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On our last episode of Chasers..
Ryan ran down the running strip. As he ran he continued to run. Suddenly an explosion happened and everyone died… or did they?

Michele walked down the street with Flame, suddenly it started raining acid rain and everyone melted away.. or did they?

Bennish sat on the ground at the hotel dreaming about a particularly good ham he had a while back… or did he?

On Tonight's Episode
Michele, Ryan, and Bennish sat in the little diner. "Wow, it's good we escaped those life threatening situations without getting hurt one bit." Ryan smiled. Flame, through the pocket pal said, "I guess it was a close shave." "You can BURN that again." Everyone then cracked up.

What if you had no idea about what was going on?
What if you were stuck 'sliding' from world to world..
Where it is the same year.. and you are the same person but most everything is different.. and what if you were ditched by the people who could get you home?

Rebecca Chambers
Nicholas Lea
Veronica Cartwright
Jason Gaffney

'When Writers Rely On Clichés'

"Well, we should investigate this world." Ryan said, looking at his odd surroundings. "Everything here looks.. odd." Michele chimed in. "Awww.. I've seen odder." Bennish added. "Why don't we split up, so if any of us runs into danger we all don't have to put up with it." Said Ryan. "That sounds like a great idea. To hell with being vulnerable!" Michele took Flame and walked off. Ryan walked down a path towards what looked like a village and Bennish walked into the mysterious ominous forest, which looked like the cause of all evil.

Flame started to flare up. "The air here is different." "Any problems?" "No, but I like to comment on what seems trivial now but will be a plot point sooner or later." "Let's forget about it and walk on into what looks like a cave."

Ryan walked into the village. "Ah ha! So they did find one for the Witch Eaters." The scratchy voice of an old woman came from behind him. "Huh?" "So, you are here for the Witch Eaters." "No, I am from Canada." "Canada?" "Canada." "Canada?" "Canada." "Never heard of it. Oh well, you Canada-Dian." "Canadian." "Yeah, whatever. Any way the witch-eaters are ready." "Oh, I am not hungry right now." "You aren't going to eat but be eaten." "Why is it called the witch-eaters?" "The witches are going to be eating. So they might as be called the witch-eaters." "Can you explain this?" "Well, on this world witches rule the world." "Why do you say this?" "Well, you are a Chaser right?" "How'd you know that?" "Read the opening credits." "Ah, I see. So you know the entire back story?" "Basically." "Why don't I explain it for the viewers at home?" "If you must." "Well I don't HAVE to." "Then don't." "Alright then." "Okay." "So what were we talking about anyway?" "The witches are going to eat you because they rule the world." "Check." "Wanna go and finish this up?" "Nah, I'm the hero of the show you see and if I died there be all sorts of letter campaigns and the like." "Well, wouldn't want those, but why do you have such a big ego?" "Because I directed this episode, that's why." "Oh. I bet you chose the script too." "Yeah, how'd you know." "Hunch." "Okay." "So are we going to keep this comedic exchange going forever?" "I don't see why not." "Well it is getting a bit tired." "Let's just cut to Bennish. Then we'll go to the witch thing and get this over with." "I hope so, because I am only doing this to put on my resume." "That's what I said. Now I only get the parts as extras in horror movies who die horrible deaths." "Ah."

Bennish walked into the forest and saw a gigantic spider. He pulled out his Plus 5 sword of might and slaughtered it and gained 530 experience points and gained a level.

Michele continued on aimlessly. "I sense whatever was in the air is stronger now." "What do you think it is?" "Gas probably." "Why would there be gas on a planet ruled by witches?" "Oops, made a continuity jump there, Michele." "Oopsie.. well better continue on." She started to walk over the next hill.

Ryan stood in the lair of the Witch-Eaters who were leaning over their evil cauldron and cackling evilly. "Be gone evil wenches!" "No! We shall DESTROY you!" One of them picked up a large rod which soon got a blue glow.

Bennish walked through the forest and saw a gigantic mountain. Since he had gained a level he had enough strength to climb up it.

Michele saw that there was a power plant behind the next hill which was hidden behind a small hut. "Wow, this must be how the 'Witches' rule the world. She walked over and shut down the plant.

Suddenly the witches disappeared. All that was left a projector. "A hologram! I figured all along!" "But did you figure this?" The old lady came out with a staff and started to wave it around.

Bennish saw that Ryan was in trouble so he quickly ran down the mountain and saved the day. The day was now safe again.

Michele walked into the hut and saw Bennish and Ryan. "Well, it turned out that a gas power generator ran this 'witch' hut." "Yeah, I think we have this all wrapped up in a neat package." "It's nice to know that we made this a better world." Ryan took out the timer and activated the vortex and slid to the next world where he met one of the greatest adventures ever...

To Be Continued?

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