Season Premiere-"You Can Go Home Again"

-The swirling blue wormhole opened and Quinn, Colin, Rembrandt and Maggie were thrown from it.  Quinn picked himself up off of the ground and stared transfixed at what was in front of him.  "Q-Ball, is that what I think it is?"  "Yeah Remmy. It's my house."  Colin spoke up,"How can you be sure?"  "There's one way.  Maggie."  Quinn turned around to see Maggie lying on the ground.  "We have to do something,"Colin said.  "Give her a few more seconds," Quinn replied.  As if almost like clockwork, Maggie rose off of the ground.  "I couldn't breathe."  "I know, you know what that means."  Rembrandt spoke up, "This is really Earth Prime.  We're home Q-Ball!"  "One more test Remmy."  Quinn walks to the gate in front of his house and opens it. The gate squeaks.  "We're home, Remmy."  The door to Quinn's house opens and his mother walks outside.  She sees Quinn and the others and nearly passes out.

-"Quinn?  Is it really you?"  "It's me mom.  I'm home."  She replied,"That's wonderful!"  She grabbed hold of her son and held him tight.  "Wade will be so glad to hear."  "What did you say?" Quinn replied.  his heart began to sink.  If Wade were here, then this couldn't be Earth Prime.  "Wade will be so glad to see that you and Rembrandt made it home.  She only arrived back here a few months ago.  It was just awful about her being trapped in that breeder camp.  If not for those doubles of you guys, she'd probably still be there."  Quinn and Rembrandt could hardly believe there ears.  "Wade's okay.  She made it home?" Rembrandt asked.  "Yes.  I'll call her.  She has to come over."

-Wade Welles walked through the door to the Mallory home, never knowing exactly what to expect.  She walked into the living room and saw the sliders sitting there.  At first she didn't know if they were the real deal or not, but then Maggie spoke.  "Oh look, Ms. Sunshine's back."  She knew immediately her friends were home.  Rembrandt ran to her and gave her a big hug.  Quinn picked her up off of the ground and spoke,"I was beginning to think I'd never see you again."  "Really?"  Maggie spoke,"Yeah really, he's been like this for about a month now.  I don't even recognize him anymore. It's almost like he's another person."  Remmy replied, "No, it's just he's the way he was before you knew him Maggie."  "Well, it's not an improvement in my book," Maggie replied.  "I like it," Wade replied.  The group of sliders continued their reunion, but no one seemed to notice the look of disgust on Colin Mallory's face.

-Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt, Colin and Maggie were down in the basement.  Quinn was looking at the sliding equipment and mulling to the others about how this whole trip began.  wade spoke,"So what's your story Colin?"  Colin stood up and spoke,"Well, everyone here tends to believe that I'm Quinn's "brother" raised on a technologically unadvanced world, but their all wrong."  "Colin what are you talking about?" Quinn said.  "Oh come off it Quinn!  You know I'm not your brother.  But you have no clue that I'm actually working with the Kromaggs did you?"  Colin pulls a weapon from under his shirt and points it at the others.  "So, give me the timer and the coordinates for "Earth Prime" or I'll kill you all."  "I don't think so Farmboy!" Maggie screamed as she leapt for him.  Colin grabs her with one hand by the neck.  Maggie begins gasping for air and Colin snaps her neck like a twig.  He drops her lifeless body to the ground and speaks, "Now, give me the timer or you all end up like poor "Maggs" here."

-The sound of the sliding equipment firing up is heard and Colin turns around to see a figure barreling towards him.  "BANZAI!!!!"  The figure lands right on top of Colin and is revealed to be Conrad Bennish Jr.  "Greetings dudes.  Nice to see you made it home.  Who's the loser  I just knocked down?"  "Bennish?" Quinn, Wade and Rembrandt said in unison.  Colin raises up and grabs the timer from Quinn.  It hits zero and he jumps into a wormhole and it closes.  "He got away!" Rembrandt said.  'Don't worry about it Remmy.  We've got other things to deal with right now." Quinn replied.

-It is two days later.  Maggie's body has been laid to rest and the other sliders are returning from the funeral.  Bennish speaks, "You know, after you guys left the FBI came snooping around here.  Wanted to know what had happened, what this machine was.  Hell, they even interrogated me about it.  I figured you guys had crossed the ERP bridge.  So I worked with Quinn's designs and built a timer of my own.  I've been sliding back and forth for almost four years trying to find you guys."  "I can't believe our paths never crossed," Quinn said.  "They may have.  Did you guys ever visit a world where the Golden Gate Bridge was Blue?"  Wade replied,"Yeah.  If I remember correctly, we thought we were home until we saw the bridge."  "And we had a little trouble with the Professor.  We weren't sure if the right one slid with us or not.  I mean we figured we got the right one." Rembrandt said.  "You didn't," Bennish replied.  "What?" Quinn said.  "I landed on that world and ran into Arturo.  He swore up and down that he had been left there by his sliders accidentally.  I offered to bring him here, but he just said "You blistering idiot!  What makes you think I trust your scientific knowledge enough to slide with you."  So I left without him."  "That's our Arturo.  Guys are you ready to go get the guy?" Quinn asked.  "I'm in," Wade replied.  "Me too.  Can't wait to see that big lug again." Remmy said.  "Uh I'm in too, guys.  There's only one problem."  "What's that?" Wade replied.  "I hadn't yet installed the memory chips that recorded worlds coordinates on the timer."  "So we'd be sliding randomly until we found that world again." Rembrandt said.  "That's right."

-They all talked it over and agreed to go anyway.  Quinn made a few modifications to Bennish's timer. he gave it the ability to track wormholes and reprogrammed it to count down to the window.  He figured it'd be easier to find Azure Bridge World if they didn't have to slide back to Earth Prime after every world.  He went as far as to write down Earth Prime's coordinates and put them in his wallet, just in case anything happened to the timer.

-As the four prepared to slide, Wade spoke,"We have to find Colin before he gives the Kromaggs Earth Prime's coordinates."  Quinn kind of chuckled,"That won't be a problem.  When he showed his true colors, I erased all of the coordinates in the timer and disabled the tracking device.  Colin's sliding randomly, with no idea where Earth Prime is."  The four figures then jumped into the wormhole and it vanished.

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