[ Earth 2958 ]

A Vigeant Production

Bennish walked out of the restaurant. "Third time this week." He said to himself, he got thrown out of another one. Suddenly he saw another McDonalds across the street. "This time, they CAN'T throw me out." He walked across the street.

Meanwhile, inside the McDonalds Bennish was just thrown out of, Ryan saw Bennish walking to the other one. "Can't a person enjoy a juicy tender McRib in peace?" Michele smiled "Yes, but I think this Big Mac is better, a bargain too with the new extra value meal! $1.00! Excluding tax, ingredients, and warranty that it didn't use by-products. Wow!"

Ryan caught Bennish just before he walked in. "Okay, now, if you are going to go in there, promise you won't take all if the ketchup packets, then steal all of the fries." "But I wanna be the Fry Guy, like in those commercials." "Yeah sure. We really should get one of those leashes. Now let me take you to the Dominion." "Cool, a Scooby Doo Marathon is on anyway, I want to know if it was Farmer McCroonly that stole the emeralds from the Museum." "Be sure to watch Flame." "Aww, do I have to? She always sets off the fire detector!" Bennish then started to walk to the Chandler. "I hope he stays out of trouble at the Motel 9." Ryan said to himself. Later they slid out of the hotel.

What if you had no idea about what was going on?
What if you were stuck 'sliding' from world to world..
Where it is the same year.. and you are the same person but most everything is different.. and what if you were ditched by the people who could get you home?

Rebecca Chambers
Nicholas Lea
Veronica Cartwright
Jason Gaffney


With Special Guests
Bryant Stevens
Sabrina Lloyd
Cleavant Derricks
Jerry O'Connell
John Rhys-Davies

As they were in the slide something happened. It all paused for one second, then they all were sucked through different sides of the slide. Ryan then found himself alone in a jail cell. He then heard something come out of a speaker in the corner of the cell. "Attention, prisoner 24601 please report to the control room." Suddenly his door opened. Ryan looked at himself; he was in a prisoner suit with the number 24601 prominent over the rest of the scrawled number in Magic Marker. It was obvious that someone didn't want to be 24601.

Ryan walked down the drab gray corridor with several signs pointing to the 'control room'. He followed them until he saw a gigantic metal door, which opened itself when he walked to it. "Hello Ryan, welcome back."

Bennish landed in a garden. He crushed Mr. McGregor's petunias. Suddenly he saw an old man running towards him. "Darn kids on my property!!" He had a rather large rifle.

Michele found herself trapped in a small room. She didn't have Flame, she didn't have the pocket pal. Suddenly she started to hear music. "Wait a second, that's not music, it's my tape I made when I was six of songs I liked." She couldn't bear listening to it.

Flame landed just outside a giant forest full of dry wood. It had the pocket pal and timer right next to it.

"Dr. Chuck, I would of thought that you would have been behind tampering with a slide." "Oh, but of course, remember last time?"

From: The Beginning of the End

Ryan ran through the corridor. "Quinn! Get over here, we have to slide so we can catch up with the others!" Quinn ran over "I think these new coordinates will have us catch up with Wade and the Professor." "What about Bennish?" "I think he's in another one, we'll have to find him later!" Quinn activated the timer and they both jumped in. Suddenly the vortex started changing colors and the next thing Ryan knew he fell backwards out of the slide and back into the complex's hallway.

*Back to today*

"So where is Quinn and the others." Dr. Chuck asked. "Well, it's a rather complicated story." "No matter, I have them captured as well." "How did you find them?" "Oh it was rather easy, they are now in what I call a SlideTrap. It is specific to their quantum signature and it captures themů and only them. Much like what I used with you, except they are still together. You can see them through this monitor right here, and your three other friends here." "Why do you do this Dr. Chuck, why do trap people who slide?" "Oh it is all part of my giant experiment. I know what has happened to you, I have tracked you the entire time. It was rather amusing to see you destroy world 4902013." "Look that was a giant mistake." "Mistakes, mistakes, we all make mistakes don't we Ryan? Wouldn't it interest you to know that I have the technology to get you and your friends all together once again." "How?" "Oh, all things come with a price." "What do you want Dr. Chuck?" "I think it is rather OBVIOUS what I want Ryan. Remember?"

From: Trapped at the Threshold

Quinn severed the connection wires. "No Dr. Chuck, I will never give you such a technology." "But think about it Quinn, the immense power of the world's first ultra hypnotic machine, look what the Great Galdooti did." "You will use it to hypnotize everyone including me!" Quinn severed the other wire. "Oh you will pay for that Mr. Mallory, I have technology that will get you, and I will make you pay dearly for this."

*back to today*

"Yeah, but Quinn destroyed it." "There is another one, at a highly guarded Earth 291920. It is hidden somewhere within the main government base. It is never used because of what it could do. It never fell into the wrong hands." "Dr. Chuck what if I don't?" "Well right now the original Sliders are trapped in Season Three. It is just a mere fabrication I made up. If you continue you will force me to put them through Season Four." "What would that do to them?" "Alter their minds, make them insane. In fact the only one resistant so far is Rembrandt. Also, your other friends will be put into their worst fears, it's kinda of like one of the episodes lined up for season three. However if you get the Hypnotic Machine I will let you and your friends all slide together." "No tricks Dr. Chuck?" "No tricks at all. Why would I do something like that?" Dr. Chuck smiled. "So how would I get it from this highly guarded place?" "Well, I have a limited use timer which can get you from here to there only. I have also a gun, and a few PB&J sandwiches." "Great." "Now once you get it, it will be rather large so you will have to push it into the vortex. Oh and one other thing, you only have 60 minutes on that Earth. So you had better do it fast." Dr. Chuck handed him the timer and the gun. Ryan had two minutes left.

Quinn knew something was going wrong, there was just something all strange about this situation, the vortex had changed, it had all looked different now, and the places he was going to was rather odd. He now was in a place where there were gigantic tornados. He hoped that whatever had gotten into the rest of the group wouldn't affect him.. yet.

Ryan got ready for the slide. He hid the gun. Then it was time for him to go. He activated the timer and jumped in. Dr. Chuck stood there watching him. He then started laughing evilly.

Ryan fell out and looked around. The Earth was so desolate. There were no plants and there was only dirt beneath him. He looked ahead and saw a gigantic building. "Well, better get ready and hope that this is it. Ryan started walking forward until he heard a swoop from above him. He looked up and saw a manta ship. "Oh crud."

Meanwhile Bennish continued to get chased by Mr. McGregor. "You better run kid, because I am gonna shoot ya till ya all dee-ad."

To Be Continued

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