[ Earth 2958 ]

A Vigeant Production

Bennish flew out of the vortex. "Oh.. crap.. I hope we NEVER go to a world like that AGAIN!!" "Yea." Ryan said. "I had my fill with all that stuff. It just sickened me." Michele said. "I liked that place it had wood.. I like wood." "SHUT UP!!" Everyone said to Flame. "Remember next time a head american military guy has a british accent just steer clear of him." "Those injections he had were good tho, strange method of doing it through the head but I have seen weirder..." Bennish said. Everyone stared at Bennish for a minute. "Dear lord, please if you get me out of this I swear I will go to church every sunday AND saturday and to all masses." Ryan said to himself.

Suddenly they saw a huge explosion on top of a hill nearby. "RUN!!" Ryan yelled. Suddenly a huge fleet of Manta-Ships came chasing after them. "Oh crap." Michele said. "KROMAGGS!" Bennish yelled and he started running as fast as he possibly could. They saw what looked like a large air force base ahead and ran into one of the hangars and hid. "Wait a second.." Michele said. She waved Flame around to see what was in the hangar. There was a huge manta ship inside! "AAAIEE!" She yelled and they all ran into the base to find a corner to hide. "Hey, why don't we hide outside?" Ryan said. "In a barren desert where the Kromaggs are looking for us? I would take my chances here." Michele said.

They finally settled down in a room full of blinking red buttons. "Don't touch anything." Ryan said. "K, I just want to sit down." Bennish said. One second after he sat down he heard a huge beep noise. "What the.." Bennish got up and saw that he sat on a gigantic red button.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. "Kromandhg hjfjsfh sjfkjsifs hksfjsf! And in English: Kromagg Research Base 113 self destruct in 30 seconds." said a large intercom on the wall. "How much time do we have??" Ryan said. "29 seconds." Michele said. "Joy." Bennish said. "Everyone get ready to all jump in, in 5.. 4... 3...2...1.. JUMP!!" Michele activated the vortex and everyone jumped in together just as the base exploded.

The vortex opened and the three landed in a heap. Flame stayed on its torch. "So where do you think we are now?" Michele said. "I don't know." Ryan said. Bennish pointed to a large ad poster on the side of a building nearby. "Look!!" Bennish said. Everyone turned and saw an ad which said..

Big Bob's Discount Time Travelling Machines
My MIDDLE name is Oswa-- I mean Quality!!
Go back in time and see your long dead Uncle Ed!
Or see your 5th birthday!
Just go to Bob's Discount Time Travelling Machines! You'll love me for it!!

What if you had no idea about what was going on?
What if you were stuck 'sliding' from world to world..
Where it is the same year.. and you are the same person but most everything is different.. and what if you were ditched by the people who could get you home?

Rebecca Chambers
Nicholas Lea
Veronica Cartwright
Jason Gaffney

'The Trouble with Time Travel'

"No." Ryan said. "Ryan, come ON!! Even Flame agrees." Michele said. "No." Ryan said. "What is your problem?" Michele said. "It just doesn't seem right.. what if something wrong happens??" "Nothing wrong will happen Ryan." "I think something will happen if we try to go back in time and slide to where we split up and stop Bennish." "But Ryan look... we can finally join the group again!!" "Fine..."

They walked into Big Bob's Discount Time Travel store. "HELLO!! I am BIG BOB!!" "Hi yes.. we want a.." "DISCOUNT TIME TRAV--" Ryan grabbed him by the neck. "Look, all we want is a cheap time travel machine and shut up." "Ok..." "And you better not rip us off." "Me?? Rip YOU off? No sir, I run a clean game here at Big.." "Shut up." "Yes sir." Big Bob carried over a small device that looked just like a timer. "And it comes with this 'Safe Time Travel Manual'. ENJOY!!"

The three walked out and over to the nearby abandoned, empty alley. "Okay.. the manual says that changing your past is not recommended . " "Joy.. we better not do anything really bad." Ryan said. "Also, too many changes in the past will result in unforseen (or forseen if you went to your future) problems.... so don't do it." "Lets go already...geeze." Bennish said. Michele took out the mini time machine and inputted 3 people (and other..) will go back to a few weeks ago.. suddenly the air went all wavy and everyone's vision faded out.

They woke up on the ground in the alley. "Do you think we really went back in time?" Flame said. "Well.." Michele said. "The timer hasn't been effected..I think." They got up and Michele took out her pocket pal. "Hmm.. I am picking up some odd readings, but that may just be something I didn't notice before." "What is it Michele?" "Well, the Space-Time Continue Flux O Matic device attached on is blipping. But I never paid attention to that anyway." "Well, can we go back to the amazon women world??" Bennish said. "Yup." Michele then put the coordinates into the timer and activated it.

The vortex was unusually strong and pulled them in. Once they were inside the colors changed different than usual, green to red, to orange to cyan....

Ryan found himself face down with Flame in his hand. "Gzmgd." He then spit the mud out of his mouth. "Flame?" Flame just burnt there. "Michele??" No response. "Bennish?" No response. Suddenly a vortex opened above him and he saw himself fall out. "Wha.. the.." The other Ryan walked up to him. "Ryan, you have to destroy the time machine if you don't the entire universe will fall apart." "How do you know that?" "Um, I am from the future." "Wait, if you are from the future and I do destroy the time machine won't you not exist?" "You know I hadn't really thought about that.." "So even if I do go to destroy the time machine then I won't because you would never exist." "Hmmm.. good point." "So, should I not destroy it and then go to the future to go to the past to tell myself not to even though I know that I won't have to because I can't?" "Hmmmm..."

Michele flew out and landed in the conveniently soft grass. "That was odd, it usually isn't that nice." Suddenly another vortex opened right over her and Bennish landed on top of her. "BENNNISH!!!" "Woah, I like you too but.." "GET OFF!" "Look.." "NOW!!!"

"So, I should go back in time and tell myself not to ever do this?" The present Ryan said. "No, because then I wouldn't exist then this wouldn't be in your memory." "Hmm.. we screwed up big again haven't we...." "Well, I wouldn't say that, it is YOUR fault." "MY FAULT?? It's you that made the decision to go into the future!!" "Well, I never." "Wait a second how did you get into the future if Michele or Bennish has the time machine?" "Hmm.."

Ryan walked over to Michele. "Oh there you are! I thought you were over near the Women Of Ka'Torrka B." "Geeze Ryan, I was wondering where you were." Bennish frowned. "Was that all you were thinking about?" "Yes." "Dang." Ryan took the pocket pal. "Hey wait a sec Michele... where's Flame??"

Flame flew out of a vortex with Bennish. "Ok, if we do this right we should run into them again right?" "I like wood." Flame said through the Pocket Pal which Bennish took from Michele. "Look, Ryan went back with Michele and.."

Present-Ryan was sitting on the grass with Future Ryan. "And you know, through all this time I never had anyone to talk to who would really understand me." "I know what you mean." "You know what I mean." "You know what I mean." "Oh I know." "You KNOW!!" Future Ryan started cracking up.

Quinn activated the vortex, he didn't want to leave them behind but he had to, they were too late and 29.7 on a world of women who spoke in simple sentences was just too much for him. He activated the vortex and jumped in.

Wade ran after Quinn when all of a sudden Bennish fell from the sky. "What the..." "No time to explain babe, don't activate that vortex!!" "Um.." "It's too late isn't it?" "Yes." "And now you are stuck too?" "Yes, I think so." "Dang. I'll be back later.." Bennish took out the time machine and left.

Wade walked over to present-Ryan. "So, what's up?" "Oh nothing, just catching up with my future self." "Oh really? How far in the future?" "About 10 minutes."

Logan fell out of the vortex. She had missed them before but this time she'll catch them and this time she'll make em pay! Suddenly Michele, holding Flame ran by. "Hold on there, I am Logan St. Clair, evil person!" "Buga Zookla BANG!!" Michele said before she ran off screaming something about her sixth grade science teacher.

Rembrandt walked into the diner. He ordered a hot dog.

Present Ryan was still talking to his future self. "So, then I ran down the hall and BANG! There was the principal!" "Wow, the things you forget after five seconds." "Yeah. So, I will get hit on the head twice?" "Yeah, just try to act surprised." "Oh that will be easy." "I know!"

Bennish ran as fast as he can, the women were after him, he dirtied the sacred bushes. Suddenly Ryan ran out of what seemed like no where. "Look, don't use the bushes." "Um.. too late." "Wait a second didn't the vortex with Quinn just close?" "I don't know." "Oh no! We really screwed up big this time!" Ryan said and he activated the time machine.

Ryan flew out of a vortex and landed next to Present Ryan and Future Ryan. "What the??" Present Ryan was silent. Future Ryan started talking.. "So are you from the future or the past?" "The future." "Can you help me and Present Ryan figure this out. See the way I see it is that if he does destroy the time machine then he won't because this conversation would of never took place." "I remember this!" "You do? What happened." "Well, I think I tried to destroy the time machine but that never happened.." "So, he SHOULD try to and then you will exist?" "Wait, why don't you know?" "Hmmm.. something really.." Future Ryan dissapeared.

Michele and Ryan walked down the street. The universe was collasping. "Look at the pocket pal." She said. "It's picking up a lot of Blink O SL4 waves! And that isn't good!" "Hmmm... should we slide back in time and tell ourselves never to do this?" "No, that wouldn't work because the.." "I've heard it all before.... oh wait I haven't.. what were you talking about?" "I forgot. Let's find Bennish and Flame and slide out of here."

"Oh NOO!" Wade yelled. She saw Quinn kissing Maggie. "What was THAT?" Quinn blushed. "Ummm.. nothing." Maggie smiled. "You are just upset cuz I got him and you don't." Rembrandt walked out of the diner. Suddenly a huge vortex appeared. "What IS THAT?" Bennish fell out. "Hey, do any of you know where I am?" "Well, you are still on the giant women world, we just found a diner, it turns out these people are civilized." "Oh.. could you tell me what time it is?" "Oh I don't know... wait a second weren't you captured by the women of Ka Torrka B?" Quinn said. "Oh, too early, let me come back later." Bennish then suddenly dissapeared.

Bennish gave the time machine back to Michele, he didn't want to start any trouble. "Now where is Ryan?" "Oh he left a while ago." "How much time is on the timer?" "Well, with all this time travel it's kinda confused. Basically 20 minutes."

Michele ran over and grabbed Bennish by the ear she then picked up Flame and got Ryan. "We gotta get out of here now!! The universe is going to collapse." She took out the timer, they had 90 seconds left. "Umm.. Michele." Bennish said. "What??" "Look behind you." She turned around and saw that everything was slowly dissapearing and being replaced by this huge black void. "Aw crap." Ryan said.

Michele activated the vortex. They all jumped in. Bennish could have sworn the last second after he jumped in there was absolutely nothing around him, just darkness.

They flew out into an abandoned alley. "Wait a second." Ryan said. "If that universe is gone didn't we just destroy ourselves since we went so far into the past?" Michele replied. "No, we left later after we slid out." "You totally sure?" "Positive. Why would we exist if otherwise?" "Hmm. I don't know." "Look, just destroy that stupid time machine." Michele said. Ryan took out the time machine. Suddenly it dissapeared before he got to do anything. "This is going to come back and haunt us, Michele." "No, it won't Ryan. So stop worrying." "Well we still destroyed a universe." "Yes, but I doubt that anyone was watching." "Wait, what about Wade?" "What about her." "Didn't Bennish stop her from going or something?" "I think so, but just forget it. She probably is with them." "I am not sure..."

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