Episode-13: "The Kromagg Agenda pt.2"

                 -The reddish wormhole opened and deposited Colin Mallory's limp
                 form onto the ground. A Kromagg general kicked his body and he
                 began to wake up. "What happened?" "You failed us, Colin." Colin
                 stood up and spoke,"General Kalis, I was attacked from behind.
                 Someone is helping the sliders." Kalis looked at Colin with eyes
                 piercing into him. "And that's suppose to make your failure
                 acceptable?" "No general. Give me another chance. Let me slide
                 back to that world. If they've slid already I should be able to pick up
                 a photon trail and track them." Kalis cracked a smile and
                 spoke,"Very well, Mallory, but remember," Kalis stared intently at
                 Colin and Colin felt the fire burning in his mind. He fell to the ground
                 in agony. "if you fail the Dynasty again. I will visit pain undreamed of
                 upon you." The pain stopped and Colin slowly raised himself back up.
                 "I will not fail, General Kalis." He grabbed the timer from his pocket
                 and opened the vortex and slid out.

                 -The reddish-black wormhole opened and Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt,
                 Bennish and Mary stepped from it. Mary spoke, "Welcome to the
                 Kromagg homeworld." The four sliders stared at their surrounds in
                 awe. The entire civilization was a combination of organic materials
                 and machinery. The buildings resembled giant trees and there was lush
                 vegetation everywhere. "This world is amazing," Wade said. "Yeah,
                 hard to believe a race of conquerors lives here," Remmy replied.
                 "Former conquers, Mr. Brown. These Kromaggs have changed their
                 ways. Now they strive to build a utopian society, where all beings can
                 live in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, the distortion effect,that has
                 devoured half of this world and other worlds in the Dynasty,seeks to
                 threaten that dream." "Mary, get me to the High Council. If what you
                 say is true, I'll need to get to work as soon as possible." "Very well,
                 Quinn. Follow me."

                 -Colin Mallory stood in the hotel room that the sliders had been in
                 only an hour ago. It appeared they had left in a hurry. He raised his
                 timer and began to scan for a photon trail. There was a pattern, but it
                 didn't resemble their normal sliding signature. That could only mean
                 one of two things. Either the sliders were still on this world or they
                 had slid with someone else. Colin thought it would be best to check
                 out the signature first. No one would stop him from delivering the
                 sliders to the Dynasty. He locked onto the signature and opened a
                 vortex. Moments later he and the vortex were gone.

                 -Quinn and the others stood before a trio of Kromaggs that were
                 sitting in thrones against a stone wall. Quinn couldn't believe how he
                 never realized the difference between these Kromaggs and the ones
                 they had been dealing with for the last year. The Kromagg in the
                 center spoke,"My name is Kolex. I am the leader of the High Council.
                 Mary has explained the situation to you, Quinn Mallory. It is of dire
                 importance that you find a way to destroy the distortion effect that
                 threatens our world and others. If not contained or destroyed, it will
                 devour the entire multiverse. So I ask you on behalf of the Kromagg
                 High Council, will you help us?" Quinn spoke,"Regardless of what
                 happened between us in the past, I am willing to help, but I ask only
                 one thing in return." Kolex replied,"What would that be?" "If I can
                 stop this distortion effect, I want access to the technology that allows
                 you to open a gateway at any time." The three Kromaggs look at one
                 another, they obviously are communicating telepathically. Kolex turns to
                 Quinn and speaks,"Agreed. If you can rectify our problem, the
                 technology is yours. Mary will show you to our lab. We have our
                 finest scientific mind, Kornelius, working on the problem. He will assist
                 you in any way." Mary leads Quinn out of the chamber and tells the
                 others to go take a look at the city while she shows Quinn to the lab.

                 -A vortex opened and Colin Mallory came flying out of it. He picked
                 himself up off of the ground and began to take a look around. This
                 world was fascinating. Of course, there was no time for sight seeing.
                 Colin had to find the sliders. He saw Wade, Rembrandt and Bennish
                 walking through the city. He crept near them so he could hear their
                 discussion. "Hard to believe these Kromaggs have such an advanced
                 society," Wade said. "I would love to get my hands on some of the
                 tech around here. Bam! Could take out those other uglies just like
                 that." "Y'know Bennish is right, Wade. With the technology here, it
                 probably wouldn't be a problem to get rid of the other maggs."
                 "Remmy, these Kromaggs aren't conquers. Not anymore at least.
                 They probably don't want to be involved in another war. Especially
                 with all the problems going on now." Colin could scarcely believe his
                 ears. Another world of Kromaggs. One that was possibly more
                 advanced than "his" Kromaggs. General Kalis had to hear of this. He
                 entered the homeworld's coordinates into his timer and opened a
                 portal. He dived in, knowing that there was little time. He knew what
                 he had to do.

                 -Quinn walked into the lab. A Kromagg in a lab coat approached him
                 and spoke, "Ah, Quinn Mallory, I presume. It is indeed an honor and
                 a privilege to meet the homo sapien who discovered inter-dimensional
                 travel." Quinn replied,"Thanks, but I wasn't the first." "I am well aware
                 of that, Mr. Mallory, but on your own world you were. In my eyes,
                 that makes you a great man. Now, if you will follow me to the view
                 screen here, I'll give you a visual idea of what we're up against."
                 Kornelius walks Quinn to a large screen and begins to show him what
                 the distortion effect actually looks like and what it has done. "I'll need
                 to see your notes, readings, scan and anything else you've got on it."
                 "Very well, Quinn. Although I must warn you, that every probe we've
                 sent into the effect we've lost contact with. It's almost as if they just
                 vanished." Quinn knew that sounded familiar he just couldn't place
                 from where. Almost without any warning a loud siren began to sound.
                 "What is that?" Quinn asked. "It means an incredibly large gateway is
                 about to open, and it's not one of ours," Kornelius replied. "Can we
                 use this view screen to see what's going on?" "Of course, just give me
                 a moment." Kornelius fiddles with the controls and soon a picture of
                 the gateway opening appears. Hundreds of Kromaggs begin to
                 emerge from it, in jeeps, manta ships, tanks. They have come in full
                 force. Kornelius speaks,"Oh dear, those other Kromaggs have
                 discovered us. How is that possible?" Quinn replied with one word,

                 TO BE CONTINUED.

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