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It's 1997, and Sliders, a television show on the Fox network, is struggling through its third season. The ratings are good, but not great, and while doing its mid-season review, Fox decides that it will not renew the show. Fox does commit to finishing the season as they recognize the fan base is loyal and besides, they have nothing better available. At this point, Sliders' executive producer leaves the show to pursue options that have longer potential futures. In his place, a young up and comer by the name of Mike Truman is brought in to finish the series. In a minor coup, he gets Fox to agree to play the remaining episodes in the order he intends. Production had just wrapped on SL-316, giving Truman eight episodes to work with. Word spreads rapidly on the internet that Truman is intent on tying up the loose ends and sending the Sliders home by season's end. By being honest and up front, Truman hopes he can lure back some of the fans that had drifted away during the contentious 3rd season in order to maintain ratings.

In effect, Earth 317 is the same as the original series up to SL-316, Last of Eden, which airs as it was intended (no flashback.) Truman scraps a two-part script that would have killed off one of the main characters and re-assures his cast there will be no personnel changes. Fox plans on airing Last of Eden 2.7.97 and re-runs Double Cross on 2.14.97 so Truman can catch up.

Truman's first episode, SL-317 "Recall", airs on 2.21.97 and lays a lot of groundwork for what's to come...

    SL-317: Recall (aired 2.21.97)

      One world's discovery of sliding has
      spectacularly wide-reaching effects.
    SL-318: A Woman Scorned (aired 2.28.97)

      On a world derived from Ancient
      Greece, Quinn is reunited with a
      face from his past.
    SL-319: Splitting Hairs (aired 3.07.97)

      When you're lost among the dimensions,
      every decision has its consequence...
    SL-320: Hope For Everything... (aired 3.14.97)

      As Arturo fights for his life, the others
      must confront the possibility that this
      slide is their last.
    SL-321: All That You Can't Leave Behind (aired 4.25.97)

      A chance encounter triggers a flood of
      memories of a friend long forgotten.
      Guest starring Nicholas Lea.
    SL-322: Barriers to Entry (aired 5.2.97)

      The perils of bringing sliding to the masses
      are brought to bear when the four encounter
      a cartel of dimensions bound by a single
      interdimensional economy.
    SL-324: The Double You Know (aired 5.16.97)

      Two Quinns. Only one can get them
      home. Who do the others turn to?
      Series finale.
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