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Sliders: Earth 317

Written by:
Mike Truman (AKA Recall317)

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Written: November 2000
Special Thanks:
To Matt Hutaff, for encouraging me to write it as well as giving me my first feedback. I appreciate the effort he made for a person he didn't even know at the time. Thanks, man.
To Matt Baker, for providing the non-Slider fan perspective. Of course, he's a big fan of the show now.
Story Notes:
This one set the template for all the later stories (for better or worse.) The original version and the final version are pretty close, except the final is four pages longer. I spent what felt like days scouring the internet to refresh my memory on all the episodes that came before it as well as trying to nail down exactly how the timer worked. Sites like TemporalFlux's Dimension of Continuity and Hutaff's EarthPRIME proved invaluable.

"A Woman Scorned"
Written: November/December 2000
Special Thanks:
To TemporalFlux, whose theories on Logan's demise inspired the main plot of this episode.
To Matt Baker, once again.
Story Notes:
My original storyboard had this episode as SL-322, but the end of "Recall" presented me an opportunity to make an easy return for Logan. I must have written four different versions of this story before I hit upon just the right combination of events. If Earth 317 ever had its own personal DoC, this episode alone would fill page upon page of script outtakes. Ultimately, I loved the final product.

"Splitting Hairs"
Written: December 2000
Story Notes:
This was my original idea for the first Earth 317 story, but I bumped it back because I feared that conceptually it was too close to Chaser9's "Reflections." The first storyboard concentrated more on Arturo. My plan had been for him and his double to come to terms with his impending demise, but with "Hope for Everything…" on deck, I didn't want two bottle episodes back to back. So I made this story a lot livelier and played off of the physical comedy. I really like its flow and it remains a personal favorite.

"Hope for Everything…"
Written: December 2000/January 2001
Story Notes:
This is one of the few episodes that followed the storyboard in its final presentation. I only made one switch. Initially I had Wade finding out about Arturo's illness at the hospital. But I decided that Quinn wouldn't have let that happen, not after the events of the previous two episodes. So it was rewritten so that Wade knew all along. This is probably the only character episode of the eight and I was worried not enough was going on to keep people interested. I thank those who responded with encouraging words.

"All That You Can't Leave Behind"
Written: January 2001
Special Thanks:
To MissingSliderRyan, who filled me in on all things Ryan.
Story Notes:
I hadn't intended on doing a Ryan story, but the challenge proved too irresistible. I wanted a better reason for Ryan's departure than the show could give us (due to FOX meddling.) So I tried to confine myself to the events between "Luck of the Draw" and "Into the Mystic." The trick was coming up with a plausible situation for a) Ryan removing the bullet and b) why they were living in a tent. I already had planned to do a story called "Promised Land", which was intended as being a story where the United States was put into the situation Israel is in, but with Native Americans instead of Palestinians. So I merged the ideas, except I flip-flopped the positions of power.
Unfortunately, I rushed this episode and don't feel the editing was up to par. It's still a good story, but it could have been better.

"Barriers to Entry"
Written: February 2001
Story Notes:
Astute readers of the site may have noticed that the slated episode was "Dr. StrangeQuinn." Where did it go? The reason I yanked that story is because it didn't fit the current story arc. It really belonged somewhere in the first season. You will see that episode appear again, just not here.
As for "Barriers", I wrote it quickly but couldn't get through the revisions. I was hung up on it for a week before I spit out a final version I was happy with. There's a lot going on in this episode and working out every potential continuity problem was pretty taxing. Still, it was worth it.

"The Peculiar Institution"
Written: March 2001
Special Thanks:
To Jayelle Carey, whose input greatly improved the finished product.
Story Notes:
I originally had this one slated as the second episode before "A Woman Scorned" bumped it. I put it aside and forgot about it until one night I had a dream about it—with a new twist. I then knew I had to write it. Slavery is an issue covered throughout fanfic, but I thought this story brought something new to the table. It also gave me a way to get rid of that pesky Kromagg tracking device that "Invasion" saddled me with.
I had no idea how this story would be received. It takes place over two worlds including one that doesn't speak English, and the ending is as dark as they come. Act 1 of this story was previewed at SOSFIC, a group dedicated to improving stories. I'm glad it got the once-over there before I unleashed it upon the unwitting public.

"The Double You Know"
Written: April 2001
Special Thanks:
To Chaser9 and Tigs, whose "Homecoming" influenced one of the best scenes in this episode.
To TemporalFlux once again, for his killer site, the Dimension of Continuity.
Story Notes:
My personal favorite. I was able to make it as funny as I wanted without turning it into an all-out farce. The story worked so well for me that I wrote it in three days.
However, this was never intended to be the finale. My original plan had always been to re-write "Exodus." But the events of "Barriers" made that all but impossible, so I threw some of the best ideas of "Exodus" into "Peculiar Institution" and started anew for the finale. As ridiculous as it sounds, this story is inspired by the sixth season finale "Denouncements" over at my parody Earth 10153. In it, the four return to find another Quinn already there. I consider it the inverse of "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome." The trick was finding the right Quinn. The choices were a) an unwitting Quinn, b) Quinn and co. from "PTSS" or c) SmarterQuinn. SmarterQuinn was the most appropriate choice as he was in the "Pilot" and a final episode likes to recall its beginnings.

My thanks to all who read this series. While I do write for myself to some degree, it is encouraging to know others also care. Every note or response was greatly appreciated.

And to Blinker, thank you most of all for all you've done for the project. You make my blinding blizzards of text readable and I do notice those subtle edits you make! Your turnaround time from me giving you to the story to your posting it is simply unbelievable. I owe you big, hombre.

And that brings Earth 317 to a close. There will be no fourth season here, but you never know... one day an Earth 713 may appear.

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