Burn me brighter, spark my fire, feed me from your pain
I see you drift into my sight from beneath the shade
Never in the brightly burning day have I seen such things
He who hides in the night begged my help to find
Any such as you who cross from world to world

Burn me brighter, spark my fire, feed your strange ways
In all my days I've searched for this witching tool
You bear it with such assurity as if your hands created
This new way to save my people from the burning pain
Help us find our way to some abandoned safe haven

Burn me brighter, spark my fire, feed us this new place
An armada of hard eyed folks, survivors to the core
March across the abandoned halls of new enemies
One by one they come and weep at the feet of their
Saviors who in their turn hide from the burn and shame

Burn me brighter, spark my fire, feed me from your pain
In the end I will explode and end this final age

The sliders land on a world dying from radiation poisoning as the sun burns brighter and brighter. Dr. Stephen Jensen is working on a sliding device capable of moving large amounts of people. The sliders are seen landing by Margeret Beckett a private investigator working for Prototronics (the timer is destroyed during the landing). The sliders are at first leery of Prototronics, but finally agree to help Dr. Jensen. As the machine is perfected Margeret and Quinn begin to scout new worlds. They find an abandoned Kromagg outpost world and decide to slide people there. The "colonists" go in heavily armed with weapons and technology.