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About the Author

Unlike many fanfic writers, I guess I could be labeled a casual Sliders fan. I saw a few first run episodes from Season 1 before watching the entire 2nd Season. The 3rd Season I had more difficulty with because:

A)   it aired Friday nights and I was in college. I had other things to do.
B)   the episodes were getting sillier.

I loved Guardian and Double Cross, but I'm hard pressed to point to anything else from that season that really struck me. But I can point to some real crap: Paradise Lost, Slither, Stoker... I did tune in to see what happened to Arturo. The episode was so horribly implausible that I gave up on the show. When it was cancelled, I did not weep.

However, my interest was rekindled when Sci-Fi picked up the show. I watched all the old episodes leading up to the new season. And then I graduated college and moved to a place that didn't get Sci-Fi. I found someone with a satellite dish to watch the first episode from Season 4. But there was no Wade. And Earth Prime was destroyed. And Quinn was an interdimensional alien. That was enough for me.

Which brings me to now (11/25/2000.) I have Sci-Fi again, and I've started watching the 6 p.m. broadcast. I also managed to watch the FantasticWorld marathon this month. I have decided I will give seasons 4 and 5 a shot. And I'm going to make an attempt at fan fiction. If "Recall" is met with encouragement, I'd like to roll out seven more episodes and finish season 3 the way I had originally hoped it would end.

Forgive me if I inadvertently steal an idea from a season 4 or 5 episode. I haven't seen them; I didn't know. I have intentionally taken some of the technology introduced in those shows although I gleaned that info from TemporalFlux's Dimension of Continuity. And if my continuity fails, it has been a long time since I watched some of the episodes from the first three seasons. I'm doing my best to fill in the gaps thanks to the many Sliders websites that critique/chronicle the episodes.

Here's hoping you enjoy the ride...

Mike Truman, 24, is a graduate of Colby College and works in Portland, ME. E-mail at trumano18@yahoo.com or mtruman@unum.com.

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