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A Vigeant Production

Bennish woke up. He was in a white nondescript room surrounded by the deadly amazon women of Ka' Torrka B. He had no idea HOW he ended up there, just that he was there and surrounded by a bunch of giant women with big guns (no, not those types you sicko).

"Umm.. what am I doing here?" "You destroy Ka' Torrka B idol. You now in dungeon of Ka' Torrka B." "Umm.. can I leave?" "No." "Can I eat?" "No." "Will you kill me?" "When sun strikes Ka' Torrka B statue again you shall be thrown in the BoomBoom pit." "Oh."

A few seconds later Bennish heard a loud scream. "AAAAIIE! FLAME FLAME!" Suddenly he saw Ryan who was holding a torch with Flame on it being thrown in. "Bennish, I tried to save you, the slide is in two hours and I tried to come in." Flame just flared up which signaled a hello.

*one hour and 55 minutes later*

Suddenly, there was a huge explosion and all of the women ran out as the floor started to give way. Bennish and Ryan ran as quickly as they could out before the entire building fell down. Michele was waiting for them near the exit of the building. "Bennish, next time don't defile their bushes of holiness." "Oops."

Quinn activated the vortex, he didn't want to leave them behind but he had to, they were too late and 29.7 on a world of women who spoke in simple sentences was just too much for him. He activated the vortex and jumped in.

Ryan ran ahead of Bennish and pointed. "They are just ahead!! GUYS WAIT FOR US!!!" But it was too late Ryan saw Arturo jump in and the vortex close...

What if you had no idea about what was going on?
What if you were stuck 'sliding' from world to world..
Where it is the same year.. and you are the same person but most everything is different.. and what if you were ditched by the people who could get you home?

Rebecca Chambers
Nicholas Lea
Veronica Cartwright
Jason Gaffney


Guest stars:
Sabrina Lloyd
Cleavant Derricks
Jerry O'Connell
John Rhys-Davies

Bennish looked at Ryan. "Well, what do we do now?" "I don't know." Ryan replied. Michele took out the Pocket Pal (For those who haven't watched Sliders up until now the High Poobat of Kabalnm Four gave her the Pocket Pal in the 'Close Friends' episode in season two, the Pocket Pal had the ability to create a vortex in the case of an emergency, conveniently, and could analyze what Flame would say into speak that was added in the episode following 'The Fire Within' 'Cat's Game'.) "Look guys, I think with a few minor adjustments we can change the pocket pal into a timer, but it would only last a limited time, I think we can go to that world where they sell timers and sliding in common place.. the coodinates are on here..." Flame interrupted her "Why not the Dry Wood world?" "No, Flame, not again." "Please, I wish to feed on the wood.. I like wood." Bennish rolled his eyes.

Ryan took the pocket pal. "Well, can we go to that timer world?" "Sure, but it will suck up most of the energy, they don't make the Emerald Batteries on every world." "Well, we could slide there next!" "Sure. Just hope that this slide works.." She pushed a few buttons on the pocket pal and looked up "K, lets get ready for the slide..."

She pushed the 'enter' button and a greenish vortex appeared in front of them. Suddenly it started changing colors from red, to orange, to indigo. Michele took the torch with Flame. Bennish smiled "You go first." Michele pushed him in. Ryan soon followed him and Michele, carrying Flame jumped in last just as the vortex started to close.

Inside the vortex was rough, more than usual. The passage seemed to close in and then expand quickly and the vortex looked different. It was a dark red with an orange tint added. They all landed in an alley. "Woah." Bennish said. Michele looked at the pocket pal. "Well, lemme check if any of the data has been corrupted or lost... I'll stay here with Flame, you two guys go out and see how the timer market is doing."

Bennish and Ryan walked down a busy street. Several people were walking up and down it and the road was in a gigantic traffic jam. Bennish and Ryan walked into the first timer store they saw, a small one with a sign 'Big Bob's Discount Timers'. Big Bob ran out and shook their hands. "HI, you look like the type of people who are in the need of some sort of timer! I can tell!" "Yes, we--" "Say no more friend, I, Big Bob, have every single sort of timer available!" He walked to a wall which had several timers hanging on it. "I have BIG timers, small timers, fancy timers, old timers, new timers, used timers, I have a whole bunch of timers." Ryan interrupted him. "Yes we are looking for a--" "CHEAP DISCOUNT QUALITY TIMER? Am I right? Of cource I am Big Bob is seldom wrong. My middle name is Quality.. actually it's Oswald but that really doesn't matter now does it." "Yes, could you speed up I have to--" "Speed up? I would LOVE TO! Anything to help you walk out of this door with a timer with the Big Bob seal of quality." "The one with the coordinate input on the--" "THAT ONE?? Oh! I really want to sell it! How much money do you have?" "20 dollars." "20 dollars?? Big Bob does have discounts but he isn't that cheap." "How much does it--" "Oh 55 dollars is good" "K, I will come back later.." "I will be here! Big Bob NEVER sleeps until he sells his timers!!"

Ryan and Bennish walked back out into the crowded streets. "Well, I am sure we can do that ATM thing right?" "Yeah." They both walked their way through the crowd and to the bank. Bennish put his card into the ATM and withdrew $2,000 "Isn't that morally wrong?" Ryan said. "Naaah." Suddenly Ryan stopped and pointed to the streets. "Conrad, did you just see them?" "Who?" "I swear I saw Quinn!" "Well, lets go out and try to find them!!" Bennish and Ryan ran out of the bank and pushed through the crowd. "QUINN MALLORY??" Bennish yelled. "Over here.." he heard a voice, quiet against the noise of the crowd. Bennish ran and pushed until he saw Arturo jump into the vortex. "AUGHH!!!"

"Don't worry, that could of been someone else." "No, I swear, it was him!" Bennish yelled back, frustrated, to Michele. "Well, at least we have the timer and some extra money." Ryan tried to sound happy. "Will I ever go back to the dry wood world?" Flame said, through the pocket pal. "We didn't lose any information but I am down to 15% batteries on the pocket pal." Michele reported. "So we go to the emerald battery world?" Ryan asked. "Yup." Michele input the coodinates through the pocket pal and activated the vortex with the new timer.

The new timer worked perfectly, even though they were ripped off. They landed on top of a grassy hill. Michele stood up. "Guys, I am taking Flame with me and going to get an emerald battery. You two stay here with the timer. How much time do we have?" "Oh a half hour." Ryan said. "K, I will be back."

Michele walked down a dirt path into a forest. "Why do you slide Michele?" Flame asked. "Because I want to find a perfect home with my friends." "Who are your friends?" "Bennish and Ryan, but I really want to join up with Quinn and the rest, they are like my family and I wish to stay with them." "Am I your friend?" "Of cource." "Can we go to the dry wood world?" "*sigh*"

Michele eventually came up to a hut. She put down the torch with Flame. "Now, please STAY on the torch." "But the grass is dry.." "Flame.." "I will listen to you Michele.." Michele looked into the hut. "HI! Welcome to Big Bob's Discount Emerald Batteries!!" "Would you happen--" "I KNOW! You want some of my lovely discount emerald batteries!! What type do you want? Extra powerful? I know you do! Yes, everyone wants the new Big Bob QUALITY emerald battery! QUALITY IS MY MIDDLE NAME.. actually my middle name is Oswald but that doesn't really matter does it?" "Yes, do you have--" "Let me see.. you are holding a Pocket Pal? I HAVE THE DOUBLE Z batteries for that! Hey, would your name happen to be Conrad?" "No but I--" "Michele?" "Yes." "Well, this group of people came here looking for you, said something about they knew you would come here. They said meeting you in the valley over where the hotel is supposed to be. And the battery will be $55 dollars with tax." Michele gave him a 100 dollar bill, "Keep the change." and ran out. She took Flame and ran down to where she thought the hotel would be and saw Wade jump into the vortex. "AUGH!!!!!!!"

She walked to the hill with Flame. She started talking to herself "Well, let's see they came to the timer world and then came here.. these are the places they think they would see us.. but where would they go next.. what place do they think we would go?" "Michele, my torch is running out." "Wait.. we would go to the world where they have the Slow Burn (TM) wood!!" She ran up the hill as quick as she could. She took the timer from Bennish and inputted the Slow Burn world coodinates. "What is this about?" Ryan asked. "I saw them!!" "What?" "Just follow me when we get to the next world.." "How much time do we have left?" Bennish asked. "We got.. 30 seconds.." Michele activated the timer and jumped in with Flame.

They flew out of the vortex and landed on a dune in the middle of a desert. "What are.." Ryan asked. "Just follow me." Michele said and she started running through the desert. "How much time do we have?" Bennish asked. "1 minute.. so lets get going!!" Bennish and Ryan just shrugged and ran after her as she ran past Big Bob's Discount Slow Burn Wood Shack and towards where the hotel would be. She stopped at where the hotel would be..

"Okay, what was this about?" Ryan said. "I thought.. I guess.. I was wrong.." Michele was panting, trying to catch her breath. "Well, I am sure one day we will catch up to them, I promise you we will." Ryan said. "What are we just standing around waiting for we have to slide!!" Bennish said. Michele took out the timer and activated the vortex.

*a few minutes later*

A vortex opened up. Quinn flew out, followed by Wade and the professor. Suddenly Remmy flew right out and landed on top of the professor. "Blistering Idiot." the professor mumbled to himself. "So do you think they are here Professor?" "I don't truely know. I swore I saw that Bennish before in the Bank." "Yes, I thought I heard him yelling out my name before." "Look, we are just going to have to be realistic about this, we lost them, and if we ever find them it will be a really lucky day." Remmy said. "I know you are right Remmy, but I just feel so bad about leaving them behind." "Maybe we will find them one day, Q-ball." "Come on, lets check Big Bob's Discount Slow Burn Shack." Wade said.

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