, it's a more highly advanced version of sliding. Someone or
                 something is trying to shift this world into another dimension." "Can
                 you stop it?" Bennish asked. "I don't know." A strange alarm began
                 blaring and Quinn looked at the readings of the distortion.
                 "Something's coming through the distortion field." A large vessel
                 resembling a highly advanced flying saucer appears from the distortion
                 effect. "Quinn, something's happening. Look!" Wade said. A strange
                 beam comes from the saucer and blankets the entire world. It changes
                 from a red to an orange and suddenly the screams of both races of
                 Kromaggs become deafening. Quinn changes the view to the main
                 battlefield as the sliders suddenly watch the Kromaggs dissolve into
                 ash. They are all speechless. The saucer begins to move and suddenly
                 it is right above the main hall. "Quinn, what do we do now?" Wade
                 asked. Quinn replies, "I don't know."

                 To Be Continued.

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