[ Earth 317, by Mike Truman ]
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A Woman Scorned
Number: SL-318
Place: New Persepolis, North Atlantis Spring 1997
Time on world: 26 hours, give or take


[ Open on an earth at dusk. A vortex is open over some shrubbery and the Sliders are dropping from it. Rembrandt first, then Arturo, Wade, and Quinn. Customary yelling. Vortex closes. Rembrandt gets up holding his side. ]
Rembrandt: Ouch! You nearly broke my rib!
Arturo: Ha Ha! How did you like those apples, Mr. Brown? It's not so funny when I'm the one aiming for you!
Rembrandt: You're gonna get it good next time, Professor. I hope they sell steel-tipped boots on this world.
[ The others get up and brush themselves off. They appear to be in a very wooded park. ]
Wade: What have we got?
Quinn: A little over a day.
Rembrandt: That still leaves plenty of time to do some shopping.
Arturo: Oh lighten up, Mr. Brown.
[ Rembrandt is about to give his retort but thinks better of it. ]
Wade: It's kind of warm for a March night.
Arturo: But it might be cold soon enough. [ Looks to the sky, camera pans, a few stars are already out.
A horse's neigh is heard in the distance. ]
Let's give this world a look, shall we?
Quinn: [ voice fading as Sliders are moving away. ] So anyone worry about me that last hour?
Wade: Nah, we'd already found a replacement.
[ Sliders exit. Camera pans back to reveal a large statue of a woman, Hellenistic period. ]
[ Cut to Sliders emerging from park. ]
Quinn: ...and there were probably hundreds of thousands of us. The National Guard had been called in...
[ Quinn stops talking and the Sliders stop moving as something off screen catches their attention. ]
Rembrandt: Well would you look at that?
[ Pan to show a Greek temple, similar to the Parthenon in size and structure. There are torches lit all around and inside of it. There are many people moving about in apparel consistent with that of the Ancient world. A few horse-drawn chariots are parked in front. ]
Wade: It's like we slid back in time.
Arturo: It appears that either the Greeks or Romans have a large influence on this world. I'd need a closer look to be certain of which, as the Romans were insufferable copycats.
Rembrandt: Nothing's stopping you. Let's check it out.
[ Quick cut forward as Sliders enter the open air structure. Inside is a very carnival like atmosphere. Booths and kiosks are set up. Pass by one where an operator is challenging guests to go up against a burly man. ]
Operator: Test your strength against the mighty Herakles. Defeat him and win a prize. Just 10 drachmas to play!
[ There is laughter, dancing, and music all around. ]
Rembrandt: I don't know where we are but I think I like it.
[ Music starts to die down. A host addresses the congregation from the altar. ]
Host: Friends, countrymen and wanderers! Welcome all to the festival of Persephone! [ Loud cheers ] For tonight she will return to us from the darkness, thus ending the winter and letting spring begin! So come all and join in the celebration!
[ A loud cheer goes up and the music begins again. ]
Quinn: Persephone? That settles it. This world is definitely Greek...
[ Quinn is cut off as a vortex opens over the altar. Cries of alarm and fear from all (except the Sliders). Many avert their eyes. Out of the vortex falls a figure. ]
Wade: Tell me that's not who I think that is.
Arturo: It can't be who you think it is.
Quinn: [ eyes wide open ] Logan?
[ The Greeks cower around Logan as the camera closes on her. ]

[ Commercial Break ]


[ All attention is on Logan. ]
Voice from crowd: Great Zeus!
Another Voice: It is the Goddess herself!
Host: Never have I seen such a marvel! Only the gods could have that power! [ He falls to his knees. Those that already haven't do so as well. ]
[ Pan to Sliders who are backing away from the altar. ]
Arturo: I don't believe what I'm seeing. [ Shares a look with Quinn. ]
Wade: Neither can these people. They think she's a god!
Arturo: More like the devil. That woman is a scheming, duplicitous murderess.
[ They move behind a booth near the far edge of the temple. ]
Wade: Do you think she's been following us all this time?
Arturo: I don't see how. When we last saw her, she was pulled through the vortex into an unknown dimension. She would have had no way to backtrack. She could only follow wormholes, not retrace her steps, right Mr. Mallory?
[ No response ]
Rembrandt: Q-ball?
Quinn: There's no way. I made sure of it.
Wade: Tell her that!
Quinn: All right. Um... [ pulls his hair out of his face ] I guess she could have caught up with me on that last world. Like I said, there may have been a million of us. If she was there too, she might have somehow found a way to follow me.
Arturo: But if I understand you correctly, that would have been a one in a million chance!
Quinn: Looks like she beat the odds.
Arturo: I highly doubt that claim...
Rembrandt: Look, you two can argue over whose vortex is bigger later. Right now we need a plan.
[ Sliders huddle. Camera from below. ]
Arturo: The last time we saw her she had a gun pointed at our heads and we have no reason to believe she's suddenly grown fond of us. If these people think she's a goddess, she could have us tied to stakes and burnt on the spot. I suggest we leave now. We have the upper hand for the moment. Let's keep it that way.
Wade: Sounds good to me. I'm all for avoiding her entirely.
Quinn: I need to know what's going on. You guys lay low. I'll follow her.
Arturo: Are you mad? She'll recognize you immediately.
Rembrandt: She might not know me. Without you I wouldn't have recognized her.
Wade: I don't know. I don't think it's a good idea to break up the group. We don't know much about this place.
Arturo: Point well made. Mr. Mallory, a deity is going to have a hard time keeping a low profile. I still believe a retreat is in order.
Wade: Quinn? [ Quinn's not paying attention. Wade elbows him. ] Quinn!
Quinn: Sorry...I'm just a little stunned. It's been a weird day.
Wade: It's all right. We'll figure something out.
Arturo: Then it's settled? [ Wade and Rembrandt nod. ] Good. We live to fight another day.
[ Break huddle. ]
Rembrandt: Man, we finally find a world where people are having fun and we have to go underground.
Wade: Hey guys! Check this out. [ Camera pans to Wade looking down from the temple. The others join her ] I'm guessing this place may be more like our world than we thought.
[ Pan from edge of temple down to a parking lot below. It is filled with modern vehicles. ]
Wade: Anyone have any drachmas for a taxi?
[ Pan into the background where a woman is watching (Proserpine) ]
[ Cutaway ]


[ Outside shot of the Dominion Hotel. Cut to suite. Wade, Arturo, Rembrandt and Quinn are checking out the room, which is very well done. ]
Wade: Now this is what I call service!
Rembrandt: I can't believe this is all free. Rooms, meals, hot tubs! I don't understand this law of Zeus but I sure like it.
Quinn: The ancient Greeks believed that their gods walked among them in disguise, often as travelers or beggars. It was customary to never turn away a stranger for fear that it might be an angry god, even Zeus, the king himself. It must be a leftover rule or superstition from earlier times.
Rembrandt: [ pats Quinn on the shoulder ] Do unto others, Q-ball.
Arturo: A hotel that never charges its guests. How does this place operate? On an endowment?
Wade: Hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, professor.
Arturo: An appropriate sentiment, Miss Welles, considering the culture.
Rembrandt: I'm with Wade on this one. Let's milk it for all it's worth.
[ Fade forward to Arturo in a red robe with gold trim. He is seated, reading. Quinn enters in a blue robe. ]
Arturo: Where are Miss Welles and Mr. Brown?
Quinn: Rembrandt's down in the bar and Wade went to the sauna. They've got quite the set-up down there.
Arturo: Well, the Greeks did take their bathhouses seriously. I've been reading about the history of this world.
Quinn: Where did you get that?
Arturo: Ask and you shall receive, Mr. Mallory. Our hosts cater to our every whim.
Quinn: There's something to be said for the ways of the ancients.
Arturo: Indeed. From what I can discern, the major departure point in this Earth's history from our own is that Alexander the Great did not die prematurely. He lived to the ripe old age of 58 and solidified his empire. When the Romans emerged out of the Etruscan peninsula, they were met by one unified Hellenistic world including Greece, Persia, and Egypt. The Greeks drove them into the ground and in the subsequent centuries branched out much as the original Roman Empire did.
Quinn: But even the Roman Empire eventually fell.
Arturo: And so did the Greek Empire, but it left its cultural mark on today's world powers, much as the British Empire did on our earth. We are in the country of North Atlantis. Evidently, the Greeks beat the Portuguese to the New World.
Quinn: And Greek polytheism is the leading religion?
Arturo: The people in these parts apparently still believe in the gods of old. And now they think they have one in the flesh, straight from the damned in more ways than one.
Quinn: Persephone. The wife of Hades himself.
Arturo: Aye, who says the cosmos doesn't have a sense of humor? [ pause ] Level with me, my boy. Who is that woman out there?
Quinn: [ goes pale ] What are you talking about?
Arturo: When last we left Logan, she had a bullet follow her into the vortex. It was heading straight for her. To be honest, I never believed she had survived.
Quinn: It must have missed. Or hit her gun. The bullet probably returned at the same trajectory it was fired in.
Arturo: But a vortex pulls to the center...
Quinn: She survived it, Professor. We'll just have to leave it at that for now. I don't know about you but I'm getting hungry. I'm going to switch into some regular clothes and head down and join Rembrandt downstairs. Then we'll go over how to handle Logan. [ Quinn exits. Arturo looks toward where Quinn had been ]
Arturo: [ to himself ] How odd. How very odd.


[ Return to the festival. Admirers surround Logan. Food is being brought to her and she is digging in. ]
Logan: Mmmm. I haven't had a meal this good in ages.
Host: O daughter of the Earth! We are pleased you find this humble offering acceptable.
Logan: I'd find it more acceptable if I had a little more salt.
Host: Yes, at once! [ motions to a Greek ] Bring Her some salt!
Logan: Where I come from, there aren't many culinary options.
Host: But now you are back amongst us. All of the finest animals will be at your disposal.
[ Logan nods and keeps eating. The Host is very anxious. ]
Host: I don't mean to be presumptuous, but in all our years of celebration, this is the first time you have appeared before us since ancient times. Have we done something to offend you?
Logan: Offend me? Ha. No, I'm here for another purpose. I come in pursuit of a few others, one in particular. It's very important that I find them before the end of the festival tomorrow. Can I expect your full co-operation?
Host: Yes, of course. Whatever you wish!
[ Logan smiles. ]

[ Commercial Break ]


[ It's dark. Focus on the door to Rembrandt's room. ]
Quinn: Are you ready Remmy?
Rembrandt: Yeah, I'm coming. [ Door opens into common room. Enough light to reveal Rembrandt in full traditional Greek attire from the sandals to the tunic. ] How do I look?
Quinn: Silly.
Rembrandt: That's what I thought too. [ Quinn turns on another light and it's revealed he's dressed similarly. ]
Rembrandt: [ chuckles ] Tell me again why we're dressed up like this.
Quinn: Apparently all festival-goers should be dressed this way -- just another custom held over from ancient times. If we're going to blend in, we need to look the part. Are the others asleep?
Rembrandt: Yeah, I can hear the Professor sawing logs from here.
Quinn: Good. Let's go.
Rembrandt: Are you sure about this Q-ball? It's not like you to go behind the others' backs.
Quinn: Look, you wanted to have some fun; here's your chance. I'm going with or without you. Besides, we'll be back before they get up. [ Scribbles a note ]
Rembrandt: Then what's with the note?
Quinn: Just so they know where we are...
Rembrandt: ...in case your double tries to kill us.
Quinn: She won't. [ Uses the timer as a paperweight. ]
Rembrandt: You seem awful sure.
Quinn: Remmy, have I ever led you wrong? [ Smiles ] On second thought, don't answer that... [ Exits. ]
[ Rembrandt catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror on the way out ]
Rembrandt: When in Rome...


[ Cut to the festival. It's still in full swing. Rembrandt and Quinn are making their way through the crowd. ]
Rembrandt: What makes you think you can get to her?
Quinn: As soon as she sees me, I bet she finds a way to get to me.
Rembrandt: Yeah, well she'll see me too. I'm not leaving you at her mercy.
Quinn: No. You're our ace in the hole. [ pause ] Look, I can't exactly explain it all to you right now. But I've got a feeling she's not here to hurt us. If she were, we'd already know. OK?
Rembrandt: OK.
Quinn: OK. Now I'm going to try and get an audience with the goddess. Meet me back here by dawn. Have some fun Remmy! [ starts to go ] Remember, we're at the Prometheus display.
Rembrandt: Got it.
[ Camera follows Quinn as he makes his way through the crowd, which is now thicker than earlier. ]
[ Cut to the altar. Logan is gone. ]
Quinn: Too late.
[ Quinn gets the attention of a reveler. ]
Quinn: Excuse me. Can you tell me where they've taken Persephone?
Reveler: Back to Laedemitis' home I suppose.
Quinn: Who's Laedemitis?
Reveler: How much wine have you had tonight? Laedemitis? The Speaker? The man who lives in the massive house at the end of the street?
Quinn: Oh, that Laedemitis.
[ Reveler gives him an ugly look and walks off. ]


[ Rembrandt is wandering through the festival. A horn sounds and suddenly he is enveloped by a mass of people. He finds himself paired with Proserpine, the woman in the background from 1A. She is absolutely stunning. Rembrandt is entranced. ]
Proserpine: Looks like you and me.
Rembrandt: So it does. What are we doing?
Proserpine: We're about to dance.
Rembrandt: Dance? I'm down with that. You wouldn't happen to know the steps?
Proserpine: [ smiles ] Just follow my lead.
Rembrandt: All right, but I hope this isn't some rain dance.
[ Proserpine laughs at him. They dance. The dance is simple and traditional -- not a plate smashing dance. Rembrandt fares pretty well. Camera should shift between close ups of the two and pull back for some shots from above to project the full spirit. ]
Proserpine: You picked that up fast.
Rembrandt: Yeah, I've been known to bust a move from time to time.
[ Proserpine laughs at him again. Rembrandt smiles. Dance ends. The dancers applaud themselves, some cheers. ]
Proserpine: So stranger, what do they call you?
Rembrandt: They call me the Cryin' Man. But my friends call me Rembrandt.
Proserpine: Strange names for a strange man. Mine's Proserpine, but no one calls me by that name.
Rembrandt: So what can I call you?
Proserpine: I guess we'll see.
[ Rembrandt raises an eyebrow and smiles. Proserpine leads him to a bench ]
Proserpine: What a wonderful night! And to be graced by the divinity herself!
Rembrandt: Yeah...
Proserpine: [ looks at him skeptically ] That's hardly a ringing endorsement. It almost sounds as though you don't believe her to be Persephone.
Rembrandt: Look I don't want to offend you, but I have my doubts. [ pause ] You guys really think the gods walk among you?
Proserpine: Here in the West most followers are literalists who follow the Homeric texts. Easterners tend to believe the gods spend most of their time on Olympus nowadays. When they want things done, things happen, with or without the personal appearance.
Rembrandt: I'm guessing you're also a visitor tonight.
Proserpine: [ smiles ] Very perceptive. [ pause ] I don't know, Rembrandt. I like to think they still come down from time to time. Maybe it's just romantic fantasy but I still feel that way. [ pause ] For all I know, you may be one of them.
Rembrandt: Let me show you something. Hold my hand. [ gently takes her hand. ] Does that feel like the hand of an immortal to you? Feel here. [ puts her fingers on his pulse. ] That's a heartbeat.
[ Proserpine takes Rembrandt's hand ]
Proserpine: Well, if you are a man, you're either a very brave one or a very stupid one to doubt the gods. I hope one of them has mercy on you and sends someone to watch over you.
Rembrandt: [ smiles ] I think they already have.
[ Cutaway ]


[ Shot of the outside of a large house. It's still well lit and there is considerable movement inside and outside of it. Cut to a driveway where Quinn is struggling with a barrel. Another man who is carrying his barrel with ease leads him. He throws the barrel on to the flatbed of a truck filled with barrels. Quinn staggers over with his. ]
Man: Many thanks for your help with these.
Quinn: [ winded ] No problem. [ Sits down on the tailgate. ]
Man: I must be going. The wine supplies are dwindling. If I don't get back there soon, it could be the Dionysian riots all over again.
Quinn: And your end of the deal?
Man: She's in the main guestroom. 1st floor. Far end of the house beyond the main hall.
Quinn: Thanks.
Man: We never spoke.
[ Quinn steals through the house. Reaches a set of double doors. ]
Quinn: [ softly to himself ] That must be it. No guards?
Voice: Oh there are guards all right.
[ Quinn is grabbed by two men and thrown into the wall. ]
Quinn: I thought it was your custom to be kind to strangers.
Guard: We're always gracious to our guests. Let me show you your accommodations. [ The two start to haul him down the hall. ]
Voice: Let him go. He's the one I'm looking for.
[ Guards pause and release Quinn. ]
Voice: Leave us.
Quinn: [ gets to his feet ] Logan?
Logan: Surprise! [ the two stare at each other ] And I bet you thought I was dead.
Quinn: The thought had crossed my mind.
Logan: As I should be. [ smiles ] And yet, here I am. I've been waiting a long time to do this. [ Logan gives Quinn a hug and buries her head into his shoulder. Quinn is stunned and almost looks for the knife in his back. ]
[ Close on Quinn's face in shock and dissolve. ]


[ Pan a luxurious sitting room. A lit hearth is on the center wall. Two large chairs are pointed to it. Quinn and Logan are seated. ]
Quinn: How did you find me?
Logan: I walked into the hall and there you were. Really, you made this much easier on me than I was anticipating.
Quinn: That's not what I mean and you know it.
Logan: Jeez Quinn, mellow out. I was trying to be funny. Break the ice, you know. [ pause ] You don't seem all that happy to see me.
Quinn: Well, our last parting wasn't exactly amicable.
Logan: [ looks down ] I was hoping that maybe you'd come to understand my situation by now.
Quinn: When I have a gun pointed at my head, I'm not so inclined to be understanding.
Logan: Look! That's not fair and you know it.
Quinn: OK. What would be fair?
Logan: [ shakes her head ] I didn't know. You have to believe me that I had no idea what Max was planning. I swear it.
Quinn: [ cold ] Do you actually expect me to believe that crap? I was there, I remember...
Logan: [ continues ] If I had known what Max and Prototronics were up to I would never have gotten you involved, OK? I was tricked too! Everything Max told us was a lie! I would never, ever be willingly involved in something like that. I wanted to find a way to trade for resources, not raid for them.
Quinn: I seem to recall it being the other way around.
Logan: [ stands and is angry ] Who was the person who threw herself into Max to get you back your timer? Who ended her career and nearly her life so you could escape? Why would I have done that if I was on their side?
Quinn: [ still cold ] You tell me.
Logan: Because maybe I'm the good guy after all. I stopped them, Quinn. I infected their computer with a virus. Erased all the co-ordinates, everything. It's all gone. Max is smart, but he's not that smart. It will take him quite a while to repair the damage. And it will be even harder without this. [ takes a timer out of her pocket. Quinn's eyes light up. ] It never leaves my side. [ long pause. Quinn's expression softens ]
Logan: [ quietly ] I had to leave immediately. To get away. I tried to track you but the trail got cold.
I've been adrift for awhile now. [ kneels by Quinn ] Until today.
Quinn: So why go through all the trouble of finding me?
Logan: You found my re-entry co-ordinates. Now I'm returning the favor. That's what honorable people do.
[ Quinn stares at her. ]
Logan: Before I destroyed Prototronics' database, I noticed a set of co-ordinates blinking. A match. [ pause ] Quinn, they're yours.

[ Commercial Break ]


[ The Dominion suite. Early morning. Wade and Arturo are fully dressed. Quinn and Rembrandt have just returned. ].
Wade: What were you guys thinking? When I found that note I almost freaked. We were just going out to look for you!
Rembrandt: Well, I might have pneumonia from being out all night dressed like this, but otherwise I'm fine.
Arturo: Pneumonia should have been the least of your concerns! [ to Quinn ] What has gotten into you boy?
Quinn: I had to find out, Professor. It was sure it couldn't be the Logan we last saw and it isn't. She's a double.
Wade: A double of a double?
Quinn: Why not? Ours isn't the only dimension in the multiverse. Our doubles lead their own lives and make decisions. They can spawn off other dimensions, creating more doubles of themselves. This Logan is a double of the other Logan.
Wade: How do you know?
Quinn: Because this one isn't evil. This Logan is more what we'd expect a double of mine to be like. In her dimension, she was the good soldier trying to find a way to help save her world while the Professor's double was the scheming megalomaniac.
Arturo: Why, isn't that convenient! No one would expect your double to be up to no good, but mine, well, what else should we expect? [ looks around ] It's preposterous! My double won a Congressional Medal of Honor on that world!
Quinn: But this Logan's world is not the world we visited. Don't take it personally, Professor. We've all run across doubles we're not proud of.
Wade: Like the one that tied you up in a basement and tried to take credit for sliding?
[ Arturo looks down. ]
Arturo: All I'm saying is that I wouldn't be so quick to take her story at face value. The Logan St. Clair we know also tricked you into thinking she was benevolent.
Quinn: Well I think I have proof that her intentions are pure. What if I told you she can get us home.
Arturo: I'd say you were hallucinating.
[ Arturo is ignored. ]
Wade: Home?
Quinn: Home.
Quinn: I know this may be hard to follow so bear with me. One of the things I learned at the Quinn convention was that each dimension has its own unique signature. For people outside of their dimension, these signatures can act as a homing device. They can be identified and tracked. If Logan knew our co-ordinates, she could have programmed her timer to follow me out. [ pause ] I suspected it when we first saw her, but I didn't want to build up any dreams until I was sure.
Wade: So how are we going to get the co-ordinates?
Quinn: Supposedly she's just going to give them to us.
Wade: No strings attached?
Quinn: I found her home co-ordinates. This is her way of saying thank you.
Arturo: Hold on for one second! What you're saying is nonsense. I don't care if this Logan is a double, the fact remains we never met her before now. So how can she have found our home co-ordinates?
Quinn: That I don't know. But she's here isn't she?
Arturo: So we're back to our chance in a million theory? I'm sorry, Mr. Mallory, but I'm not buying it. There's something else going on here and I bet it is far more sinister.
Rembrandt: No offense, Professor. But when it comes to techie talk, I gotta back Q-ball.
Arturo: Mr. Brown, I don't doubt Mr. Mallory's abilities but don't discount mine either. But the three of you are being blinded by false hopes.
Wade: Or maybe you're being blinded by contempt.
Quinn: Look, I can't be sure she's telling the truth either, but I can't just walk away from this opportunity. She asked us to meet her at the festival tonight. We'll be her guests of honor. If you want to interrogate her then, I won't stop you..
Arturo: That is an offer I intend to accept.
Quinn: She's not who you think, Professor. I can tell.
[ They share a cold glare. ]
Quinn: If you'll excuse me, I can use some sleep. We have a big night tonight.
[ Cutaway ]


[ Outside of Gyro King, a restaurant similar to a familiar fast food joint. Sign promotes Gyro King as the home of the 'Stadia'. Inside, Arturo and Wade are at a booth eating gyros. ]
Arturo: Of all the places we could have gone to and you had to choose here. [ Holds up a dripping gyro ]. The sight of this makes me long for blood pudding!
Wade: Stop complaining and give it a try. Besides, we're kind of low on funds considering drachmas aren't our usual currency. If you'd just eat the food at the hotel....
Arturo: No thank you. After last night's experience, I've gained an appreciation for airline food.
[ Arturo takes a bite of his gyro, nearly gags, and takes a large gulp of his beverage to wash it down. ]
Wade: [ laughs ] See? It's not so bad.
[ Arturo pushes his food away. ]
Arturo: I give the Greeks full marks for their contributions to mathematics, astronomy and philosophy. But when it comes to cuisine, it's a wonder they didn't starve themselves out of existence.
[ Wade laughs again. ]
Arturo: I'm glad you find this amusing, but I haven't found any decent food in 24 hours and I'm hungry!
[ Wade laughs harder and has to keep from spitting food out. ]
[ Arturo smiles and laughs because Wade is laughing until both are nearly in tears. ]
Arturo: Oh, Miss Welles, I hate to break this merry mood.
Wade: Why? Are you going to take another bite? [ pointing to Arturo's gyro ]
Arturo: No, no, I've had quite enough of that. No, I'm afraid it concerns Mr. Mallory. He has been acting very erratically.
Wade: Please, Professor. We went over this. This Logan is not the Logan we knew.
Arturo: Do you hear yourself? The Logan we knew? I'm still not convinced this Logan and that Logan are not one and the same. But there seems to be something more, something with Quinn himself. When I spoke with him last night he was unusually evasive. Now, suddenly everything is all right. He seems so positive that this Logan is not the Logan we last encountered. Why? What could he see that we could not?
Wade: Well, considering he's the only one who has spoken to her...
Arturo: Yes, and in the dead of night no less while we were asleep. It doesn't add up Miss Welles. I refuse to believe she found our co-ordinates by sheer luck. She must have discovered a way to hone in to our specific vortex. [ pause ] Or she had help...
Wade: What are you suggesting?
Arturo: I hesitate to bring it up. [ pause ] I don't really believe it myself. But we have to be open to the possibility that the Quinn Mallory with us is not our Quinn, and rather someone in league with Ms. St. Clair for some unknown purpose.
[ Wade shakes her head. ]
Wade: [ angry ] How can you even suggest that? Professor, it's Quinn. When he came out of that vortex, I could see it in his eyes.
Arturo: But you also thought his double was him, albeit briefly, on that last world. What I'm saying is we can't be one hundred percent sure. All we know for certain is he disappeared and then just as it was time to leave, he reappeared.
Wade: But he's explained all that!
Arturo: But we don't know for certain that it's true.
Wade: What do we know for certain? We don't have a reality check out here. All we know is each other. If Quinn isn't really our Quinn, don't you think we could tell? Wouldn't he make mistakes? No double can just walk in and replace another, no matter how close they may be. His friends would know. I would know.
[ Arturo sighs ]
Wade: I know Quinn. It's him.
Arturo: That's the second time I've heard that line as a substitute for definite proof today.
[ Awkward pause. ]
Wade: We gotta go. It's time to meet the guys for the festival. Just think, in four hours we could be home... [ Wade gets up and buses her tray. ]
Arturo: ...or in Hades.


[ Logan's room at Laedemitis' house. A view out the window shows the sun low in the sky. Logan is getting ready for the evening. A servant enters. ]
Servant: Will you be returning to the festival my lady?
Logan: Soon. Please have my things packed up. I'm afraid I'll be leaving you tonight.
Servant: As you wish. Is there anything more I can do for you?
Logan: No, leave me.
Servant: Of course. [ Servant leaves ]
[ Logan moves toward the fire. She's rubbing her left shoulder. Logan pulls back her robe a bit to reveal a circular scar just below her collarbone. Close up on the scar and fade ]
[ Cutaway ]


[ Shot of the festival. Cut to Wade and Arturo, who are in a poorly lit tent with a Priestess of the Oracle. All are dressed in Greek costume. Arturo is wearing a half-wreath of ivy. Boughs and branches have been set up above them to create the atmosphere of a wooded and secluded area. ]
Priestess: Welcome to a branch of the New Persepolis Oracle. Our services are free during the festival, but you are encouraged to leave a sacrifice to the deity of your choice. [ Arturo rolls his eyes. ] Now why have you come before the Olympians? If you wish a favor, please offer your prayer. If it is answers you seek, the gods will speak to us through the winds and I will interpret their meaning.
Arturo: Those winds aren't from the gods you nitwit! That is unless you worship rotating fans!
[ Pan the tent to show fans set up in the corners. ]
[ Cut to outside the tent where Quinn and Rembrandt are standing. Wade and Arturo are hustled out of the tent. ]
Priestess: The gods will hear of this outrage!
Arturo: I certainly hope so. And to think you charge for this during business hours!
[ Tent closes ]
Wade: I knew I shouldn't have let you come. We were in there less than one minute and you couldn't hold back.
[ Arturo shrugs and smiles at Quinn. ]
Arturo: Well, where is your Logan? I'd better not have dressed like an imbecile for nothing, Mr. Mallory.
Quinn: I don't know. She was supposed to meet us here ten minutes ago. Look, she's probably being held up back at the house. They do think she's a deity after all.
Wade: Maybe she had to go bless something.
Arturo: How much time do we have left?
Quinn: A little under two hours.
[ Camera moves to Proserpine who is approaching. ]
Proserpine: Rembrandt!
Rembrandt: Hey! How you doin' girl?
Proserpine: Fine. I thought you were leaving town tonight.
Rembrandt: Yeah, but we decided to drop in one last time. These are my friends- Quinn, Wade, and the Professor.
[ Pleasantries exchanged. ]
Proserpine: Since you're here, I don't suppose you have time for one last dance.
[ Rembrandt looks at the others. ]
Quinn: All right, man. But hurry back.
Rembrandt: I will.
Proserpine: I won't keep him long.
[ Rembrandt exits. ]
Wade: Are you having second thoughts?
Quinn: I'm not exactly instilled with confidence.
[ In the distance a parade of torches is coming forward. The procession heads toward Quinn and the others. Logan is at the head of it. ]
Arturo: Be alert Miss Welles. The advantage is now hers.
[ The procession stops at the Oracle. The Priestess emerges from the tent. ]
Logan: I have heard a disturbing report that someone has insulted the gods in my temple.
Arturo: How the devil...[ notices the Priestess is holding a cell phone ]...oh...
[ Wade glares at him ]
Logan: Seize him. Seize all of them.
[ The guards move in. ]

[ Commercial Break ]


[ The guards have apprehended the Sliders. Logan slowly walks up to Quinn. ]
Quinn: You're kidding right? This is some kind of joke.
Logan: [ smiles ] That's what I love about you and every double of you I meet. You're so trusting. And oh so naïve.
Quinn: Double?
Logan: [ nods ] How else do you think I found you? Did you really think I found your home co-ordinates? While we were on that last world I ran into a long-haired version of you who showed me how to trace signatures. Thankfully you were already on file. [ Shakes her timer in his face. ]
Quinn: [ mutters ] Thank you, Sorcerer.
Arturo: I knew it. Didn't I say she needed help? There's no way she could have possibly solved it on her own.
Logan: And Max. Cynical as always. I've missed you, old boy. You and your wonderful witticisms. [ pause ] But I can't have you maligning myself or my temple with your insults.
Quinn: Who are you?
Logan: [ gives him a funny look ] Is that a rhetorical question? [ signals to the guards ] Take them to a drunk wagon and hold them. I'll send for them shortly.
[ Logan has a smug smile. Quinn is dumbstruck. ]


[ In the paddy wagon. Fairly dark but light is streaming in through the bars. The guards, moving back and forth, occasionally obscure the light. ]
Quinn: I don't understand it.
Arturo: What's not to understand? She lied. Just as she did before. And it's beyond me how you couldn't see it.
Wade: Ease up, Professor.
Arturo: I will not ease up, Miss Welles! Mr. Mallory has been keeping his cards close to his vest ever since we got here. I was hoping for a full house but it looks more like a busted flush. [ to Quinn ] So perhaps now you might care to tell us what's really been going on between you and Ms. St. Clair.
Wade: Will you stop with your conspiracy stories? There's no...
Quinn: [ interrupts ] Wade....stop...
Wade: ...way that Quinn knew...
Quinn: Wade!
[ Wade looks at him ]
Quinn: He's right.
Wade: What?
Quinn: I have been keeping something from you guys, something I was hoping you'd never have to know.
[ pause ] The last time we saw Logan she had a gun pointed at your head. When she demanded the co-ordinates back to her home world, I knew I couldn't give them to her. She'd only complete the project and start raiding other worlds. She had to be stopped.
Wade: Isn't that what you did when you scrambled her co-ordinates? You left her lost like us.
Quinn: Only Logan's timer didn't work like ours. It worked like ours used to, like it was supposed to. A fully functional timer acts like a tether. When you slide into another dimension, you keep the tether attached to you. When time's up, you and everything you brought with you are snapped back into your dimension.
Arturo: Of course, that's why the bullet followed her back...
Quinn: But there's more. To tether between dimensions, you need to know your re-entry co-ordinates. Logan never discovered hers; that's why everything that went in always came back toast. If you don't tether with the right co-ordinates...
Arturo: My God...
Wade: What are you saying?
Quinn: I'm saying I had two choices. Send her back...or....don't...
Wade: You killed her.
[ Quinn nods. ]
Quinn: Deep down, I always knew it might come to that eventually. The situations we encounter sometimes call for drastic actions. But it didn't make it any easier. Those seconds seemed to last for days.
Arturo: You did what you had to, my boy. If you had not stopped her then, others would have suffered and likely died. No one can fault your decision. I only wish you would have told us beforehand.
Quinn: I didn't want you guys to know. I was afraid it would somehow...change things between us. [ to Wade ] Especially you. That would be even harder to live with.
[ Wade gives him a small kiss on the cheek and puts her head on his shoulder. ]
Wade: [ looks up ] No one expects you to carry the burden yourself, you know. You don't have to do it all alone.
Quinn: I know.


[ Cut back to the festival where Rembrandt and Proserpine are walking. ]
Proserpine: So, where to from here?
Rembrandt: Home. At least, that's the plan.
Proserpine: You've been away a long time haven't you?
Rembrandt: Going on three years. You sure seem to know a lot about me for someone I only met last night.
Proserpine: That's because you're pure of heart. The good walk this world with nothing concealed. I knew all about you the first time I laid eyes on you.
[ They are back at the Oracle. The Priestess is in front smoking a cigarette. ]
Rembrandt: Damn! Where did they go? [ sees Priestess ]. Uh excuse me, miss?
Priestess: Can't you see I'm on my break?
Rembrandt: I'm sorry, but did you see three people leave recently.
Priestess: You mean the big bearded guy with the pale redhead?
Rembrandt: Yeah...
Priestess: Persephone had them and their friend taken away for conduct demeaning to the gods
Proserpine: Conduct worse than a for-profit Oracle?
Priestess: Hey, I only work here. [ stubs out her cigarette. ]
Rembrandt: Where did Logan...I mean Persephone take them?
Priestess: They're in the drunk pen for the moment, but I hear she has a special punishment in mind. If I were you, I'd be at the altar around eight. [ Priestess goes back to the tent. ]
Rembrandt: What time is it now?
Proserpine: About seven.
Rembrandt: I have to find them. I'm sorry, but I've gotta go.
Proserpine: Well I'm coming with you.
Rembrandt: You can't. [ pause ] Look, this Persephone is not who she claims to be. Now I don't expect you to understand, but she's not ...
Proserpine: ...a goddess? I know that.
Rembrandt: But I thought you believed in that stuff?
Proserpine: And I do. But that doesn't mean I believe this Persephone is the genuine article. I'm not sure what power she has, but she is most definitely an impostor.
Rembrandt: Her name is Logan St. Clair, and she's an old adversary.
Proserpine: From where you come from?
Rembrandt: Not quite...but yeah.
Proserpine: And where do you come from?
Rembrandt: [ smiles and looks down ] You'll never believe me.
Proserpine: Try me.
Rembrandt: OK... [ takes out the timer ] See this? This thing can open a gateway, like you saw the other night. That's where I'm going. Through the gateway.
Proserpine: Can you open one at will?
Rembrandt: I can open one in about an hour.
Proserpine: Then I think we have a plan.


[ Back at the wagon. ]
Guard: Come on. It's time.
[ The five guards pull out the three Sliders. Their hands are tied behind their backs. Keep camera on Sliders as they are escorted to the altar. Crowds form along the edges and they jeer the Sliders. As they approach the altar, pan to Logan. ]
Logan: Well Quinn, it looks like you and me will be going home tonight after all. It will be my home, but I'm happy to share it.
Quinn: Your home? What for?
Logan: Something about repairing something you broke. Oh yeah, my sliding machine. While I like this model [ holds out her timer ], I'm afraid I need to upgrade to industrial strength.
Quinn: Why don't you just do it yourself? You've got the co-ordinates.
Logan: But I don't have access to the equipment. Sadly, I'm unemployed. Can you believe that? I re-emerge from the vortex, practically choking on my own blood from that bullet I ate, and that bastard canned me on the spot. I had nothing. I don't know if you remember my world Quinn but it was a little short on resources and not much fun for poor people. I couldn't exactly just rebuild. And I sure as hell couldn't go back to being a nobody.
Quinn: [ to himself ] Bullet she ate. [ Quinn has a look of comprehension ] Now I get it.
Logan: [ continues ] Pay attention Quinn, I'm just getting to the good part. You can fix the Prototronics lab and get me back in their good graces. And when we complete the project, I can send that no good ex-boss of mine to a world with no oxygen and take over for myself. And if you don't do what I ask, I have two additional ways of making sure you do [ waving towards Arturo and Wade. ] Why else do you think I let you leave last night?
Quinn: Because you're a kind, warm-hearted person?
Logan: You only wish...
Quinn: Come on, Logan, what's the point? Why not just stay here? No resource shortage, clean air, not to mention they revere you as a deity.
Logan: What can I say? Home is where the heart is.
Arturo: Great, the one quality they share.
[ Pull back to where Rembrandt and Proserpine are watching. ]
Rembrandt: I don't know if I can do this.
Proserpine: Of course you can. Believe in yourself. Just say whatever comes into your mind. I'll be right behind you.
Rembrandt: All right. Here goes.
[ Rembrandt steps forward toward the altar. Camera stays on him as he moves forward and the crowd parts before him, recoiling in horror. Spin the camera so we see what the crowd sees, and that's an extremely grim horrible apparition dressed all in black whose face can barely be seen. ]
Arturo: Good heavens! What now? [ The Sliders don't recognize him as Rembrandt. ]
[ Rembrandt as Rembrandt looks around in wonder. Cut back to Logan and the guards, and the latter are backing away. ]
Rembrandt: Hear me, people of New Persepolis. A false god walks among you. She who claims to be my wife is an impostor.
Wade: His wife?
Logan: Listen, I can explain this... [ pause ] oh who am I kidding....
Rembrandt: Silence! [ his voice is really booming ] I have come to return you to where you belong. Behold! [ Rembrandt removes the timer as it ticks down to zero. He opens the vortex. The crowd falls to their knees. Camera moves to Proserpine who is untying the Sliders' hands. Cut back to Rembrandt who now appears as his true self. ]
Wade: Remmy?!
Quinn: [ to Arturo ] There's that ace up my sleeve.
Logan: You... you're the fourth one. But how... [ Quinn grabs her from behind. He takes her timer. ]
Quinn: I'm sorry Logan, but this is it. [ Pushes her toward the vortex. ]
Logan: Wait! You won't do this. You couldn't do it before.
Quinn: Wrong. I did do it before. You followed the wrong Quinn.
Logan: [ panicked ] But...how will I survive?
Quinn: By guile and cunning- two things you have no shortage of. [ He throws her in. A scream is heard. ]
[ Quinn turns to Remmy who's holding the timer. ]
Quinn: Don't. [ The vortex closes. The timer goes dead. ]
Rembrandt: What the hell was that all about?
[ Wade and Arturo join them ]
Quinn: I just realized who she was. She was the other choice.
[ Arturo and Wade look at each other. They nod in comprehension. ]
Wade: [ to Remmy ] How did you disguise yourself like that? You were incredible.
Rembrandt: Thanks, but I owe it all to...where is she? Proserpine? Proserpine?! Where did she go? It's like she just vanished.
Quinn: Proserpine? Where did you hear that name?
Rembrandt: It's her full name.
Quinn: That's an odd coincidence.
Rembrandt: Why's that?
Quinn: Proserpine is the Roman name for Persephone....
[ Rembrandt and Quinn look at each other in disbelief ]
Quinn: Nah...
Rembrandt: It couldn't...
[ They again look at each other in disbelief ]
Wade: Uh guys...our timer is dead.
Quinn: Not to worry. [ flips open Logan's timer. It has 8 seconds left on it. ] From now on we're sliding old school. Good bye 400 mile radius....
Wade: ...hello San Francisco!
Arturo: And good riddance to Los Angeles!
[ Quinn opens the vortex. The four jump through. Closing shot of a very bright star in the sky. ]


Production Notes

"This episode was a production disaster. The original script far exceeded a run time of one hour so painful edits had to be made. I could shoot a whole new episode with what was left on the floor. Wade may have set a record for throwaway lines. At least I had the decency to not have anyone say 'It's all Greek to me.'

Nonetheless, some good comes of this episode. The Logan angle is completed. To tell the truth, I never saw as much future in this as a recurring angle as others did. I just couldn't picture someone of Logan's skills and abilities just spending all of her time hell bent on revenge against Quinn. It turns her character into a cartoon. Besides, when push comes to shove, the Sliders outnumber her 4 to 1. Without home field advantage, her options are rather limited.

The timer switch was a necessity. I don't know what idiot came up with the 400 mile radius, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that nearly 1 in 4 slides will land you deep in the Pacific Ocean. From here on in we're in San Francisco. If there seems to be an abundance of palm trees in an episode, we can always chalk it up to an overly temperate climate on the world in question.

Lastly, this episode was full of red herrings - particularly the subtle references to Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome. Right now I'd like to leave the issue of the good/evil Arturo unresolved on screen. But as for my personal opinion, look no further than Wade's response in Act 3-B. She says that a double would slip up sooner or later and she's absolutely right. As far as I'm concerned, they've got the right Arturo.

Next week - possibly the most bizarre episode of the season. (Yes, more bizarre than Paradise Lost, but in a good way.)"

Credit where Credit is Due

I'd like to give credit to TemporalFlux's Dimension of Continuity. Before reading the file on Logan St. Clair, I had not seriously entertained the idea that Quinn had intentionally sent Logan to her death. While this episode introduces its own twist, the core idea was found there.

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