Sliders: Earth 21

About Earth 21
by JToner

Earth 21 came from two sources. The first was my friend Chaser9's website Sliders: The Otherworlds (where Earth 21 is stored), I loved the alternate forms of the show that he created on the site. When I talked to him about it I began to think of my own alternate version of the show. The inspiration came from my knowledge of the show. Tracy Tormé had wanted Ryan (played by Nicholas Lea, best known as Krycek on The X-Files), a character seen in the Season 1 finale "Luck of the Draw" and briefly in the Season 2 premiere "Into The Mystic," to become the fifth Slider for part of Season 2. Then Tormé was going to have something "shocking" happen to him later in the season. Unfortunately the FOX executives killed this idea much to Tormé's dismay. I have always wondered what Sliders would have been like if Ryan had become the fifth Slider. Well thanks to the Maybe Machine, my second source, I found Earth 21 and discovered what the show was like with Ryan as the fifth Slider. The show went in interesting directions, ones I'm sure Sliders fans would have enjoyed. So here it is for you to enjoy too. As the seasons pass on Earth 21 watch for the differences and enjoy the ride.


Justin Toner
(JToner on the Sliders BBoard)
Earth 21 and Earth 374 writer

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