Episode-11: "Wade's Story"

                 -On a completely uneventful world, Quinn and Wade enjoy some
                 quiet time together as Bennish and Rembrandt explore the local club

                 -Wade was trying to relax, but she couldn't. She had bee holding so
                 much inside of her for so long. She wanted so desperately to tell
                 Quinn everything that had happened to her. The breeder camp and
                 everything that she encountered there. It should have been easy.
                 Things between the two of them were better than ever. He was no
                 longer the cold, uncaring man he had been after their first run in with
                 the Kromaggs. With the tracking device gone, he had returned to his
                 normal self. Still, she didn't have the heart to burden him with what
                 had happened, not yet at least. If for no other reason then she knew
                 how much he blamed himself for what had happened to her, for not
                 sliding with her and Rembrandt, for allowing the Kromaggs to take
                 her. Of course, her mind couldn't help but relive those events.

                 -The scene shifts to a Kromagg prison holding cell. Wade is sitting in
                 the corner, her face buried in her arms. Two Kromaggs approached
                 the cell (Genesis/style Kromaggs) with a red headed woman whose
                 face is obscured. She is basically being dragged into the cell and is
                 thrown onto the bed across from Wade. Wade runs to her side. We
                 see the face of the woman revealed as Maggie Beckett. She looks up
                 at Wade and speaks groggily, "No Wade. Not you too." "Maggie.
                 What happened? Where's Quinn?" Maggie's face shown confusion.
                 "Quinn?" Wade backed away. She assumed this was a Kromagg
                 trick to try to pry something out of her. Bad enough they had
                 conquered her world and placed her in this breeding camp, but now
                 they had to mock her, by sending this woman who looked exactly like
                 the woman who took Quinn from her. "Wade, I guess I'm not your
                 Maggie." Wade replied, "Then who are you?" "Her double. I was a
                 slider. My Wade always talked about a Quinn Mallory. She loved
                 him. But on one of their slides, he was shot while jumping into the
                 vortex. He was trying to save her from being killed. When he came
                 through the other side of the vortex he was in shock. He grabbed her
                 by the hand and told her he loved her. Shortly after that, he died. She
                 continued to slide with Rembrandt Brown, Max Arturo and A young
                 man named Ryan who had slid with them from that previous world. It
                 was a year later when they landed on my world. A pulsar was
                 heading for it and we needed Arturo's help to perfect our sliding
                 machine. He assisted us, but my husband was killed before the
                 machine was operational. Max used his knowledge of sliding to finish
                 the device and transport the populace off of the planet before the
                 pulsar hit. I had nothing without Steven. So, The four of them agreed
                 to let me slide with them. Until we were separated a few worlds back.
                 That's when the Maggs got me." Wade was relieved. She wasn't a
                 Kromagg mind trick, just a double, granted, a double from a universe
                 where Quinn must have been killed on Lottery World and Ryan kept
                 sliding with them, but a double just the same. Over the next few days,
                 the two became fast friends.

                 -Wade explained her story to Maggie. Maggie was shocked to
                 discover the kind of person her double was. "Wade, you tried to help
                 me deal with Steven's death. You were my best friend, I knew how
                 much you still cared about Quinn, I can't believe my double tried to
                 steal him from you." "Different worlds, different Maggies." "Wade, I
                 have to tell you. I'm pregnant with one of those things." "I know.
                 Maggie. I'm suppose to be your mid-wife." "What?" "When I first
                 arrived here, they ran some tests on me. My body can't carry a
                 Kromagg fetus. I'm not exactly sure why. They said I'd never be able
                 to carry it to full term. Instead of killing me, they've trained me to help
                 in the birthing process." Maggie was quiet. "I didn't know how to tell
                 you." "It's okay. At least I won't have one of those things touching

                 -Maggie came to term and was ready to give birth. Wade assisted
                 with the labor and the humagg child was born. Maggie grew pale. She
                 looked at her humagg son and called him Steven. With that last
                 breath she died. A Kromagg officer grabbed the child and said his
                 name would be Keldar and he would bring glory to the Dynasty.
                 Wade wept for her friend.

                 -The next day Wade was introduced to her new cell mate, Christina.
                 Soon she too would give birth to a humagg child.

                 -The time came for Christina to give birth. Wade was so afraid that
                 she would have to watch another friend die. Luckily, this time the
                 mother survived.

                 -After the birth, Wade was returning to her cell. She was grabbed
                 and pulled into a corner. "Wade, I'm getting you out of here." She
                 looked up to see someone who appeared to be Quinn with long hair
                 and a beard. He took her down through a tunnel and she wound up in
                 an underground base. She was immediately greeted by a Rembrandt
                 Brown, Max Arturo and a Wade Welles. She looked at the Quinn
                 standing next to her. "You're not my Quinn." "No, I'm not, but I'm
                 here to get you home." "That's not possible. My world was taken
                 over by the Kromaggs." "No, it wasn't. That wasn't your homeworld.
                 Your quantum signature doesn't match it." "What?" He began to
                 speak but was interrupted by Arturo, "You see Miss Welles, any being
                 or object from a certain universe has a certain, shall we
                 say,thumbprint that makes it identifiable to that universe. Your
                 "thumbprint" does not match the world you were captured on." The
                 bearded Quinn spoke,"When I had our Wade hack the Kromagg files
                 and we uncovered your file, I knew immediately who you were from
                 your quantum signature." Wade looked at him,"Have we met before?"
                 She looked closely and spoke,"You're the Sorcerer." He
                 replied,"Was the Sorcerer. The Maggs conquered that world and my
                 homeworld. I was able to save my world's version of Arturo,
                 Rembrandt and you to help me with my fight against the Maggs.
                 Now, I think you should relax for just a moment while I configure the
                 timer to your homeworld's coordinates." He fiddles with the device in
                 his hand for a few moments and speaks. "Ready to go." He pressed a
                 button on the timer and a swirling green vortex opened. Wade hugged
                 his neck and then jumped in.

                 -It took her home. After four years, she was home to her family. Yet,
                 the memory of Maggie and Christina and the camp itself still weighed
                 heavily upon her.

                 -Wade looked over to her side. Quinn was sleeping ever so
                 peacefully. She hated to disturb him, but she wanted him to know that
                 she was okay, that the camp hadn't scarred her forever and that she
                 didn't blame him. She shook him a little and he woke up. "What is it
                 Wade?" he asked. "I've got a story for you. It all starts with me in my
                 cell at the Kromagg camp. . ."

                 -Elsewhere: Two Kromagg generals (Genesis style) approach Colin
                 Mallory. "Colin the order has been given. Something strange is
                 transpiring in the multiverse. The Dynasty blames Mallory and his
                 companions. You must find them and bring them to us. By any means
                 necessary." A devilish smile formed upon Colin's face,"It will be my

                 -Somewhere else: Three Ape-ish figures sat in their thrones against
                 the wall. The center figure spoke. "Mary. The time has come. Quinn
                 Mallory must be brought here. If not the multiverse will surely be
                 destroyed." "I understand," She replied, She took a small cylindrical
                 object from her pocket and opened a wormhole. She jumped in and it
                 closed. The figures are revealed in the light to be Kromaggs (Invasion
                 style Kromaggs that is!). As the solemn looks upon their faces is all
                 we see as the scene fades to darkness.
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