Cat and Mouse

Wherever we go music seems to follow
Dancing softly in the glowing vortex
We seem to have become flip sides
Of one of the golden coins favored here

She tensed in fear, fright or something darker
Spying his vacant blue eyes and their shock
At seeing her alive was deep enough for even me
To taste as they ran from everyone and everything

I think the dulcet tones of the big bands
Brought us together one last time
Like a mouse to cheese he wandered to us
We took him with, to help him heal

The Sliders move to a world where where the Pan-American Empire rules with a less than iron fist. Seen by a small group of militants they must find a safe place to hide. Logan and Kit follow the trail. Appalled by the changes in Quinn and influenced by Kit, Logan agrees to help Quinn relearn physics. They end up taking Quinn with them as they slide first.