Who cares what some fop in armor thinks
Staggering around and sniffing up my
Friends were mortified when I left
Him bloodied and bruised. The brute.

In this light she looks like an angel
Sent to take away all my pain
She turns away in tears at my glance
I can't help it if I'm not who they want.

He found us with his little friends
Holed up in a barn, helped by his own
People too afraid to fight or hope
They took something from our flight.

When we left they were intent
On rebellion. An old one took me
Aside and whispered words that
Made me more than a fragment of him.

Quinn must relearn everything. Wade, Rembrandt and Maggie struggle to get him up to speed on a world where reading is allowed only by the nobility. Serfs still belong to the nobles and the foursome must try to fit in until the slide. Quinn's learning curve doesn't bode well for the group when he gets them into a bit of trouble.