[ Earth 317, by Mike Truman ]
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All That You Can't Leave Behind
Episode: SL-321
Time + Place: San Francisco. Core episode takes place directly after SL-110 "Luck of the Draw", 1995(6)
Time on World: Three days


[ Downtown San Francisco. Camera is above the four as they work their way through a crowded street. Nothing out of the ordinary about the street or world so far. Pan down to the four. All are dressed normally with the exception of Rembrandt. On one hand is a silver glove. Rembrandt is rambling. ]
Rembrandt: I can't believe it! We're going to see Michael Jackson live! I haven't been this excited since I saw James Brown back in '83 at a benefit for the Apollo Theatre. MJ is the king! Did I mention I was almost asked to do some guest vocals on "Off the Wall?"
Quinn: About three times now.
Rembrandt: Can you imagine? The Cryin' Man and Michael Jackson! It would have put that duet with Paul McCartney to shame.
Arturo: Does anyone else find it odd that he's giving a free concert in Golden Gate Park?
Rembrandt: Michael's always treated his fans right. I'm sure it's just his way of showing his appreciation. Man, I can't wait to see what kind of material he's been putting out here. There may be some stuff I can take back.
Wade: Rembrandt! I'm surprised... surprised and appalled that you'd consider ripping him off.
Rembrandt: What? It's not like copyright laws hold across dimensions. We're going to be home soon. I've got a career to jumpstart.
[ The crowd becomes much thicker and Rembrandt is straining to see what's ahead. ]
Rembrandt: I've got to get in closer. Yes, yes, Michael Jackson! Mmm-mmm!
Quinn: Remember we slide in a little under...[ takes out timer ]...two hours. Meet us back here in an hour and a half. [ Lingering shot of the timer. A small luminescent metal is firmly attached to the base by clear packing tape. (See SL-320 "Hope for Everything...") ]
[ Rembrandt heads into the crowd. The noise level is growing considerably higher. Vendors can be heard. One comes by with programs. ]
Vendor: Programs! Get your programs here!
Arturo: Right here my good man.
[ Arturo hands the Vendor a bill and receives a program. Wade and Quinn look over Arturo's shoulder. ]
Quinn: Why is the King of Pop holding a cello?
[ Arturo smiles and lets out a big laugh. ]
Arturo: Ha Ha! I'd like to see Mr. Brown use that in his act!
Wade: That probably explains why the concert is free.
Arturo: On the contrary, I believe this will be most enjoyable.
[ Wade rolls her eyes. She sees something that interests her. ]
Wade: Oooo. Cotton candy! Be right back.
[ Wade exits. ]
[ Cut to Wade standing in line. There's a bustle as a dog bounds out from the crowd and runs into Wade. She looks down. This dog is familiar. A man, presumably the dog's owner, approaches. ]
Man: Henry! Down, boy! [ to Wade ] I'm sorry, he doesn't usually act this way. It's almost like he knows you.
[ Wade's eyes grow wide as she recognizes the man. It's Ryan Simms (SL-110 "Luck of the Draw.") ]
Wade: Ryan?
Ryan: Yeah. How did you know that? Have we met before?
Wade: No...
[ Camera pulls in fast to Wade's eyes. A "NOOOOOOOO!" echoes. As the camera pulls back, Wade is back in the park last seen in SL-201 "Into the Mystic." Her hair is brown and her hand is bloodied. Camera takes an overhead shot of her, Arturo, Rembrandt, and Ryan surrounding an unconscious Quinn. Pull back toward the sky and fade. ]

OPENING CREDITS (Done with the Season One music)
[ Commercial Break ]


[ Pick up where we left off- in the park and with Quinn down. ]
Arturo: Move back, Miss Welles! Mr. Brown, help me get his coat and shirt off.
[ Ryan goes to Wade and tries to pull her back from Quinn. She refuses. ]
Ryan: Give them room, Wade.
[ Wade reluctantly makes way and Ryan holds her. Rembrandt holds Quinn up while Arturo removes Quinn's jacket. ]
Arturo: Yes, hold him steady. Nice and easy.
[ The back of Quinn's shirt is soaked in blood on his left side. ]
Rembrandt: I can't believe how much he's bleeding. It's like he's been shot!
Arturo: [ removes Quinn's shirt ] Good heavens, he has been shot! Look here!
[ Camera pulls in on Quinn's left shoulder. Through the blood, a bullet wound is visible. ]
Ryan: The lottery police. They must have fired on him after I...I...[ Ryan looks for the word. ]
Ryan: Slid. Yeah.
[ Rembrandt lies Quinn down on his stomach. ]
Arturo: He's bleeding profusely. We need a makeshift bandage.
Rembrandt: Take my cummerbund.
Arturo: Very good.
[ Arturo binds the wound with Rembrandt's cummerbund. Henry whimpers and gets in the way. ]
Arturo: Get this blasted mongrel out of here!
[ Ryan pulls Henry back. ]
Wade: Please say he'll be OK, please...
Ryan: The bullet didn't hit any vital organs. Loss of blood and infection are the real problems.
Arturo: [ eyebrow raised ] Am I to presume you have medical training?
Ryan: I didn't go to school for it, but you need basic knowledge in my line of work.
Rembrandt: And just what is your line of work?
Ryan: Professional adventurer, you?
Rembrandt: Professional singer.
Arturo: Save the introductions for later, gentlemen, and let's concentrate on the situation at hand.
Ryan: [ continues ] Look, I'm no surgeon, but if worse comes to worst, I can try and remove that bullet.
Arturo: Hopefully it won't come down to that. How long until we slide?
[ Arturo looks at Wade, but she's looking at Quinn. ]
Arturo: Miss Welles! The next window please?
Wade: Oh...
[ Ryan looks at the timer. ]
Ryan: Three days.
Arturo: That's too long to stay put. If he is to make it to the next slide, we need to find someone who can help him.
Rembrandt: Assuming there's someone to find. In case you didn't notice, we're by ourselves out here.
[ Pan the area around. Nothing but trees, grass, and a lake. ]
Ryan: Then we'd better start looking.
[ Arturo nods and gets up. Rembrandt follows, but Wade stays put. ]
Wade: I'm not leaving Quinn...
Ryan: You stay with him. Keep applying pressure on the wound. When it stops bleeding, try and clean it out as best you can. [ Ryan brushes back Wade's hair. ] He'll be fine. [ Wade nods. ]
Arturo: Look after him, Miss Welles. We'll be back as soon as possible. With any luck, we're merely in a park or nature reserve. [ to Ryan ] Come along, Mr...
Ryan: Simms. It's Ryan Simms.
Arturo: Mr. Simms it is. Welcome to the team. There is much we need to tell you.


[ Arturo, Ryan and Rembrandt are trudging up a grassy hill. Still no sign of civilization. ]
Ryan: This is incredible. A couple of hours ago I was supposed to be dead. Now...wow...
Rembrandt: Yeah, well don't fall in love with it just yet.
Ryan: Are you kidding? What's not to love? Huh. There's no limit to what we can do or...or where we can go. I thought I'd seen it all, but I haven't seen anything!
Rembrandt: Well after a few slides you might change your mind. You weren't there for tidal wave world.
Ryan: Sounds awesome. What a way to make way.
[ Ryan strides out in front of Arturo and Rembrandt. ]
Rembrandt: [ mocks Ryan ] 'What a way to make way.' [ to Arturo ] Who does he think he is? Superman?
Arturo: His culture embraced death, Mr. Brown. It will take awhile for us to become accustomed to his customs. And vice versa.
Rembrandt: I'm still trying to get used to the three of you.
[ Shot of Ryan. He signals to the others. ]
Ryan: Hey, I've found something.
[ Follow camera over the hill to expose a tent community below. There are probably a couple of hundred tents, lean-tos and other non-permanent buildings of varying sizes spread out to form a village. ]
[ Cut forward. Arturo, Ryan, and Rembrandt have entered the village. There are people, attired in old well-worn clothes, milling about around them. They contrast sharply with the Sliders, who are still attired for the Lottery Ball. ]
Ryan: Look at how these people are living. They're practically animals.
Arturo: It is not for us to judge, Mr. Simms. Perhaps this world is suffering through a great depression. On our world, we had many such places known as Hoover-towns throughout the 20s.
Ryan: It's disgraceful.
[ A barefooted child comes running past them yelling. ]
Child: They're coming! They're coming!
[ A wave of alarm goes through the people. There is a general bustle to get out of the "streets." ]
Rembrandt: Who's coming?
Arturo: How should I know?
[ Arturo gets the attention of a man walking briskly towards them. ]
Arturo: Um...excuse me. What is happening?
Man: It's the goddamn Californians! Take cover.
Arturo: Ha...
[ The Man is on his way before Arturo can ask another question. He doesn't need to. The Californians arrive. There are about eighteen men and women, all on horseback, all armed, and all wearing berets. More peculiarly, they all appear to be Native American. ]
Arturo: Quickly...
[ The three duck behind a nearby lean-to and spy the goings-on. Two of the Californians dismount. ]
Lead Californian: Alright you lowlives. We're looking for a man named Stephen Dumont. He is guilty of the crime of trespassing with intent to steal.
[ There is no response from any of the people still in the "streets." ]
Lead Californian: [ sighs ] You really don't want to make this difficult. Just give us Dumont and we'll be on our way. I don't need to remind you of the consequences if you fail to cooperate. We wouldn't want to have to take apart your lovely community pole by pole.
Voice: All right.
[ A man emerges from a tent. He's in his late thirties with sandy hair. ]
Lead Californian: Stephen Dumont?
Dumont: Yes.
Lead Californian: You're under arrest. [ Motions to the other Californian. ] Haul him away.
[ The other Californian slaps handcuffs on him and roughly handles him. ]
Dumont: You're making a mistake! I was only looking for medicine! I would have paid for it...
[ The Californians laugh at him and load him onto a horse. They gallop off. ]
Ryan: What just happened here?
Rembrandt: It's called oppression.
Ryan: I thought that went out a century ago.
Arturo: Apparently not here, Mr. Simms. Different earths, different histories.
[ Ryan is still staring after the Californians as Arturo and Rembrandt step back out into the street. ]
Arturo: This changes nothing. We still need to find help for Quinn.
[ The three notice that all eyes are now on them. Camera rotates around to show more and more people emerging from tents and shelters looking in their direction. ]
Rembrandt: Yeah, but who's going to find help for us?


[ Exterior shot of a large tent with an American flag pinned to one 'wall.' Close on the flag to reveal it's missing a few stars. Interior shot of Ryan, Arturo, and Rembrandt seated in folding metal chairs in back of a wooden table. There are about four or five villagers in the tent with them, all men. ]
Arturo: [ softly to Ryan ] Let me do the talking. We have no idea what we've walked into.
[ A familiar man enters the tent, accompanied by two others (Keegan and Reynolds.) ]
Rembrandt: [ softly to Arturo ] I don't believe it. It's that schyster lawyer from our world....Ross J. Kelly.
[ Arturo nods as Kelly approaches the three of them. ]
Kelly: Keegan here says that a friend of yours has been injured in an accident.
Arturo: That's right. The injury is very serious and needs immediate medical attention.
Kelly: I'm sorry to hear that. I'd like to help you, but our only doctor was just hauled away by the Californians.
Arturo: Surely there must be something you can do? Some hydroxide, bandages....
[ Kelly shakes his head. ]
Kelly: Medical supplies are in high demand in these parts. I can't be giving them out to total strangers.
Ryan: I can't believe this! A man's been shot and you guys are going to just let him die?
[ The men look at each other and Kelly's expression changes. ]
Kelly: Woah, woah. No one said anything about him being shot. Where is he?
Ryan: About a mile, mile and a half from here due north.
Keegan: That's inside our boundaries!
[ Keegan whispers something in Kelly's ear. Kelly nods. ]
Kelly: This changes everything. [ to Ryan ] If a Californian took a shot at your friend, I'll fight for you.
[ Kelly extends his finger and shakes it. ]
Rembrandt: Man, he needs a surgeon, not a lawyer!
Kelly: Lawyer? [ laughs ] There's no law in the Reservation.
[ To emphasize the point, Reynolds cocks a rifle as we fade to black. ]

[ Commercial Break ]


[ Exterior shot of a tent in the dark. Interior of tent. All is black. A flashlight cuts the darkness. ]
Arturo: Hold that light still, Mr. Brown!
[ The light focuses on a generator and Arturo is trying to jumpstart it. ]
Arturo: There, I think that should do it...
[ A light, attached to one of the tent poles, illuminates the interior. The tent is rather roomy and fits Arturo, Rembrandt, Wade and Quinn comfortably. Quinn is asleep on a makeshift bed. Wade is beside him swabbing his head with a wet cloth. No sign of Ryan. ]
Rembrandt: All set.
Arturo: We'll just leave the light on for a little while. I do not have much confidence in this rusty piece of scrap metal. [ pan the generator. ]
[ Arturo sits down on the ground with a book entitled 'A Brief History of California.' ]
Wade: You couldn't get any medical supplies at all?
Arturo: They're hard to come by inside the reservation and what little there is doesn't come cheaply. The American dollar is extremely undervalued here compared to the Californian or even Canadian dollar. It cost us nearly everything we had for this extravagance.
Wade: So what about Quinn? He's burning up...
Arturo: Try to keep him as comfortable as possible.
Wade: That's what you said 18 hours ago. We need to get the bullet out of him now.
Arturo: And how do you propose I do that? With this? [ Holds up a screwdriver ]
Wade: You're supposed to be the know-it-all. You tell me! If you were paying more attention to Quinn instead of your stupid history book you might have thought of something!
Arturo: Why do you think I'm reading this stupid book in the first place! If we don't understand this world, we will not be able to get the help we need for Quinn. And I find it very difficult to do that while listening to your incessant nagging!
Wade: Rembrandt?
[ She hands him the cloth and Rembrandt takes over for Quinn. Wade gives Arturo one more dirty look before storming out of the tent. On the way out, she passes Ryan who is returning with a crate of food. ]
Ryan: Where's Wade going?
Rembrandt: She...uh...needed some air.
[ Ryan puts the crate down and exits the tent. Arturo resumes reading. ]
Rembrandt: Did you have to be so rude?
Arturo: [ doesn't look up from his book ] I'm sorry, but she'll get over it.
Rembrandt: [ shakes his head ] You just don't realize how much of a bastard you can be.
[ That gets Arturo's attention. ]
Arturo: I beg your pardon?
Rembrandt: What you just did to Wade was inexcusable. Are you blind? Can't you see how much she's hurting?
Arturo: [ sighs ] Perhaps I was a little harsh. But there's nothing I can physically do for Quinn right now. This [ holds up the open book ] is our best course of action. Now, see here. Historically speaking, this world just may be the most different one we've encountered yet.
Rembrandt: No kidding.
[ Rembrandt's tone is sarcastic as he is still upset with Arturo, but Arturo pays it no heed. ]
Arturo: There are multiple divergences from the history of our earth. For starters, here the Civil War dragged on for eleven years and nearly ignited a world war. When the British joined in on the side of the South in 1866, the North was forced to deal with the devils themselves, the French.
Rembrandt: Don't diss the French. The Cryin' Man sold more overseas albums in France than in any other country.
Arturo: [ continues ] In exchange for their support, the French extracted a major concession. For reasons both altruistic and self-interested, France forced the North to turn over the West Coast to the Native Americans. You see, even then France could see that America had the resources to become a burgeoning world power and thus it was a potential threat to French hegemony. By cutting them off from the West Coast, they could stem America's global influence. And by handing the territory over to the indigenous people, fiercely loyal to France of course, they looked like liberators instead of conquerors. How fiendishly clever!
Rembrandt: And the North went along with it?
Arturo: What choice did Lincoln have? He needed the French navy to hold back the British.
Rembrandt: And what about the people already there? The 49ers and other settlers.
Arturo: They fell under Native American jurisdiction, or Californian rule as its known here. They could either live under the rules and guidelines of the new nation, or leave.
Rembrandt: I can't imagine the people already there were too keen on that.
Arturo: They most certainly were not. The majority refused to leave and the two sides have been sniping at each other for over a century. [ pause ] We seem to be in the middle of a situation akin to that of our Earth's Middle East. We have two groups, both with at least a prima facie case to the territory. The settlers say there was nothing here before they arrived. They built it up; the land is theirs. The Californians can claim that they were in this land long before the settlers ever arrived. And in any event, it is just compensation for the loss of the East.
Rembrandt: So who's right?
Arturo: Who is to say? And quite frankly, it doesn't matter as far as we're concerned. Our only priority is Quinn. We should align ourselves with whomever is in best position to help him. The settlers are clearly not.
Rembrandt: I don't like where this is heading.
Arturo: Neither do I, but we have no alternative. Tomorrow we shall throw ourselves at the mercy of the Californians.


[ Outside near the base camp. It's a crystal clear night and the stars are out. A half moon reflects off the lake as Wade walks briskly along the edge. Henry is panting to keep up with her. Ryan trails her. ]
Ryan: Wade, wait up!
[ She continues on and Ryan picks up his pace to overtake her. ]
Ryan: Hey.
Wade: He can be so cruel sometimes.
Ryan: Who?
Wade: The Professor!
Ryan: Maybe it's just his way.
Wade: Oh, it's his way all right. He's been belittling me ever since we started this journey.
Ryan: And how long ago was that?
[ Wade looks at him. She has a look of realization- Ryan doesn't know anything about them. ]
Wade: Too long ago.
Ryan: Well things are going to be different from now on.
Wade: How is that?
Ryan: Because I'm here.
[ Ryan moves in for a kiss but is rebuffed. ]
Ryan: You're still worried about Quinn. Don't be. I'm going to take care of it.
Wade: That's sweet, Ryan, but...[ she shakes her head ]
Ryan: I'm serious. On the last supply run, I had a talk with Kelly, the leader over there. He and his man are prepared to help me raid a Californian border patrol. Kelly told me he knew how to exploit their defenses to get us the medical supplies we're entitled to...or something to that effect. He's big on hyperbole.
Wade: Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? What if they shoot you too? Or worse?
Ryan: Relax. You forget who you're talking to. I'll take a couple of armed men over a herd of charging rhinos any day.
[ Wade looks at him with awe. ]
Wade: Is there anything you can't do?
Ryan: Not when I set my mind to it...
[ Ryan kisses her. She kisses him back, but it's half-hearted. ]
Wade: I'm sorry. It's not that I'm not interested, it's just...
Ryan: I know. [ looks her in the eye ] I'll take care of Quinn.
[ Switch to Ross J. Kelly's tent. Interior is illuminated. Inside are Kelly, Keegan, and about twelve others cleaning weapons and packing supplies. Kelly is pacing. ]
Kelly: I'm tired of all these 'accidents.' It's time to cut through the red tape. If the Californians want to play rough, we'll show them how rough we're willing to play to get the settlement we deserve!
All: Hear! Hear!
Kelly: Tomorrow we take the first step in taking back what's rightfully ours. [ points his finger ] And we will not take no for an answer!
[ Cheers from the men. Cutaway. ]


[ Interior of the tent. The light is out, but Quinn is vaguely visible. He is restless. Pull in close to Quinn and then dissolve....to a television stage. Quinn is seated in a chair in front of a blue backdrop. Music is playing and there is canned applause as Chuck Woolery, in a tuxedo, walks on to the set. Chuck is at his smarmy best. ]
Chuck: Thank you! Thank you. Our special guest tonight is Quinn Mallory! [ canned applause ] Quinn, say hello to the audience.
[ Quinn squints as if he's looking for the audience, but the camera never leaves his face. ]
Quinn: Um...hi...[ canned applause ]
Chuck: Are you ready to play?
Quinn: I guess...so.
[ Chuck flashes a big smile. ]
Chuck: Then let's begin! Quinn Mallory, This is Your Life! Or what little remains of it. [ canned applause ]
Quinn: What?
Chuck: That's right, Quinn. You're dying of a gunshot wound! So let's hurry and meet our first mystery guest because we're not sure Quinn's going to survive the show! [ canned laughter ]
Quinn: That's not funny...
Chuck: [ continues like he didn't even hear him ] Mystery Guest #1, please!
Voice: [ Clearly Rembrandt ] It's about freakin' time you start this show! I'm late for a gig!
Quinn: That's Rembrandt. Rembrandt Brown!
Chuck: Mr. Brown, come on out!
[ Rembrandt, dressed to perform, comes out to canned applause. He gestures to the crowd and basks in the attention. ]
Chuck: Tell me, Rembrandt. What are you going to miss most about Quinn?
Rembrandt: Not a damn thing, Chuck. This man ruined my life. More importantly, he ruined my career!
Quinn: I wouldn't go that far...
Rembrandt: Oh no? If you hadn't sucked me up into your little game the night of my big comeback, I'd be home basking in a pile of gold, no, no, platinum records.
Quinn: Rembrandt, I'll get you home. I promise....
Rembrandt: [ cuts him off ] Save the promises Q-ball. I've heard it all before from you, and a dead man can't bring me home. Say Chuck, you need a musical director? [ canned laughter ]
Quinn: I'm not dead Rembrandt. Rembrandt!
[ Dissolve back to the tent. Quinn is yelling. ]
Quinn: Rembrandt! Rembrandt, wait!
[ The light comes on and Rembrandt gets to him. Arturo and Wade are also awakened. ]
Rembrandt: I'm here, Q-ball. I'm here.
Quinn: [ softly ] Rembrandt...
Wade: [ touches his forehead ] Hold on Quinn.
[ Arturo wipes Quinn's forehead with a cloth and we fade out. ]

[ Commercial Break ]


[ Daylight. Exterior of the tent. Ryan has changed out of his dress shirt into an old worn flannel. He's playing with Henry. Wade appears to be boiling water over the fire. ]
Ryan: How's that coming?
Wade: Fine.
Ryan: Do you need a hand?
Wade: I can manage.
[ Pause. Ryan searches for something else to say. ]
Ryan: So, did Quinn say anything else last night?
Wade: No.
[ Ryan gets up and walks over to her. ]
Ryan: You can talk about it with me. I'm here to listen.
Wade: Maybe later, OK?
Ryan: OK.
[ Ryan mopes back over to Henry as Rembrandt and Arturo emerge from the tent. They're still in the same clothes as before. ]
Arturo: We're off to see what help we can get from the other side. Judging from the direction the Californians headed after their visit to the settlement, we believe them to be somewhere Southeast of here, but we have no idea how many miles.
Ryan: Let's go.
[ Arturo fidgets. ]
Arturo: Actually Mr. Simms, I think it best that Mr. Brown and myself take care of this. Take no offense, but you're still new to sliding and I believe if we are going to get any results at all, it will take diplomacy. We can't have you going off half-cocked like in the settlement. You nearly started a revolt.
[ Now it's Ryan's turn to look away. Wade looks at Rembrandt. ]
Wade: Please hurry.
Rembrandt: We will, sweetheart.
[ Closeup of Ryan looking at Wade. ]
[ Fade forward. Arturo and Rembrandt are walking in a beautiful area of the reservation. They are following a trail. ]
Arturo: Remarkable. If we didn't know we were in a pseudo-prison you'd think we'd found paradise.
Rembrandt: Well, I don't think we have to worry about anyone wanting to stay here. If you ask me, we'd all be a lot better off had we quit in tropical world.
Arturo: It would have gone bad eventually. With our luck, the natives would have wanted to throw one of us into a volcano to appease some seismic deity.
[ They share a laugh, probably the first one since arriving here. ]
Rembrandt: I don't get you man. Sometimes, like just now, it's like we're old pals. Other times, like last night, you are worlds away.
Arturo: I must admit it's sometimes difficult for me to relate to you and Miss Welles, even Mr. Mallory to a lesser extent. And sometimes I do or say things that offend, but it's not my intent to harm anyone's feelings.
Rembrandt: I know, man, but it still hurts. I'm a big boy, I can take it. But you have to lay off of Wade. At least until Quinn comes out of this.
Arturo: You and Wade have built up a bond, haven't you?
Rembrandt: You could say that. It's like you said, I can relate to her where you and Q-ball are always talking over my head. If she wasn't around, I'd have killed you both by now.
Arturo: [ chuckles ] Then for my own safety, I shall keep my tongue in check.
[ The trail leads them over a ridge and a large barbed wire fence looms off in the distance below them, just beyond the tree line. A few small buildings can also be seen interconnected with the fence. ]
Rembrandt: Speaking of safety...
Arturo: I don't see a border patrol, but we may still be too far away.
Rembrandt: I just hope we're doing the right the thing, Professor. The Californians we saw in the tent village didn't look too friendly. What makes you think they'll even talk to us?
Arturo: Common decency, perhaps? I'm not happy about this either, but they may be Quinn's only hope. We can't rely on the ragtag settlers to come through for us, no matter how good their intentions. As it is, I'm not sold on the fact that their intentions are pure.
Rembrandt: I hear that. They weren't willing to lift a finger to help until they thought the Californians were involved.
Arturo: Yes. I only hope they don't do anything rash.


[ Pan the fence and one of the buildings. Move back into the reservation a ways and then stop camera in the underbrush. Camera is looking out onto the trail. Keegan's head pops up in front of the camera. He speaks in a hushed tone. ]
Keegan: I see them.
[ Camera pans to Arturo and Rembrandt who are coming down the trail, still engaged in conversation. Switch back to Keegan and pan a little to the left to reveal Kelly, who also speaks quietly. ]
Kelly: It sure took them long enough. They should have been here an hour ago.
Voice: You sure this is a good idea?
[ Camera pulls back to include Ryan. ]
Kelly: The best decoy is a man who doesn't know he's a decoy. [ looks Ryan in the eye. ] They'll be fine, right men?
[ Camera pulls back to reveal six more men, all armed. Keegan flashes a signal. A spark of light can be seen on the other side of the trail, signifying additional troops. Cut back to Arturo and Rembrandt. ]
Rembrandt: I wonder what kind of entertainment industry they've got in this world. I mean, Hollywood's under Indian control.
Arturo: I'm sure the Californians are every bit as capable of churning out nitwit sit-coms and cookie cutter popular singers. Rhythm and blues excluded, of course...
Rembrandt: Thank you, Professor.
[ Two Californians on horseback are approaching. ]
Rembrandt: Here we go.
[ The Californians, dressed like soldiers, stop in front of Arturo and Rembrandt. They do not dismount. ]
Soldier1: A little far from home, squatters?
Arturo: We are on our way to see a doctor. One of our companions has been seriously injured. We fear he will not survive the night without treatment.
Soldier1: Then it's one less of you we'll have to worry about.
Arturo: Look, we don't want any trouble. If you cannot send a doctor, fine. But give us the means to at least try to save him. Some antiseptics, gauze, a surgical tool or two. If you help us, we promise you'll never see us again.
Soldier1: [ laughs ] Promises, promises. You squatters are all alike.
Rembrandt: Don't you hear him, man! Our friend is dying. He's never done anything to you!
Soldier2: [ to Soldier1 ] Maybe we should take a look...
Soldier1: No. They don't concern us. [ to Arturo ] Be on your way, before we decide to deport you.
[ Switch back to Kelly, Keegan and Ryan. ]
Kelly: Go.
[ Keegan flashes another signal and eighteen settlers emerge from the brush and surround the two Californians. The two go for their weapons, but Keegan has them in his sights. ]
Keegan: Go ahead. Give me a reason.
[ The soldiers drop their weapons. ]
Keegan: The horses.
[ The soldiers dismount and hand the horses over to two settlers. ]
Soldier1: [ to Soldier2 ] What did I tell you? You can't trust a squatter.
Arturo: I assure you we had nothing to do with this.
[ Ryan emerges from the brush and Arturo is rebutted. ]
Arturo: Mr. Simms?
Ryan: I'm sorry. This is the only way.
Kelly: [ to Soldier1 ] You and your goons removed a man from the south settlement yesterday. A good man named Stephen Dumont. I want him back.
Soldier1: Go to hell.
Kelly: Make it easier on yourself and your countrymen. The shorter the path to his cell, the fewer Californians I'll have to kill.
Soldier2: He's being held in the far building.
[ Soldier1 shakes his head. ]
Ryan: And the medical supplies?
Soldier2: Straight ahead.
Kelly: Thanks.
Soldier1: So what if you break him out? Do you think we won't retaliate? When we're through with you, the highest form of life in this area will be the butterflies.
Kelly: I don't think so. If you touch a single citizen of our community, I'll make sure it's on film and sent to every news studio in Salt Lake City. The outcry in the states will be so massive that you can kiss your sorry government goodbye.
Soldier1: They wouldn't dare take on the Canadians.
Kelly: Do you really want to find out?
[ Soldier1 is silent. ]
Kelly: Reynolds! You, Marshall and Baker are going to keep an eye on these two while we get Dumont. You five, get us some transportation. [ to Ryan ] Take your friends and get as many supplies as you can. [ quietly ] We may need them later.
Keegan: Let's go!
[ The settlers jog toward the buildings. ]
Rembrandt: Oh man I got a bad feeling about this.
[ Cut inside a building. Two Californians have their hands up as two settlers have their rifles trained on them. Ryan, Arturo and Rembrandt are packing supplies into bags. ]
Ryan: I'm going to need a pair of forceps to remove that bullet.
[ Rembrandt is rummaging through a cabinet. ]
Rembrandt: Got it!
Ryan: Take as much as you can comfortably carry. We may need to get out of here in a hurry.
Arturo: If we get out of here Mr. Simms, you and I are going to need to have a little chat.
[ Sirens go off. ]
Rembrandt: What's that?
Ryan: I think we've been discovered. Let's move.
[ The settlers hit the guards with the butts of their rifles knocking them down. The five emerge in the courtyard and are joined by the rest of Reynolds' team, which has a dozen horses in its possession. A hail of bullets flies through them and one man falls. ]
Settler: Hit the ground!
[ Californians are entering the courtyard. Another volley of bullets comes from the opposite side. It's Kelly and his team. ]
Settler: [ to Ryan ] Run! We'll give you cover!
[ Ryan, Arturo and Rembrandt make a break for the horses. Arturo and Rembrandt get out but Ryan is cut off by a Californian who has him dead in his sights. Ryan braces for the bullet. The sound of the shot. Ryan is still standing, but the Californian is down. ]
Kelly: [ smiles ] I told you I'd fight for you. Now go!
[ Ryan, Keegan and a few others get clear. Pan to Dumont who is penned in by the Californians. ]
Reynolds: Dammit, Dumont's still in there!
Kelly: If we don't get him, this operation is all for naught. Come on.
[ Kelly charges back in. ]
Ryan: Oh no.
[ A whole new contingent of Californians swarms in to the courtyard from the east, overwhelming the remaining settlers. ]
Ryan: Ross!
Kelly: Retreat!
[ All that remain make a break for it. Dumont and Reynolds are gunned down. Kelly is captured. ]
Ryan: We have to get Kelly.
Keegan: It's too late, let's go.
[ Ryan and Keegan jump onto two horses and ride off following the remainder of the unit. ]

[ Commercial break ]


[ Exterior of the tent. Dusk. Interior of the tent. Quinn is being prepped for surgery. His shirt has been removed and he's lying on his stomach. He is conscious but not saying much. Wade is working on the wound while Ryan talks with Keegan. ]
Keegan: Have you got enough for your friend?
Ryan: Yeah, take the rest of the supplies back to the settlement.
Keegan: You know, Dumont was the medicine guy. After you're done here, we could really use your help with the wounded.
Ryan: All right. Tomorrow?
Keegan: Tomorrow.
[ Keegan exits. ]
Ryan: Are we ready?
Wade: I think so.
Ryan: We weren't able to find any anesthesia so this could get pretty rough. Professor Arturo? Rembrandt? Would you mind holding him down?
[ Arturo grabs Quinn's left arm while Rembrandt takes his right. ]
Ryan: [ to Wade ] Forceps...
[ Exterior of the tent. Quinn's scream of pain echoes through the area. ]
[ Dissolve to night. Interior of the tent. The light is on and Ryan is wrapping Quinn's shoulder. ]
Arturo: I do not approve of the methods, but I must admit I like your results. Well done, Mr. Simms.
Ryan: Thanks. This was the toughest job I've ever worked on. That bullet was really wedged in there.
Rembrandt: Poor guy. Thank goodness he passed out from the pain.
Wade: [ to Ryan ] Thank you...for everything.
Ryan: Whatever I can do for you.
[ Ryan stares deep into her eyes. Wade returns the gaze but then looks away. Ryan's expression changes to exasperation. Focus on Quinn who is sleeping. Pull in to his face and.... ]


Chuck: We're back! [ canned applause ]
[ Quinn is again on the set of This is Your Life. Arturo has joined Rembrandt on the side stage and one empty chair remains. ]
Chuck: Well Quinn, two out of two guests believe they'd have been better off if you'd never existed. Let's see if special guest number three can keep that trend alive.
Voice: [ Wade's ] I've been infatuated with Quinn Mallory since the day I met him. I wanted him so badly I was willing to jump into a hole in time and space for him. For the past four months he's been my world.
Quinn: [ softly ] Wade...
Voice: But now I realize I've been following an impossible dream. He never loved me. I don't think he's capable of loving anyone.
Quinn: Wade, that's not true.
Voice: So it's time to cut my losses.
[ Wade emerges from behind the curtain with Ryan. ]
Quinn: Wha-
Wade: I'm sorry Quinn. Who knows what might have been? But I'll think of you...[ looks at Ryan ]...from time to time...
Arturo: Oh! Speaking of time, it's time for us to go.
[ Arturo reveals the timer and opens the vortex. ]
Chuck: And we're out of time! [ Music hits ] Let's all have a warm round of applause for Quinn Mallory! [ canned applause and cheering ] See you in the next life kid. Maybe you won't screw it up so badly.
[ Chuck jumps through the vortex. Quinn tries to move, but he's stuck to the chair. ]
Quinn: Wait! Don't leave me! Rembrandt, stop! Professor!
Rembrandt: Later Q-ball.
[ Rembrandt slides. Arturo shakes his head and follows. ]
Ryan: Death isn't so bad Quinn. Still, I'm happy it's you instead of me.
[ Ryan slides. ]
Quinn: Wade, please...
[ Wade hesitates. Quinn's eyes light up and he pleads with her. ]
Quinn: Don't go. Stay with me. Look, I'm sorry I stormed off on you back there. I was afraid you were going to stay behind and I...I flipped out. It's not worth sliding home without you, because it would never feel like home again.
Wade: It's too late...
Quinn: No. Wade, listen to me...
[ But it's no use. Wade is fading along with the rest of the set. ]
Wade: Goodbye Quinn.
Quinn: Wade! Come back!
[ Dissolve back to the tent. The lights are out and all are asleep except Wade. Quinn is muttering softly. ]
Wade: Quinn?
Quinn: Wade, you can't leave me...
Wade: I'm here...
Quinn: You have to know...I...
Wade: Know what?
[ Quinn is calming down. Wade looks around the tent. The others look like they're still asleep. ]
Quinn: I love...
[ Quinn is out again. Wade brushes his hair from his forehead. ]
Wade: You love me? [ long pause ] Oh Quinn. [ softly ] I love you too.
[ Wade puts her head on his good shoulder and closes her eyes. Pan to the other end of the tent to where Ryan is lying. His eyes are open. ]


[ The tent settlement. Ryan and Keegan are in the infirmary tent. There are three wounded settlers from the previous day's adventure and Ryan is checking on them one by one. ]
Keegan: How's your friend doing?
Ryan: I didn't see any signs of infection. He should make a full recovery.
Keegan: That's great. Think you can do it again?
[ Ryan looks at him. ]
Keegan: We've received word that they're planning on moving Kelly to Alcatraz tomorrow morning. If that happens, there's little chance we'll ever see him again. I'm planning a raid to break him out. The fighting could get fierce and we could use all the help we can get both during [ waves his hand at the injured settlers ] and after the confrontation. I could use you, man. Will you help us?
[ Close on Ryan's face and cut away. ]


[ Night at the tent. All are asleep except Ryan. Ryan is quietly gathering a few supplies into a bag. He is about to slip away when Henry tugs at his cuff. Ryan tries to shake him off, but Henry starts whimpering. ]
Ryan: Let go, Henry. [ Henry doesn't. ] Come on boy, don't make this any more difficult.
[ Henry barks. ]
Ryan: Shhhh!
[ Too late. Wade, who has been sleeping light all slide, awakens. She sees Ryan dressed to go. ]
Wade: What are you doing?
Ryan: I'm leaving Wade.
Wade: You're what?
[ Ryan steps out of the tent. Wade wraps a blanket around her and follows. ]
Wade: Ryan!
Ryan: I don't want to be a third wheel. That's not my way.
Wade: I don't know what you're talking about...
Ryan: I know, Wade. How you feel about Quinn? I know. I was awake.
Wade: Ryan...
Ryan: No, no, don't feel bad. I heard everything you said to him last night. It's cool.
Wade: It's not like that.
Ryan: Then what is it like?
Wade: I don't know. There are times when I want to kill him. He can be so aloof, so oblivious. It's maddening. But there are those moments when he really shines. It's tough to explain. But I like you too.
Ryan: Really?
Wade: Really.
Ryan: Then stay with me here.
Wade: What?
Ryan: Look, after tomorrow, we can leave this place. There's a whole other world to explore. Maybe there are bigger mountains, longer rivers...the possibilities are endless. We can take them all on, just you and me.
Wade: It's not that easy. This is not your world. There are no lottery machines just handing out money. We'd need jobs, a place to live, we're not even sure if there are doubles of ourselves here...
Ryan: We'll make it work. Have I let you down yet? [ no answer ] Have I?
Wade: What about my family? My friends? I'd never see them again.
Ryan: That's a situation I'm prepared to live with.
[ Ryan has a pained expression and Wade realizes Ryan is already in that situation. ]
Ryan: Wade, you're all I have left from my old life. I would like nothing more than to build my new one with you.
Wade: Then slide with us in a few hours.
Ryan: I can't do that.
Wade: [ exasperated ] Why not? Because of Quinn? Why do you feel you have to stay here?
[ Ryan paces a bit. ]
Ryan: The Californians captured a man that saved my life. If it weren't for him, we'd have never got the supplies we needed and Quinn would be dead. He's being transported to his certain death at 6 a.m. I have to help rescue him. I owe it to him.
Wade: But we slide at 5:30.
Ryan: I know.
Wade: You'll miss the slide! Do you realize what that means? You'll be stuck here forever.
Ryan: I understand.
Wade: You were going to stay here no matter what I said, weren't you?
[ Ryan nods. ]
Ryan: My life has been so easy before now. Easy to the point of dull. Why do you think I did all those stunts? I was looking for something, some purpose, something I could point to and say 'Ryan Simms made an impact.' Here, I'm finally involved in something important. These people are fighting for everything I took for granted. I can make a difference here. At the very least, I can help get them their champion back.
[ Wade nods. Ryan picks up his bag. ]
Ryan: I owe you a debt I can never repay. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even have this chance. No hard feelings and no regrets OK?
[ But Ryan is lying. He's fighting hard to hold back the tears. Wade sees this. ]
Wade: Why don't you come back inside? See us off in the morning?
[ Ryan shakes his head. ]
Ryan: It will only be harder then. Please, if I don't leave now...
[ Wade nods and embraces Ryan. ]
Wade: I'll never forget you.
[ Wade kisses him. It lasts longer than either intended. They break it off and Ryan turns to go. But Henry grabs him again. ]
Ryan: Goodbye Henry. [ Henry tightens his grip on Ryan's pants. ]
Wade: Why don't you keep him?
Ryan: I couldn't...
Wade: I insist. Everybody needs a friend when starting out on a new adventure.
[ Wade gives Henry one last hug. ]
Wade: Goodbye Henry. Uncle Ryan is going to take care of you from now on.
[ Henry barks and then heads back to Ryan. ]
Ryan: Goodbye Wade.
Wade: 'Til we meet again...
[ Wade watches Ryan and Henry as they head off into the night and then disappear into the darkness. Tears begin to fall from her eyes. From the tent someone is calling her name. ]
Echoing Voice: Wade! Wade!
[ Dissolve back to the present. Pull back from Wade's face. Quinn has at her side and Ryan has regained control of Henry. ]
Quinn: Come on, we're going to miss the start of the show.
Ryan: Again, sorry for the trouble. I swear, I don't know what gets into him sometimes. Come on Henry.
[ Ryan drags Henry away as Wade looks after them. ]
Wade: I haven't forgotten...


Production Notes

Of all of the continuity glitches in the series' history, none is more glaring than the resolution of the first season cliffhanger. At the end of SL-110 "Luck of the Draw", we have an extra Slider in Ryan, a dog, and our lead character unconscious from a gunshot wound. Due to the hiatus and later network meddling, the situation was never properly resolved. All we know is that three days passed, Ryan saved Quinn, and then later departed. The challenge of filling in those days proved irresistible.

First we wanted this episode to have a first season feel to it. For starters, we wrote an alt-American history episode. I had always wanted to do an episode where the Native Americans played a significant role and I didn't want to do the typical spiritual journey. Since we were bound by the park setting presented in LOTD and "Into the Mystic", we decided to place the group in a reservation. That would also help explain why they had a tent and some supplies, but still had to perform Quinn's surgery themselves.

We also need to capture the essence of the characters as they once were and give some continuity to the changes in their personalities from seasons 1 and 2. For example, Arturo is ruder and less sensitive to Wade's feelings at the start of this episode. Ryan was a bigger problem. Here's a character who ought to live for Sliding. What on earth would compel him to quit the team so soon? Ryan would need a very good reason for missing the slide and losing Wade. I think we provided one.

The biggest trick was capturing the tone of the first season. No matter where the Sliders landed, first season episodes always went for laughs. But there was nothing funny about the current situation. We had to hope that the Quinn dream sequences would pay out and that the Ross J. Kelly scenes didn't seem too ridiculous.

In terms of production, this was pretty simple. The physical appearance of Rembrandt hasn't changed much over the years, but there are noticeable changes in the other three. Arturo has longer locks while Quinn's had gotten much shorter. Fortunately, we had this episode planned for awhile so Jerry had been growing his hair out since "Recall." As for Arturo, he had brain surgery six slides ago. They would have shaved his head. So his hair would be short both in the present and in the flashback. That left Wade, which was solved by shooting the teaser and the finale first. Sabrina's hair was dyed brown for the flashback. It's her call as to whether she wants to dye it red again before SL-322. We can always slip in an extra slide where Wade has the opportunity to visit a hair salon.

There were a few things I didn't even try to resolve or explain. For instance, the change of clothes. Why would they be in a tent in a park if they have the resources for a shopping spree? I also wrote off the appearance of Gale with the leafblower. As far as I'm concerned, he was a hallucination on the part of Quinn.

Back to the present with the next episode.

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