[ Earth 317, by Mike Truman ]
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[ Advisory: Square brackets indicate stage/director's notes. ]

Number: SL-317
Time/Place: San Francisco, March 1997
Time on world(s): Real time (1 hour, but Sliders have been here longer)


[ Camera pans from trees down to sidewalk where Quinn, Arturo, Wade, and Rembrandt are walking. ]
Rembrandt: Ah, sometimes I forget how much I liked living in San Francisco. You don't appreciate something until it's taken away from you.
Wade: It's good to be home, even if it isn't home.
Rembrandt: Yes sir, I'm just glad to be in any city, especially after that last freaky world. [ Refers to "Last of Eden" ]
[ Pan toward the home of Quinn Mallory. ]
Quinn: There it is.
Arturo: I fail to see the point of this exercise, Mr. Mallory.
Rembrandt: You know that's not your house, Q-ball.
Wade: Unless the entire West Coast defected to British Columbia while we were away.
Quinn: Then indulge me.
[ Quinn trots towards his gate, the rest are still back a ways ]
Quinn: Besides, we have an hour until we slide. Did you have something else planned?
[ Quinn pauses by the gate, summing it up. He slowly opens it. An audible squeak is heard. Quinn smiles at the group. ]
Quinn: Long after we're gone, somewhere on some dimension, this gate will still be squeaking.
[ Suddenly a vortex opens up behind Quinn. He barely gets out a sound of surprise before he is pulled in. The others run towards the vortex. In staggered but overlapping voices: ]
Wade: Quinn!
Arturo: Mr. Mallory!
Rembrandt: Q-ball!
[ Vortex closes before they can reach it. ]
Wade: Quinn?!
[ The group looks around but are essentially frozen from disbelief. ]
Arturo: Good heavens, he's gone! [ Pats his pockets ] And with him the timer!

[ Commercial break ]


[ Return to the others who are still inspecting where Quinn just disappeared from. Quinn has not returned and there is no remaining trace of the vortex. ]
Arturo: What the devil just happened? I may not have unlocked all of nature's secrets but I do know wormholes don't appear out of thin air.
Rembrandt: Maybe they do here.
Arturo: Nonsense. We've been here for days Mr. Brown. Even if this sort of phenomena were commonplace in this dimension - a remote possibility at that - I'd have hoped we'd seen or heard about it by now.
Rembrandt: You don't think the gate triggered that thing? Sort of like an elaborate way to keep intruders away?
Arturo: Are you insinuating that on this earth, the penalty for trespassing is to be shipped to another dimension? That's rather harsh, Mr. Brown. [ Looks at gate. ] But I suppose no more harm can befall us by trying it. [ Takes a closer look. Arturo takes a deep breath and pushes the gate open. ] Nothing.
Rembrandt: Well that's just great. [ Rembrandt is agitated; Wade is not looking well ]
Wade: Where do you suppose he is?
Arturo: I'm afraid I have no idea, my dear girl.
Wade: Well, did the timer malfunction? Did we misread how much time was left? He wouldn't have just left us...
[ Arturo puts his arm around her shoulder. Wade is in a state of disbelief. ]
Arturo: No he would not have. [ Arturo to Rembrandt ] Even if he'd wanted to, there would have been no way for him to activate the timer. I assure you we still had close to an hour left. I saw it myself but ten minutes ago.
Rembrandt: Wherever he is, we need to find him fast. [ Looks to the house ] Now I may not be an egghead like Q-ball, but I've learned from personal experience that weird things happen around this house.
[ Arturo has a 'Eureka!' Moment ]
Arturo: Of course! Perhaps the Quinn of this world is also a Slider. If so, he may have set the power of his vortex too high, [ to Rembrandt ] just as we did when our first attempt enveloped you and your automobile.
Rembrandt: My Caddy is a painful memory, Professor.
[ Arturo marches towards the front door. Looks back at them ]
Arturo: What are you waiting for? Come along! Time waits for no man.
Rembrandt: Don't I know that.
[ Rembrandt starts moving but Wade is standing still. ]
Rembrandt: [ to Wade ] Are you coming?
Wade: No, Remmy, you go along. I'm going to wait here awhile. See if he comes back.
Rembrandt: You sure?
Wade: It's OK.
Rembrandt: OK then. [ Rembrandt follows Arturo ]
[ Wade sits down by the gate. ]
Wade: Please Quinn. Not now. [ Wade sighs and hangs her head. ]


[ Bumper: standard sliding footage. Quinn is yelling. Vortex opens. Pan to Quinn tumbling out of the vortex. He is right by the gate to his house. He tries to stand but he can't. The wind is whipping with a force he's never felt. Quinn looks up. Camera pans to pick up the last phases of hundreds (thousands) of vortexes spiraling in and collapsing. Quinn looks around. Close up expression of alarm/surprise on his face. Pull back to reveal yard and street absolutely littered with Quinns, all staggering to get to their feet. ].
[ A shriek is heard from the house. ]
Quinn: Mom?
[ Quinn gets up and runs to the house. Enters front door ]
Quinn: Mom?!
[ Looks around and heads in followed by doubles of himself. Keep camera on door until switching to the kitchen, where Quinn finds his mother standing over a broken glass- and eight more Quinns. ]
Quinns: [ in unison ] Mom!
[ The sight of so many Quinns is too much for Mrs. Mallory, who swoons. Two Quinns catch her. ]
[ Rotate camera around on our Quinn as voices are overheard. ]
Quinns: Is she all right?
Probably just startled.
Can't imagine what caused that...
What is going on here...
My God, there are more of us upstairs...
Somebody stay with her...
Get her to the sofa...
[ Quinns scurry around the room getting ice and towels as others lift Mrs. Mallory up and carry her out. ]
Quinn: This is not happening. [ Closes eyes. Opens them again and sees basement door ] But if it is...[ heads for door ]
[ Cut to Quinn coming downstairs. Pan basement. It is similar to his old one, but the equipment looks even better. The blackboard is there as well, with the formula from the Pilot solved. It looks like a hurricane swept through the place. There are far more Quinns here. Notable Quinns include a longhaired Quinn who apparently hasn't left the grunge movement (GrungeQuinn), a well-groomed and impeccably dressed Quinn (ArturoQuinn), a bearded Quinn in unkempt clothes (BeardedQuinn), a Quinn in full rain gear (RainQuinn), and a Quinn dressed in 70s apparel (70sQuinn). The rest are slight variations on the original. In the middle, is a Quinn in jeans, shoes, and a practice hockey jersey (Alt-Quinn). They are engaged in conversation as Quinn arrives. ]
Alt-Quinn: So you're saying I haven't ripped a hole in the fabric of time and space and every dimension is not converging into one! Then why am I surrounded by myself?
ArturoQuinn: We've definitely made some holes, but I believe this dimension's integrity has not been breached.
BeardedQuinn: Yeah, otherwise I don't think we'd be having this conversation.
ArturoQuinn: As to why you're surrounded by yourself, I was hoping you'd have the answer.
GrungeQuinn: Too wild...[ staring around grinning ]...look at you dude!
70sQuinn: Uh...yeah... it was the fashion where I just came from.
RainQuinn: You? At least you're not dressed for a tsunami! [ Removes his hat and starts to unbuckle his coat. ] I don't know why I'm here, but it's a godsend. I'd have been washed away for sure if that vortex hadn't opened.
Alt-Quinn: [ getting his bearings ] So the universe isn't collapsing. What the heck went wrong?
[ Quinn joins the group. ]
Quinn: Whatever it is, it seems to have affected only us. I just came from upstairs and there's only one of mom.
Alt-Quinn: Oh my god! Mom!
Quinn: Take it easy. She's OK, but she did faint from the shock of seeing her son split into twenty. Some of the others are taking care of her.
Alt-Quinn: There are more of you upstairs?
Quinn: By the amount of vortexes I saw there have to be hundreds of us just at this block.
GrungeQuinn: Infinite number of universes, man. Infinite number of Quinns.
70sQuinn: You could say there are 'quinn'tillions of us. [ chuckles to himself. Light laughter from others, the rest glare at him ] Sorry.
RainQuinn: So where are the rest of us?
BeardedQuinn: What are you saying?
ArturoQuinn: Obviously not every Quinn Mallory in the multiverse was affected by the phenomenon or we would be wall to wall with Quinns.
RainQuinn: Maybe doubles aren't as common as believed.
GrungeQuinn: No way! Practically everywhere I slide has a Quinn. We're everywhere. Man, I wish Conrad and Wing could see this. They'd freak, dudes.
ArturoQuinn: Bennish and Wing?! You took those buffoons with you?
GrungeQuinn: Yeah, man. Who did you take?
ArturoQuinn: The best man for an expedition of this sort- Maximillian Arturo, of course.
GrungeQuinn: You took Arturo? [ sneers ] How's that working for you?
Quinn: Guys, listen to yourselves. Doubles? Slides? That's got to be the connection.
[ Quinn addresses the growing congregation. (Other Quinns have been coming downstairs.) ]
Quinn: [ shouts ] Listen up! Is anyone here not a Slider?
70sQuinn: Well, I'm a Dimensional Walker.
Quinn: Slider, Walker, we all have opened portals into other dimensions, right?
[ Murmured assent. ]
ArturoQuinn: If the phenomenon affected only sliding Quinns, that would greatly reduce our numbers. But still I'd expect more.
Quinn: In any event it's a start. [ pulls his hair back from his face ] Is anyone else as overwhelmed as I am?
Alt-Quinn: I don't think any of you are anywhere near the point I'm at. I'm not even sure I'm home.
Quinn: That's a feeling we've probably all gotten used to by now.
ArturoQuinn: [ to Alt-Quinn ] Nevertheless, it seems highly probable that you are the native Quinn to this dimension. In turn, you are also most likely responsible for this situation.
[ A bewildered Alt-Quinn stares at his doubles, clueless. ]

[ Commercial Break ]


[ Ding! Dong! Doorbell sounds. Screen is black but we hear muffled voices. ]
Rembrandt: If that vortex did come from here, wouldn't that mean this Quinn just slid too?
Arturo: We don't know that for certain, besides... [ Door opens. A smiling Arturo with Rembrandt behind him ] Good afternoon, Mrs. Mallory. I am Professor Maximillian Arturo.
Mrs. Mallory: Why, Dr. Arturo....this is a surprise. [ Expression is perplexed ] Um...come in, won't you?
Arturo: Why thank you. [ The two enter. The three are just standing there looking at each other. ] I'm sorry, where are my manners? Here I am unannounced and I neglect to introduce my companion. Mrs. Mallory, this is my associate, Mr. Rembrandt Brown.
Rembrandt: How do you do?
Mrs. Mallory: Fine, thank you. [ she looks closer ] You know? I recognize you from somewhere...
Rembrandt: Well, you know us scientists. Always on TV and in the papers...
Arturo: [ Interrupts ] Yes, that's us 'scientists' all right. [ laughs. Glares at Rembrandt. ]
Mrs. Mallory: I assume you're here to see Quinn?
Arturo: Yes Madame, I have some...theories...that I would very much like to consult with Quinn on.
Mrs. Mallory: Really? Well he's hiding in the basement as always. [ Shows Arturo the way to the basement door. ]
Arturo: Thank you, Madame.
[ Arturo and Rembrandt descend into the basement with Arturo in the lead. The basement is similar to that of Quinnworld, except it's a lot neater. The blackboard is blank. Alt-Quinn is seated, hunched over his desk engrossed in some schematic. He does not seem to have heard Arturo and Rembrandt arrive. ]
Arturo: Mr. Mallory!
[ Alt-Quinn is startled and knocks some pens off his desk. Alt-Quinn is a dead ringer for Quinn. ]
Alt-Quinn: [ leaps to his feet ] Professor! I didn't hear you...uh, to what do I owe the honor?
Arturo: Now, now, Mr. Mallory. You look like you were in the presence of your commanding officer. [ Alt-Quinn is still rigid ] At ease.
Rembrandt: [ aside to Arturo ] He sure looks like Q-ball.
Arturo: [ aside to Rembrandt ] That's because he is him. And not him.
Alt-Quinn: Excuse me?
Arturo: Nothing. [ continues ] Mr. Mallory, I've come to see you today in order to discuss a theory with you. I'm sure you have heard of the Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky Bridge? Hmm?
Alt-Quinn: Right, it's a theory I seem to recall you dismissing as the claptrap of blistering idiots.
Arturo: Ha Ha! So I did. [ Arturo looks away and rolls his eyes. He's irritated with his double. ] So you know...my stance on the subject. What do you believe?
Alt-Quinn: You want my opinion?
[ Arturo raises an eyebrow at him. ]
Alt-Quinn: Seriously?
Arturo: [ getting annoyed ] Yes, Mr. Mallory, otherwise why would I ask?
Alt-Quinn: Well...I...I think you may have been mistaken. Maybe. [ Alt-Quinn goes to blackboard and illustrates the following ] Let's say you found such a bridge between two dimensions and you wanted to cross it. You couldn't, because the gravitational forces would tear you apart. But if you could create... a magnetic field of...anti-gravity or some...exotic matter...you might be able to create a force powerful enough to resist gravity...and
Arturo: Slide on to another world?
Alt-Quinn: You could say that.
Arturo: Bravo, Mr. Mallory. Now, have you put any thought into how one might create such a field?
Alt-Quinn: [ confused ] You know I did. It was about two years ago when I was still a student of yours. You told me I was wasting my time with fantastic nonsense. So I abandoned it. But I should still have my initial notes and formulas somewhere.
Rembrandt: So you haven't opened any portals recently, say ten minutes ago?
Alt-Quinn: Uh...no...
Arturo: So much for our hypothesis, Mr. Brown. There's no way that vortex emanated from here. Thus, we reluctantly go to Plan B. [ to Alt-Quinn ] My boy, listen carefully to me, for I have a tale of fantastic nonsense to tell you...
[ Dissolve to Quinnworld basement ]


Alt-Quinn: This is a disaster. This is a total disaster. We have got to find a way to get rid of you guys. No offense...
Quinn: None taken, I want to get back to my friends just as much as you want us gone.
ArturoQuinn: I suggest we take a deeper look at the sliding machine our doppelganger has created. Now, you mentioned you were having trouble with the return vortex?
Alt-Quinn: Yeah. In my initial tests, I sent a lot of things through the vortex...like a basketball, a plastic Santa, anything I could find lying around down here that no one would miss...but I never saw them again. [ to GrungeQuinn who's chuckling ] What's so funny?
GrungeQuinn: Dude, somewhere, some kids were probably playing and all of a sudden this plastic Santa comes flying out of nowhere at them. That's what's so funny!
ArturoQuinn: [ exasperated look at GrungeQuinn ] Or, it landed in some other Quinn's basement where it will sit until the next holiday.
Alt-Quinn: As I was saying, none of my tests returned to me. Still, I was confident that the bridge was stable. I just hadn't figured out how to lock onto the objects. It's not like they'd jump back through the vortex on their own.
ArturoQuinn: [ tinkering with the machine ] What's this? Is this a bio-thermal scanner?
Alt-Quinn: Uh-huh. I needed some way to positively identify something once it went over to the other side. I couldn't solve the Santa problem, but a bio-thermal scanner would allow me to trace and recall a life form.
70sQuinn: That's ingenious.
Alt-Quinn: Thanks, but it still wasn't enough. I later realized that while my heat signature is unique to me in this dimension, it might not be if the other dimension also has a Quinn. The last thing I wanted to do was take another of me back. [ Pan back a bit to show room full of Quinns. ]
GrungeQuinn: So much for that, man.
Alt-Quinn: That's what hung me up for so long. But I thought I had it covered after I installed a quantum signature analyzer as well. [ Unlatches a device from his machine ]
Quinn: You have a quantum signature analyzer? [ Alt-Quinn hands him the device. ]
ArturoQuinn: Let me see that.
[ General buzz in the basement. Lots of hands reach forward. ]
Alt-Quinn: You're kidding? You guys don't have an analyzer? Are you all insane?! How do you find your way back? It took me forever to figure out how to build this.
Quinn: Which might explain why your first full-scale test is happening now and not over two years ago.
Alt-Quinn: But that doesn't answer my question.
[ Beep! Beep! ]
Alt-Quinn: What's that noise?
RainQuinn: That's me. My time's up! [ throws his coat back on and pulls out a timer ]
Quinn: Watch where you point that thing!
[ RainQuinn fires the vortex against a wall. Puts his hat on and buckles his coat. ]
RainQuinn: You never can be too cautious. But I suppose you guys know the drill. Good luck and so long! [ RainQuinn jumps through the vortex. Commotion, some light wind. Vortex closes quickly. ]
ArturoQuinn: Blue vortex. Low power. He's probably travelling alone.
Quinn: But some of us have people we need to get back to... [ close up on timer, just under 40 minutes ] ...and fast...
[ Cutaway ]


[ In the Mallory parlor, Mrs. Mallory opens the door and finds Wade. ]
Mrs. Mallory: Yes?
Wade: Mrs. Mallory? Hi, I'm Wade Welles, a friend of Quinn's. Is he in?
Mrs. Mallory: So you're Wade Welles! Quinn has told me so much about you! How was Europe?
Wade: Um...wonderful. [ Wade steps inside. ] I'd really like to see Quinn. It's been awhile what with me overseas and all...
Mrs. Mallory: He's downstairs in the basement. Although he has guests at the moment. But I'm sure he'd be glad to see you.
Wade: Thanks.
[ Cut downstairs. Arturo has just revealed to Alt-Quinn that he is not who he thinks. ]
Alt-Quinn: You have crossed the Einstein-Rosen-Podolski bridge? Wow. [ pause ] Woooow. So you're not...
Arturo: No, I am not the Arturo that you know. I assure you, Mr. Mallory, I would never call Albert Einstein, the father of relativity, a blistering idiot. It pains me to think that any of my doubles could be so uncouth. And Mr. Brown here is a fellow traveler.
[ Wade comes downstairs. ]
Alt-Quinn: Wade? WADE! [ Alt-Quinn goes to her. ]
Wade: Quinn? Quinn, thank god. [ She hugs him. ]
Alt-Quinn: I thought I'd never see you again!
Wade: Me too.
Alt-Quinn: It's been so long. You changed your hair. It looks great. You look great.
Wade: What? [ Wade steps back. Takes a closer look at Alt-Quinn. ]
Alt-Quinn: Your hair? It used to be brown. But red looks good on you. When did you get back?
Wade: I... [ looks to Arturo ]
[ Alt-Quinn sees this ]
Alt-Quinn: Oh...I'm sorry. Wade, I'd like you to meet a colleague of mine, Professor Arturo, [ Arturo raises and eyebrow at the sound of the word 'colleague' ] and this is Mr. Brown.
Arturo: We have already made her acquaintance.
Alt-Quinn: Come again?
Arturo: Quinn, she's with us. This Miss Welles is also from a parallel dimension. She is the fourth member of our group.
Alt-Quinn: Oh... [ pause ] Oh.
Wade: I'm sorry, it's just that I thought you were someone else. I don't know why, I should've known, but for a moment there...
Arturo: He does bear an uncanny resemblance to him. Of course we should expect this, but it doesn't make it any less disarming.
Alt-Quinn: So where were you just now?
Wade: I was outside by the gate. Waiting for a friend.
Alt-Quinn: The other member of your group. Is he outside too?
Wade: [ to Arturo ] He doesn't know?
Arturo: I was just getting to the subject before your entrance. Mr. Mallory, we are here because we have lost our other member. That other member is your double. He disappeared not too long ago as we passed by your house. At first, Mr. Brown and I suspected that you might be responsible. After all, if our Quinn Mallory had discovered the secret to sliding, it was possible you had as well. Alas, you have not, and I am at a loss to explain what has happened to our companion. Miss Welles here mistook you for him.
Alt-Quinn: I'm missing?
Arturo: There's more. When our Quinn disappeared, he was in position of a device that enables us to open the gateway to another dimension. This device, or timer, counts down until a window of opportunity presents itself for us to access the gateway. If we miss that window, we get no second chance at it. I'm afraid that without our Mr. Mallory and the timer, we will be stranded here. And there will be two Arturos, two Rembrandt Browns and two Wade Welles. Needless to say, I think one Maximillian Arturo is enough for any dimension. Besides, if your Arturo is as pompous as you describe, I could not bear the indignity of being mistaken for him.
Alt-Quinn: What do you want me to do?
Arturo: I believe you are every bit as capable an inventor as our own Mr. Mallory. With my knowledge and experience and your ingenuity, together, we can recreate his experiment and give us the opportunity to continue on our journey.
Alt-Quinn: Woah. You're asking a lot here. Creating exotic matter is not a weekend project. No one's ever done that before.
Arturo: On the contrary, no one on this dimension has done that before. But you've already accomplished the feat on quite a few worlds we've visited. [ pause ] I can't do this myself Mr. Mallory. There's no doubt it may take some time, but I am confident in your abilities.
Rembrandt: If anyone can pull this off, it's you man.
Alt-Quinn: You really believe I can do it? [ Wade nods in affirmation ] Let me get my notes.

[ Commercial Break ]


[ Close up on television set ]
Anchorwoman: ...no one can explain the sudden appearance of what may be as many as a million men. In an even more bizarre twist, they all appear to be the same man, albeit with some variations. Here at Channel 3 News, we have obtained exclusive footage of their arrival. [ footage, like from a hand-held camera, catches a street ablaze with vortexes and Quinns dropping out. Hear people screaming in the background. Anchorwoman speaks over the footage. ] As you can see, the aliens arrived through some kind of portal, but we are currently unable to determine exactly where they came from. We do know that they have landed primarily here on the west coast of the United States ranging between Los Angeles and southern Oregon. But the nexus of this invasion, if you will, is San Francisco which has been completely overrun...wait...I've just received word that a camera crew has caught up with one of the aliens!...we go to them now, live..."
[ Image of a Quinn mobbed by reporters. Asinine questions are being shouted out: ]
Reporters: Who are you and why are you here?
Does your coming signal a new era of peace and prosperity or an apocalyptic nightmare?
Do you prefer the term alien or extra-terrestrial?
TVQuinn: I have no comment at this time. No comment. Just try and remain calm. Uh...we mean you no harm.
[ Camera has been panning back to show the Mallory living room filled with Quinns, although it remains focused on the set. Quinns speak to the screen: ]
Quinns:I always wanted to make the news....
Yeah, but not this way...
We mean you no harm? Why don't you tell them to live long and prosper while you're at it!
Sensationalizing this a bit?
[ On TV screen they cut back to studio and we can still hear the anchorwoman. ]
Anchorwoman: An exclusive with one of the aliens, and he speaks our language! While it may be premature to speculate, this information lends credence to all those who have felt we have been watched by other beings. The key question remains- are they benevolent? The United States military is taking no chances....
[ Cut to downstairs. Basement is now jammed with Quinns. A Quinn pokes his head downstairs ]
AnotherQuinn: Hey guys, the National Guard has been called in to quell the great Quinn invasion and that looks like just the beginning. Although at this rate, we may have the numbers to take them. We've got dozens more strolling up the walk every few minutes.
[ Pan to other end of basement where Quinn, Alt-Quinn and others are working. ]
Quinn: So you used a bio-thermal scanner in concert with a quantum signature analyzer in the hopes that you, and only you, would be recalled.
Alt-Quinn: My first test worked fine.
Quinn: I thought this was your first test.
Alt-Quinn: This was my first human test. I sent my cat in first.
Quinn: You sent Schrodinger through the vortex? How could you?
Alt-Quinn: I'd taken every precaution, which is apparently more than I can say for you guys. He was fine, in and out. And I didn't find 500 more of him afterwards.
ArturoQuinn: Possibly because you were the first fool to send a feline into another dimension.
Quinn: Maybe... How does that analyzer function?
Alt-Quinn: It searched for anomalies, things that don't belong. It can compare and contrast a quantum signature but it can't define it. Given a range to scan through, it can pinpoint an object that has a quantum signature separate from its surroundings. In layman's terms, it can find a needle in a haystack.
Quinn: So you set your return vortex to hone in on an anomaly matching your thermal signature...
ArturoQuinn: ...hence returning you and not your double.
BeardedQuinn: But instead you pulled every anomalous object matching your thermal signature..
70sQuinn: ...in every dimension thus...
Quinn: ...recalling every Quinn Mallory not in his own dimension.
Alt-Quinn: That's it! That explains it. [ Celebration. Some whoops. ]
Quinn: So how do we reverse the process?
[ Silence. Quinns stare at each other. ]
GrungeQuinn: Bummer.
[ Cutaway ]

[ Rembrandt and Arturo are back outside ]
Arturo: What is it, man? We have important work to do.
Rembrandt: You've got to tell her Professor.
Arturo: Tell her what?
Rembrandt: You know damn well what I'm talking about.
Arturo: [ sighs ] Now is not the time Mr. Brown.
Rembrandt: OK, then I will.
[ The argument turns heated. ]
Arturo: You will do no such thing! It's horrible enough that she may have lost Quinn. We will not make things any worse for her by telling her of my illness. Besides, I'm feeling fine.
Rembrandt: Yeah, for now. But what if it comes back on? She needs to know.
Arturo: No. It is my illness, it is my decision.
Rembrandt: You've learned nothing from our last slide. What's your excuse this time? You wouldn't tell her when we arrived because you said we all needed a few days without any anguish. Well now, it looks like we might be here awhile.
Arturo: The circumstances are different now. Should Quinn not return, it will be up to me to get us back home. Now is not the time to show weakness.
Rembrandt: No, now it's time to come clean...
Arturo: This discussion is over. If you'll excuse me I have work to do...and little time to do it in.
[ Back to the basement where Wade and Alt-Quinn are talking. ]
Alt-Quinn: So, you and my double, you travel from world to world together? Are you...
Wade: No, it's not like that. We're just very good friends.
Alt-Quinn: That's great.
Wade: Yeah...OK, you asked me a question about your double, tell me about mine.
Alt-Quinn: Oh, she's off in Europe somewhere. Last I heard anyway. She sent me a postcard a little after she arrived. She said she was doing well. But I haven't heard anything from her since. That was about two years ago. That's why I was so surprised when you walked in. It was like seeing a ghost.
Wade: Were the two of you close?
Alt-Quinn: I wouldn't say that. We were friends. We worked together at a chain computer store back when I was still in school.
Wade: Me too. That's where I met you, I mean, your double. Funny how some things remain the same despite all the other differences.
Alt-Quinn: I wouldn't know.
Wade: I suppose you wouldn't. [ awkward pause ] So, why did she leave?
Alt-Quinn: She wasn't happy here. She was having trouble with her family. She had a really poor relationship with her father. Things got pretty bitter. Then one day she decided to up and leave. She said she needed to go out and live life. You know, find out who she really was. [ Alt-Quinn sighs ] I wanted to talk her out of it. Tell her to stay because I didn't want her to go. I almost built up the nerve the night before she went away to tell her how much she had come to mean to me, but I couldn't get the words out. I was afraid she wouldn't feel the same way and that was not the lasting image I wanted to leave her with.
Wade: I haven't seen my father in almost three years. Our relationship wasn't all that great either. I sometimes wonder what he thought when I disappeared. Like if he thought I had quit on him and mom. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. It was just so sudden. There's so much I want him to know and now I may never get to tell him anything.
Alt-Quinn: It's like the old adage goes- you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. I'd give almost anything now to tell Wade how important she was to me, what a fool I'd been to let her walk out of my life. And I made a promise to myself that if she ever returned, I would not make the mistake again. But it's been so long now. I don't think she's coming back.
Wade: Don't be so sure. When I first started sliding, I thought I'd never go back to my old life. The places I've been, the people I've met, how could I resume being a part-time sales clerk attending community college? This was the life I wanted. A romantic, epic life like those I've read about since I was a kid. And while I wouldn't trade these years, I find myself missing what I left behind. Your Wade may be feeling the same way.
[ Arturo returns. ]
Arturo: All right, Mr. Mallory, let's take a look at what you've put together.


Alt-Quinn: Let's think people!
[ Quinns are broken up into groups mulling over hypothesis. Quinn, Alt-Quinn, ArturoQuinn, GrungeQuinn, 70sQuinn, and BeardedQuinn are one group. A quick check of Quinn's timer shows twenty minutes. ]
BeardedQuinn: We're never going to figure this out. This is the first time I've seen any of this stuff.
ArturoQuinn: Well...then how did you get here?
BeardedQuinn: I discovered sliding purely by mistake. I was working on an anti-gravity project and one thing lead to another.
Quinn: Me too!
70sQuinn: Same here.
ArturoQuinn: Hold on one moment. Do I understand you correctly? You discovered a way to cross the Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge accidentally? While attempting to create a theoretical impossibility? [ sees GrungeQuinn ] I don't even want to know what you were trying to build. [ GrungeQuinn grins ]
ArturoQuinn: When did you realize what you had found?
Quinn: I only became aware of what happened when my timer pulled me back. I had done some preliminary tests too, but I just had to see for myself.
ArturoQuinn [ to Quinn ]: So after a few experiments with household objects, you just up and jumped through the vortex yourself. 'Oh! This looks like fun! Hopefully I survive!' I cannot believe a duplicate of mine would be so reckless. You didn't even understand the recall process. You somehow stumbled upon it and that was good enough for you.
Quinn: I had been staring at that vortex for days....
ArturoQuinn: I stared at it for months. I studied it extensively. Calculated for every contingency. When I finally stepped through for the first time, I didn't know exactly what I'd see, but at least I knew it would be another dimension. Could you say the same?
Quinn: No I couldn't. But there's more to science than formulas and equations. There's the joy of discovery. I found a gateway into another existence. It looked reasonably safe. I took a chance. And yeah, I may be lost, but I'm having the adventure of a lifetime with three people who I've become closer to then I would have ever been had I played it safe.
ArturoQuinn: And where are you now?
Quinn: The same place as you. In a basement, trying to find his way back to where he was before.
ArturoQuinn: Then I congratulate you on the bonds you have forged with your friends. They must be far madder- or more forgiving- than I.
Alt-Quinn: All right. That's enough. It's a new technology, there are bound to be mistakes. I admit mine. But right now we have to focus on fixing the current problem before the National Guard storms my house.
C'mon, let's get to work.
Quinn: [ Sighs ]. OK, how about this? Not too long ago, I encountered a double of mine that could track wormholes. Has anyone else made that breakthrough?
ArturoQuinn: I added that innovation to my timer a few months ago. However, it can only follow the last slide to, not from, any given dimension. In this case, I think I could open a portal to the dimension he just visited [ pointing to Alt-Quinn. ] But I don't see what good it will do.
BeardedQuinn: Besides, that would require a lot of individual timers to be modified. It would take too long and not all of us are equipped. [ Gestures to show he has no timer. ] Is there a way to just send us back to our home dimensions and sort it out later. We have a quantum analyzer...
Alt-Quinn: But you're all anomalies. I don't know how to program the machine to search for dimensions rather than people.
Quinn: [ shouts ] Listen up! Does anyone know how to scan the quantum signatures of dimensions?
Voice [ A Quinn voice ]: I do.
Quinn: Which one of you said that?
Voice: Me. [ Coming down the stairs is Alt-Quinn from "Into the Mystic" (MysticQuinn.) ]
Quinn: The Sorcerer!

[ Commercial Break ]


[ Pick up where we left off. MysticQuinn joins Quinn's group. ]
ArturoQuinn: Sorcerer? He looks like a mere mortal to me.
MysticQuinn: I am. Sorcerer is my business title. [ to Quinn ] You must be the Quinn that visited me about a year ago?
Quinn: One and the same.
MysticQuinn: Small multiverse. Didn't I send you home?
Quinn: I'm afraid not. We had about a two-minute window and some things didn't look right.
MysticQuinn: You'd been gone awhile. You can't expect to find everything to be just as you left it. [ Close on Quinn in thought. Back to Mystic Quinn ] Now, as to the problem at hand. I surmise someone crossed a thermal signature with a quantum signature and miscalculated the power of his devices.
GrungeQuinn: [ Punching Alt-Quinn in the shoulder ] That would be this dude right here.
MysticQuinn: Let me take a look at that machine. [ tinkers ] Oh yeah, this is set way too high. Your analyzer is scanning millions of local dimensions.
ArturoQuinn: Of course! That accounts for our numbers not being greater.
Alt-Quinn: [ makes some adjustments ] There, that should prevent this from happening again. You know, using both a thermal scanner and a quantum analyzer is overkill. There are far easier ways to recall yourself from another dimension. Ever heard of a timer?
Quinn: Speaking of time, I'm running out until my next slide. Can you reverse this?
MysticQuinn: Not a problem. I just need to set this to scan for your sliding signatures and increase the power about tenfold.
BeardedQuinn: And that will send us home?
MysticQuinn: No it will send you back where you were. As I said, I'm adjusting for your sliding signatures.
ArturoQuinn: That's the signature of the dimension you just visited.
MysticQuinn: Right, and it's usually your strongest signature. [ MysticQuinn works on machine as he talks ] You retain a signature from every world you visit. Eventually they fade away. The only one that never leaves you is your original, but it can be mighty faint. I've been on my alternative world so long that my original would be hard to detect, but I assure you it's there. [ Completes what he's doing. ]
MysticQuinn: OK that's fixed. [ to Alt-Quinn ] Nice work on the analyzer. This will work perfectly.
Alt-Quinn: Thanks.
Quinn: So are we ready?
MysticQuinn: Not quite. I've altered the machine to scan this dimension for any anomalies and then send said anomalies back from whence they came. Now we just have to wait until enough power is built up so we can take care of the job in one burst and wipe the face of this earth clean of Quinns.


[ Dissolve to other basement Rembrandt is descending the stairs. ]
Wade: Any sign of him?
Rembrandt: Nothin'... [ shakes his head ]
[ Rembrandt and Wade sit down in one end of the basement. Arturo and Alt-Quinn are working in the other end. ]
Rembrandt: How you holding up?
Wade: Oh, nothing I haven't experience before. Time running out. The possibility of being permanently stranded or never seeing Quinn again. Just another Friday. [ Sarcastic but sad. ]
Rembrandt: I know it's hard. But on the bright side, this Q-ball looks like he's cut from the same cloth as our own.
Wade: You think? He's a lot like him, but he lacks that air of confidence that our Quinn has.
Rembrandt: We're all products of our environment, girl. This my be the same Q-ball as ours, but this one didn't have the support of those around him. People who encouraged them. [ Looks at Wade ] People who were there for him. It's clear the Arturo of this world didn't respect him at all. That kind of thing can change a man. Still he looks like a good guy. Besides, I think he likes you.
Wade: Yeah, and my double didn't seem to notice. [ tries to laugh ] Who says the multiverse has no sense of irony?
[ Alt-Quinn comes over ]
Alt-Quinn: Can I get you anything? Something to drink?
Wade: A glass of water would be fine. Thanks.
Rembrandt: I'm all set.
[ Alt-Quinn heads upstairs. ]
Wade: [ looking up the stairs ] Not that this Quinn doesn't have his qualities.
Rembrandt: You and Q-ball have a lot of history.
Wade: [ nods ] It's just hard to imagine a world where I'm not with him. Or any of you. Not after what we've been through. It wouldn't be fair.
Rembrandt: Now Wade, don't give up yet. If anyone can find a Q-ball it's another Q-ball.
Wade: It's not just that. [ pause ] Aren't you tired Remmy? I volunteered for this mission and I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. In the past few months, I've nearly been eaten by a scarab, fallen to the center of the world, and been devoured by an earthworm. I've had this uneasy feeling for a while now that something terrible was overdue. I guess our luck finally ran out.
Rembrandt: Before now I would've considered luck a world where I'm not being chased by something.
Wade: But don't you see? We finally land somewhere that's like our home and we lose him here. Where everything looked safe. It's not right!
Rembrandt: Now, now Q-ball's a big boy. If anyone can find his way back to us it's him.
Wade: But what if he's alone out there? If I lost all of you but I still had the timer...I don't know...I don't think I could go on... [ starts to cry ]
Rembrandt: There now... [ holds her ] [ Wade weeps ] ...just let it out, it's OK...let it out...
Wade: I want to go home.
[ Alt-Quinn comes down with the water. ]
Alt-Quinn: Wade! Why are you crying? [ Kneels down next to her. Arturo comes over ]
Rembrandt: It's all right...
Alt-Quinn: Wade. Wade, look at me. [ she lifts her head ] This is all pretty new to me. I'll admit that. But I promise you, if your Quinn doesn't make it back, I'll find a way to finish what he started. You won't be stuck here...although you're welcome to stay.
[ Arturo places his hand on alt-Quinn's shoulder and gives him a solemn, approving look. ]


[ Back to Quinnworld. Lot of commotion and things are getting louder as the generator is starting to whine. Everyone needs to shout to be heard over the din. ]
Alt-Quinn: What about me? I don't want to be thrown back to where I just came from. How will I get back?
MysticQuinn: Don't worry. You've only slid once and only for a few minutes, right? Your most prominent signature should still be your own. You should be unaffected.
Quinn: [ checks timer. ] How much more time?
MysticQuinn: Just a few moments. OK, we're ready. [ pause ] Things may get a little wild.
BeardedQuinn: No! [ Grabs Quinn's timer and backs away ]
Quinn: What are you doing!
BeardedQuinn: I need this. I've been stranded so long.... I can't go back. [ desperate ]
Quinn: Hand it back man.
BeardedQuinn: You can build another, I can't! There's nothing to work with where I'm going...why can't you just send me home?
[ GrungeQuinn sucker punches BeardedQuinn. ArturoQuinn catches the timer and hands it back to Quinn. ]
ArturoQuinn: He's going to be mighty angry when he comes to.
Quinn: Perhaps justifiably. Thanks, man.
GrungeQuinn: No problem, man. That guy was being a total loser.
[ Generator's noise is now unbearably loud. ]
MysticQuinn: We're ready!
Quinns: DO IT!
[ MysticQuinn activates the sliding machine and a huge vortex bursts forth in all directions. The Quinns disappear (save Alt-Quinn, but you won't see it.). Camera follows vortex through the house as Quinns vanish. Pull back above the house. Flash out as vortex envelops screen. ]


[ Cut to Quinnworld basement where a very wind-blown Alt-Quinn is lying on the ground. Alt-Quinn takes account of his surroundings and then charges upstairs. The house is a mess from being at the center of that vortex. ]
Alt-Quinn: Mom!
[ Finds Mrs. Mallory on the couch ]
Mrs. Mallory: Quinn? Oh Quinn. [ looks around, sees disaster. Passes out again ]


[ Bumper: standard sliding footage. Vortex opens in Alt-Quinn (British Columbia Quinn)'s basement. Quinn tumbles out. ]
Wade: Quinn!
Alt-Quinn: Good God! [ Hey, he's never seen a vortex. Vortex closes ]
[ Wade hugs Quinn ]
Wade: Is it you?
Quinn: It's me. [ pan to Wade's tear-stained eyes ] Wade... [ gives her another hug. They get to their feet. ]
Arturo: What happened, Mr. Mallory?
Quinn: The details will have to wait until the next world, but I think we're a few steps closer to home. [ Pulls out timer ] 15 seconds...
[ Turns and sees double for first time ]
Quinn: Did you just slide in here?
Alt-Quinn: I live here.
Wade: We have some things we need to explain too.
Quinn: 5...4...3...2...1... [ Quinn activates vortex ]
Rembrandt: Man, I'm glad to see that. [ To Alt-Quinn ] See you Q-ball. [ Rembrandt slides ]
Arturo: [ To Alt-Quinn ] Mr. Mallory, don't ever let anyone tell you something is not worth pursuing. [ Pats Alt-Quinn on the back. ] Prove my blistering idiot for a double wrong, my boy! [ Arturo slides. ]
Wade: [ To Alt-Quinn ] Thanks. She'll come back, you know. And she'll need a friend when she does. [ Wade gives him a kiss on the cheek. She waves goodbye and slides ]
Quinn: [ His eyes follow Wade, then glares at Alt-Quinn. ] Aren't you popular? [ Quinn slides. Vortex closes. Close up on a smiling Alt-Quinn. Calm for about five seconds. Flash of red across his face as another vortex opens before him. ]
Voice (female): Oof!
[ Vortex closes. Pan up from feet to head of new arrival. Clothes should indicate it's a woman. Slow to her face. It's our lost character Logan St. Claire. Alt-Quinn is stunned. ]
Logan: You're not the Mallory I'm looking for. [ Checks timer. Opens vortex. Logan slides. Vortex closes. Parting shot of Alt-Quinn as papers blow around from the closed vortex. ]


Production notes

"The title 'Recall' has a double meaning in this episode. On the one hand, there is a literal recall of Quinns that is central to the plot. But the second meaning is ingrained in the story as well: there is a conscientious effort to look back to where the show came from, which is why there are so many references to the Pilot. We're starting to come full circle.

This episode went against practically every episode from this season and I was worried it may not go over well for two reasons: one, it's static. Practically the entire episode is in Quinn's basement and there are only a handful of different actors aside from the Sliders who appear in it. But economics and editing demanded it. This was a costly episode because of the multiple Quinns so having one set and few on-screen personnel kept expenses down. Two: it's very technical. There's a lot of slide-talk. My hope is that the loyal fans were interested in this. I needed all this info available so future episodes wouldn't have to go over it again. Swallow the medicine all at once. The episode is in real time, and I believe that may help heighten the tension as the show moves on. You're always aware that time is ticking down.

Where does this episode lead us? Quinn gains a lot of knowledge on the intricacies of Sliding. He doesn't have all the pieces yet, but he soon will. It also becomes clear that Wade has had enough. It's about time someone breaks. You can't be nearly killed on a weekly basis without some psychological damage. Expect a more assertive Wade leaning on Quinn to get them home. The random adventure is over. The next 7 episodes will have purpose.

An unanticipated (but pleasant) consequence of a Quinn recall is that we can now easily write Logan back in. She too would have been recalled, but she doesn't get to the action in time (or did she?) But she's smart enough to realize an opportunity. Logan stars in SL-318: A Woman Scorned. Expect one loose end to be tied.

I hope we're back on track. Time will tell. Keep watching!"

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