Episode-12: "The Kromagg Agenda pt.1"

                 -A swirling red vortex opened and Colin Mallory was thrown from it.
                 He had locked onto a photon trail that he was sure was Quinn and the
                 others. Now all he had to do was find them and bring them back to
                 the homeworld.

                 -In the middle of Golden Gate Park, a reddish-black vortex opened
                 and the young woman known as Mary stepped from it. She knew she
                 had to find Quinn. He was the only one who could stop what was
                 happening to the multiverse, but would he help her? After all, she had
                 tricked him before. And he probably believed her dead. Still, she
                 knew he was the only hope the multiverse had.

                 -Quinn and Wade were relaxing on the couch in the hotel room as
                 Remmy and Bennish fought over the remote. Quinn turned to Wade
                 and spoke, "There's something I've been meaning to ask you." Wade
                 looked up at Quinn and replied, "What would that be?" Quinn was
                 about to answer her when there was a knock at the door. He got off
                 of the bed and opened the door. He was face to face with his
                 "brother" Colin. "Hello Quinn. It's been awhile, hasn't it? " Rembrandt
                 began to inch toward the door, but Colin pulled a strange Kromagg
                 device from his pocket and spoke, "I wouldn't try that, Remmy. This
                 device here could obliterate this entire hotel. Now, we can do this the
                 easy way, or we can do this the hard way. Either way, you all are
                 coming with me." "What do you want, Colin?" Quinn asked. "It's not
                 what I want "brother". It's what you've done. You must pay for your
                 crimes against the Dynasty." "What crimes?" Remmy asked. "He
                 knows. the damage he has inflicted upon the multiverse. It threatens
                 the Dynasty. And he will undo it." "What are you talking about?"
                 "Don't play stupid with me, Quinn!" "I have no idea what you are
                 talking about." "That's all right, once we reach the homeworld, the
                 maggs will pry it out of your head. Now let's go." Colin pulls his timer
                 from his pocket and opens a vortex. He is about ot shove Quinn into
                 it when he is hi in the head from behind and falls to the floor. The
                 sliders look up from Colin's fallen form to see Mary standing behind
                 him. "Quickly, we must throw him into his vortex before he recovers."
                 Quinn and remmy pick up Colin and throw him into the vortex and it
                 closes. Quinn then looks to Mary and speaks, "I'm going to assume
                 your the same Mary that we met before, so two questions. Why
                 aren't you dead and What are you doing here?"

                 -Mary begins to tell her tale. "I'm sorry that I mislead you before, but
                 the Kromaggs were very different beings then." Rembrandt
                 spoke,"What do you mean were very different, they still conquer
                 every Earth they can get their paws on." "No, not the Kromaggs you
                 first encountered." Quinn replied,"You know, she has a point. The
                 Kromaggs that we encountered the first time where nothing like the
                 ones we've been running into for the last year. It's almost as if they
                 were two different races. Think about it. The kromaggs we first
                 encountered claimed to be from a world where they had evolved into
                 the dominant species, while the Kromaggs we're seeing now, originate
                 from the"homeworld" of Colin." "Very good Quinn. If not for that
                 tracking device we planted in your head when you were captured the
                 first time, you would have realized this then." "You mean, the first
                 Kromaggs implanted the tracking device." "Yes. Our original plan was
                 to follow you to your prime coordinates and enslave that world, but
                 the second Kromaggs had a very similar technology and picked up
                 the signal from the device. They used it to monitor you and to control
                 you." "That still doesn't explain why you are here," Wade said. "It's
                 simple, the Kromagg Primes, as I will refer to the first Kromaggs you
                 encountered, have reformed. They liberated their worlds and began
                 trying to build a utopian society. You see, strange things have begun
                 to happen within the Dynasty. High ranking officials just disappear.
                 Buildings housing delegates vanish, and half of Kromagg Prime is gone.
                 In its place is a strange distortion effect that none of the scientists can
                 figure out. This distortion effect is spreading. It has already consumed
                 other Dynasty worlds. It threatens the entire multiverse." "That must
                 have been what Colin was talking about," Quinn said. Mary was
                 puzzled. "He said something was effecting the Dynasty. The other
                 Kromagg Dynasty. They blame me." "Typical. So it threatens them as
                 well. The high council must hear of this. I need you four to trust me.
                 We need your help. You must come to Kromagg Prime. Quinn, they
                 are convinced only you can stop this. Will you help us?" Wade spoke
                 up, "As if he's got a choice. Mary, open your vortex. Quinn's got a
                 multiverse to save." The four sliders and Mary jump into the new
                 vortex and slide.

                 To be Continued.
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