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Article from South Underdonk Town Crier
Aug. 9th 2000
New Show on North Underdonk TV doesn't disappoint
By Tom Richards

By now you probably have heard of the new TV show on North Underdonk Public Acess Cable TV. North Underdonk PAC TV hyped the heck out of it with such ads as: Are you a huge fan of Sliders? Well, local Slider Fan Vig Vigg has wrote and submitted several scripts to the FOX network. Fox agreed to let Vig have the rights to make a spin off featuring the surplus characters Bennish, Ryan, Michele and Flame. Tune in on Fridays at 6 pm to catch the new episodes!! and so on and so on. By now any one who watches TV should be able to recite the ads. However this review is about the first 'Pilot' episode which recently aired. The episode began with Bennish being trapped in a room with several women. However it isn't as it seems: apparently Bennish 'defiled their sacred bushes' whatever that means.. Same Planet Different Dimension I guess. While the episode starts out confusing (why aren't we told about sliding?) it settles later where they run into Quinn in a city of some sort. However they see him only for a second. The rest of the story is about 'Chasing' them and trying to find them. In 'chasing' them it is very clever because that is what the title is about; I mean look at Sliders? Do you see them 'sliding'? Well, they say that they 'slide' down wormholes but we all know better. To conclude, this is a good premise, chasing down the main characters of the other show, but will they continue chasing them in episodes following? Well you have to keep watching...

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