Boy Genius

Each day she sits on the porch, coffee in hand
And thinks of the son who dissappeared
The gate squeaks again in memory of him
Beside her on the steps rests a friend
Young as her long lost son and yet
As close to her heart as anyone now
From time to time he smiles sadly at
Bitter sweet memories of life before
They both look up in startled wonderment
As a orange tears the blue sky in twain
And three figures land roughly outisde
The gates squeaks as they stand in shock
Her half-dead son, his best friend is home

Logan and Kit take Quinn home. The world has changed and so has Quinn's mother. Bennish helps Logan and Kit teach Quinn who suddenly has a voracious appetite for knowledge. He can't seem to fill up his brain fast enough. Unsure what happened Logan and Kit leave in search of "Inslide" world.