Evan Arturo cradled the limp form of the woman he loved.  It had all happened so fast.  "Logan?  Logan?"  She didn't respond.  "Dear God No!"  The tears fell freely from his eyes.  It wasn't possible.  This couldn't be happening.  What had happened?  How had he come to this?  Logan . . .she couldn't be . . .but in his heart he knew she was . . .

What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand different dimensions.  Where it's the same year and you're the same person, but everything else is different? What if that portal took everything you've ever held dear? And what if the nightmare never ends?

Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory
Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown
John Rhys-Davies as Maximillian Arturo
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr.
Una Damon as Mary
Katie Holmes as Autumn Mallory
Anthony Stewart Head as Nimbus Da'Trall
Chris Deaver as Andrew Summers
Jeremy London as Jayson Garrick
Tembi Locke as Diana Davis
Danial Evans as Evan Arturo
Kimberly Leach as Logan St. Claire
Charlie O'Connell as Colin Mallory
Nicholas Lea as Ryan Styles
Brooke Langton as Daelin Mallory

"To All Things An Ending Pt.1"

Evan's mind began to drift back . . . back to the moment everything began to come together . . . He and Logan had just exited the wormhole and landed on board the Traveller unit DALIUS.  Logan's eyes met Quinn's and her burning hatred was renewed . . .

-The hate and disgust in Logan's stare was piercing into Quinn's soul.  He spoke, "Logan."  "I'll kill you!" Logan began to run towards Quinn.  Evan grabbed her and held her back.  "Logan! Calm down!"  Evan screamed.  "No!  I'll kill him for what he's done!  And you, Evan, he killed your father!  Remember?  Ruthlessly and horribly when he discovered he wasn't "his" Arturo."   Evan shook his head, " No, no he didn't Logan . . . . I think it's time for the truth."  Evan cut his eyes to Nimbus.  "All of the truth."

-All eyes had turned to Evan Arturo.  Nimbus spoke, "Yes, Miss St. Claire, it is time for the truth. Everyone may I introduce, Evan Arturo. . . . Another of my 'helpers'."  "WHAT!" Logan screamed.  "Logan listen to me. . ."  "You lied to me . . ."  "And you lied to me!  Told me Quinn killed my father, when my father died to save him!  I've known the truth all along.  Nimbus revealed everything to me before you appeared on my world."  "You played me for a fool."  "No more than you did me.  And didn't you wonder why the Draconians never retrieved us?  I modified the timer using a Traveller scrambler device . . . they couldn't track you . . . I needed the time, the time to  . . ."  Logan interrupted, "USE ME!!!!!! Damn YOU!"  Logan pulled a gun from her inner pocket and pointed it at Evan.  "Logan.  You don't want to do this."  Logan stared at Evan.  Her hands shaking . . . she wanted to fire . . . ."I can't!  Damn you, I can't!"  Logan sank to the ground.  Evan rushed to her side.  He looked to Nimbus and spoke, "There's one thing we didn't count on happening, Nimbus."  Nimbus replied, "And that would be?"  Evan looked at Logan and spoke, "We didn't count on me falling in love with her."

-Nimbus looked to the others and spoke, "Leave us."    They did as he said, and in moments it was only Nimbus, Evan and Logan in the room.  "Would you care to explain yourself Evan?"  "I tried Nimbus . . . but . . . she's incredible . . . It tore me apart to have to play her along like I did, but I never once revealed your plans."  Logan looked at  Nimbus and Evan and spoke, "What is this all about?"  Nimbus replied, "Logan, I need your help.  I knew the Draconians would send you after Evan, so I intercepted him first.  I could not allow you or him to fall into their clutches.  You are a nexus being. . . . the nexus being for your reality . . . only you along with the others I am gathering together can help me stop them."  "Why should I?  After what you've done to me your no better than Quinn!  And why should I work with him?  I want him dead!" "Do you really, Logan?" Evan asked.  Logan looked to Evan.  She stared into his eyes.  She could see the hurt.  Was this the same arrogant conceded young man she had manipulated, or so she believed, into following her on her quest for revenge?  She did care for him, and he had changed her, she knew that.  In the past she would have killed him . . . and then Quinn.  What was happening to her?  "I need some time.  . . time to think . . . and me and Evan need to talk . . ."  Nimbus nodded and spoke," Very well.  DALIUS will alert me when you are ready."  Nimbus left the room and Evan and Logan were alone.

Logan turned to Evan and spoke, "Do you mean it?"   Evan looked  deep into Logan's eyes and replied, "Yes.  I wanted to tell you.  I couldn't.  I had hoped given time, the longer you were with me that maybe your lust for revenge would fade.  That maybe you'd be willing to forge a life with me. . . the real me . . . not the facade I had to put up in the beginning.   But the truth of the matter is this, as long as the Draconian Empire exists . . . none of us are safe.  We could slide from world to world for years, but one day they'd catch up to us.  Logan . . . I want to be with you . . . and I don't want to have to worry about something like The Empire keeping us apart."    Logan looked at Evan and spoke, "Damn You."  Evan looked at her strangely.  "Damn you Evan Arturo for making me love you!  How can any man be so damned irresistible . . . fine, I'll help . . . but at least let me kill Quinn when this is over."  Evan arched his eyebrow.  "Okay . . .maim him a little bit?" Logan asked.  Evan's look continued.  "How about this...  I get to kick him . . .just once."  Evan tried not to laugh.  "I've got it . . . .I have his mother give him a stern talking to . . . . or better yet get her to ground him . . .maybe no sliding for a week or something."  Evan began to laugh.  He moved closer to Logan and spoke, "Shut up and kiss me."  And as Logan kissed Evan she knew nothing would ever be the same again.

-"Evan! Snap out of it!"  The voice of Quinn Mallory forced Evan back to reality.  "Quinn . . . Logan's . . ."  Quinn placed his arm on Evans shoulder, "I know . . . I'm sorry.  We have to have move.  The Proteans are closing in on us.  We have to make sure Jayson and Diana have enough time in the control room."  Evan knew Quinn was right.  Too much relied on them.  There would be time for tears later.

-Diana Davis slaved away over a Draconian computer terminal while Jayson Garrick watched the door for Draconian intruders.  Diana's mind was troubled and she could not help but think about how she had arrived at this point.

-Diana was working in her lab.  Her mind was buried in thoughts of quantum theories.  She heard a strange noise and turned to see the fabric of reality shimmer.  It wasn't a wormhole . . . or at least not a wormhole like she had once used for sliding, but it seemed to be of the same basic principle.  Two figures stepped from the distortion and spoke,"Diana Davis?"  The figures were not familiar to her.   "She responded, "Yes. . .who are you?"  The male figure spoke, "My name is Andrew Summers.  This is Autumn Mallory."  "Mallory . . . any relation to Quinn Mallory?" she replied.  Autumn spoke, "Yes, but not to the Quinn Mallory you know.  I'm his sister . . . or at least one of his doubles sister."  Diana eyed the two strangely.  "Why are you here?"  Andrew spoke, "We need your help.  Have you ever heard of The Draconian Empire?"  The name sent a shiver down Diana's spine.  Whatever help they needed she would have to give.  "I'm yours."  Andrew lifted his com-link and spoke, "DALIUS.  Three for retrieval."  {Activating distortion field.}  Diana followed the two through the distortion field, never knowing exactly where she would end up.

-"Greetings Miss Davis.  I am Nimbus Da' Trall." Diana was somewhat taken aback.  This strange man standing in front of her.  Pale, white skin.  Black eyes and pointed ears.  She had seen many strange sights in her days of sliding, but nothing like this.  Quinn Mallory entered the room and spoke, "Nimbus, is she the latest addition?"  Diana spoke, "Quinn?"  Quinn looked upon Diana and spoke, "Probably not the Quinn you know."  Of course not.  It couldn't be her Quinn.

-Nimbus spoke, "Miss Davis, there is much to discuss and little time. If you would come with me.  Andrew.  Lock onto Colin Mallory's manta ship.  He is our next target."  Nimbus and Diana left the room and Quinn spoke, "Are you sure this is a good idea.  Colin is a killer."  Logan and Evan entered the room and Logan spoke, "And I'm not Quinn?"  Quinn wasn't exactly sure what to make of that.  "Logan . . . you know I did what I thought was right."  Logan looked to Evan then back to Quinn.  "Quinn . . . given the right circumstances I probably would have done the same thing.  I have lived a lonely life.  Science was all I had.  Until now."  Nimbus interrupted, "We do not have the luxury of not contacting Colin.  He is as essential to my plans as Diana and Logan."  "What plans?" Diana asked.  "Simple Miss Davis, we are going to destroy The Draconian Empire."

-Diana's mind raced back to the present.  She turned to Jayson and spoke, "The disk has been activated . . .we have about five minutes until the entire Draconian mainframe crashes."  Jayson replied, "Then we'd better find the others."

-Colin Mallory observed the events from his Manta ship.  His Humagg battalions were overpowering the Draconian forces.  Soon his New Dynasty would rule the multiverse . . .then he would dispose of Quinn and the others.  Colin could not help but laugh.  It had only been a few days ago that Nimbus,Quinn and the others had appeared on his Manta ship.  His first instinct had been to destroy them, but after Nimbus spoke of his plans to cripple the Empire, Colin saw an opportunity that he could not miss.

-Mary and Bennish had remained onboard the Manta Ship.  The truth of the matter was Nimbus and Quinn really didn't trust Colin, but they needed his help.  In case anything happened, Nimbus had programmed a com-link that would automatically transport the two to the surface and to the others.  So far there had been no need for it, but Bennish and Mary weren't willing to take any chances.

-Colin turned to Mary and Bennish and spoke, "It goes well.  If your friends have been successful, soon the Draconians will bow before the superior might of The New Dynasty."  Mary replied, "You thin you would have learned from the mistakes of the 'old' Dynasty."  Colin cracked a devious grin, "But I did. . . You of all people should realize that Mary."  Mary's eyes widened, "What do you mean?"  Bennish interjected, "Yeah, what are you talking about?"  Colin's smile broadened.  "Where do you think that hole in your mind came from?"  Mary and Bennish were shocked.  "Kromagg fail-safe.  Learned about it from the 'Prime' Kromagg files.  I couldn't very well have someone with advanced Kromagg tech knowledge floating around, so I initiated your tracking device.  It wiped those memories clean . . ."  "You bastard!" Bennish screamed.  he leapt for Colin, but was stopped by a Humagg guard.  "You shouldn't have done that.  I was going ot let the two of you live . . .just a little while longer. . . and I wanted to see the look on Quinn's face when I murdered his friends in front of him. Take them to the brig."  The guard began to escort Bennish and Mary  away, but Mary kicked him and grabbed Bennish.  She looked to Bennish and spoke, "Activate the com-link . .now!"  Bennish pressed a button on the com-link and the two vanished in a bright flash of light.  "So be it.  Let them enjoy the last few moments of their lives."

-The Traveller unit DALIUS, it is from here that Nimbus has sought to control the tide of events that is transpiring.  With Andrew and Autumn by his side he has observed  all that has occurred.

-A strange distortion began to appear and an alarm began to blare.  {Alert.  We have an unauthorized distortion field opening.}  Nimbus, Andrew and Autumn turned their attention to the distortion field.  The fabric of reality shuttered and from it stepped Cyrus.  "Greetings Nimbus . . .so we meet again."  Nimbus spoke, "DALIUS!  Get Andrew and Autumn to the surface . . .now!"  {Activating transport.}  In a matter of seconds Andrew and Autumn had vanished.  "Always worried about others Nimbus?  What happened to you?  You use to only be concerned with yourself."  "Simple Cyrus, old chap, you happened.  You destroyed everything I held dear.  You and this 'Empire' you helped to found."  Cyrus smiled, "I know. . .of course you know, I can't let you live . . . and I can't let this plan of yours work. . . I have too much at stake here."  Nimbus replied, "Still full of yourself I see."  Cyrus cracked a smile and spoke, "Of course."

-Cyrus pulled a weapon from his inner pocket and began to fire.  Nimbus attacked.  He knocked the weapon away and the two began fighting.  Cyrus had the upper hand, then Nimbus took him by surprise.  for long moments the two battled.  A battle that was almost too evenly matched.  DALIUS found more an more of himself damaged by the fight.  He attempted to repair the damage as quickly as possible . . .but for every damaged component he repaired three more were damaged.

-Cyrus regained control and began beating Nimbus senseless.  Nimbus laid on the ground.  Beaten, battered, weary.  Cyrus spoke, "Sorry to see it end like this.  I had hoped you'd be more of a challenge."  Nimbus looked up at Cyrus.  He didn't speak.  He only smiled.  Nimbus opened his mouth and a loud screeching sonic scream was let forth.  Cyrus toppled to the ground clasping his ears.  Mechanisms all around Nimbus were exploding.  The force of his sonic scream was more destructive than anything Cyrus had ever seen before.  Cyrus clasped his ears tightly.  The pain was almost unbearable.  Cyrus was barely clinging to consciousness . . . he was beaten.  What would he do now?

-Nimbus spoke, "DALIUS, damage report."  There was a slight bit of static in DALIUS's voice {Major damage to primary systems . . . should be able to repair in about 63 hours.}  "Have Jayson and Diana completed their goal?"  {It appears so , I'm noticing confusion on all Draconian channels. . .}  "Can you transport them back to their home worlds? I do not want to risk stranding them."  {I believe so . . .I have a lock on their location . . .and . . . .that should do it . . .they have been returned to their proper designates . . .}  "Very well . . . now what to do with Cyrus."  At that exact instant, Cyrus ripped open a panel on DALIUS's mainframe  and grabbed a strange glowing device.  He reached for his weapon on the ground and spoke, "You'll never defeat me Nimbus!"  Nimbus turned and saw Cyrus holding the device.  "Are you insane Cyrus?"    "Of course my old friend."  With those words Cyrus fired.  The device exploded and the explosion engulfed Cyrus's body . . . it was as if he never existed.

-Flames began to erupt from the traveller unit.  {Nimbus . . . I can not repair this damage.  Cyrus detonated my main power core . . all systems are overloading . . . you must escape . .}  'I lost HEBZABA . . .I  refuse to lose you as well DALIUS."  Nimbus tore a panel from the wall.  {What are you doing?}  "I am  finding this . ."  Nimbus pulled a strange device from  the inner circuitry.  He pressed a button on his com-link and vanished.  In a matter of seconds, the Traveller unit was consumed in a bright red explosion.

-Colin Mallory stared at the view screen.  The bright red explosion of the traveller unit brought a wicked smile to his face.  "Excellent. . . one less obstacle to worry about."  The doors to the bridge of the manta ship flew open.   Standing in the doorway, surrounded by dead Humagg guards bodies was none other than Ryan Styles.  Colin's eyes widened.  "Guards!" Colin screamed.  The guards attempted to rush Ryan, but he simply gunned them down mercilessly.  Colin pulled the torture remote form his pocket and activated it.  Ryan just smiled.  Colin pressed the buttons again . . . nothing happened.  Ryan grew closer.  He had a devious grin on his face.  Colin punched him, but it had no effect.  "Wondering what's going on?  Simple Colin, I prepared for this day . . .for the eventuality that you might capture me again.  I swore I'd never go through that torture again.  So I had a small device planted underneath my skin at the base of my neck.  It's completely undetectable unless activated.  A few taps a day for these last few months and it had finally stored enough kinetic energy to do it's job.  An electric pulse that severed several nerve endings . . .simply put Colin . . .I can't feel a thing!"  Ryan broke into an almost insane laughter . . .his mind had finally unhinged.  Ryan swatted Colin aside and headed for the controls of the manta ship.  He aimed his gun and fired  . . . the controls exploded.  "What are you doing?  You'll kill us both!" Colin screamed.  Ryan stared intently at Colin and spoke, "See you in hell."

-Quinn looked to the sky.  It appeared to be a meteor or something falling at incredible speed . . .only moments ago he had witnessed another explosion . . and with Nimbus's sudden appearance he had learned it had been the traveller unit, but this . . what was this . .   The object came into better view and suddenly Quinn knew exactly what it was . . . a manta ship.

-The Manta Ship crashed directly into the main Draconian complex.  The complex burst into flames.  At that exact instant, a swirling green vortex opened behind the assembled sliders.   Four figures were thrown from it.  "Q-Ball?"  Quinn turned to see Rembrandt, Arturo and another Quinn and Bennish.  "Remmy!"  Alt-Quinn screamed, "Autumn!"  Autumn embraced her brother and Quinn ran to Arturo and Remmy.  "Guys, where's Wade?"  "Arturo replied, "Quinn, I wish we had more time to explain, but suffice to say . . .you are going to be a father."  Quinn was silent.  "I'm . . .Wade's . . .oh boy!  We have to go! You have to take me to her."  Alt-Quinn approached, "All of us?"  Quinn replied, "Yeah.  We can't stay here."  Alt-Quinn spoke, "I don't know if the vortex can handle 11 people."  Quinn smirked, "Of course it can, hand me the timer."  Alt-Quinn handed Quinn the timer.  Quinn pulled his timer from his pocket, he popped the back off of both timers, crossed a few wires and spoke, "Punch in the coordinates.  I have to get to my wife."  Autumn spoke, "We're going home right?"  Alt-Quinn replied, "Yes.  Wade's with Daelin."  "Daelin?" Quinn asked.  "We'll explain later Q-Ball."

-The flames raged behind the sliders as the Draconian complex continued to burn.  Alt-Quinn activated the timer and a huge swirling vortex appeared.  "GO! GO! GO!" he screamed.  Remmy, Arturo, Quinn, Bennish, Mary, Evan and Alt-Bennish jumped in.  Autumn turned to Andrew and Nimbus and spoke,"You are coming right?"  Andrew replied, "Of course we are."  "Of course Miss Mallory."  Alt-Quinn, Autumn, Andrew and Nimbus dove into the vortex and it collapsed.

-From the flames of the complex stepped a bruised, burned and battered Dragonius.    He looked to the collapsing vortex and screamed, "MALLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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