New Beginnings

His blood is on my hands and agony fills my heart
Death courted him for far too long before claiming
Her reward, she let him warn us of our peril
Who else will die before this day is over?

Faces I never got to know rest in a shared grave
My soul mate is the only walking casualty
In his head there rests the threat of more
Than an easy ride to Death's halls.

She'll never replace the dearly departed
But they swear she can hold together
His actions or mind; I don't know how
To erase the past for a new beginning.

On the new world the colonists adjust to life as Quinn and company rebuild the timer with Jensen's spare parts. Arturo discovers that the Kromaggs have left behind a small vanguard. He dies while warning the colonists. The colonists destroy Kromaggs after finding out Quinn has a tracking device inside him. Margeret is drafted to join the sliders in order to prevent Quinn from betraying Wade and Remmy.