The OtherworldsEarth 14111
 [ Vortex ] What if you found a portal to a parallel universe?
What if you could slide into a thousand different worlds?
Where it's the same year, and you're the same person... but everything else is different.
And what if your friends left you for dead?

Earth 14111: a Sliderules production.

314 | Slide Like an Egyptian
    The group is split up on a world where Egyptian culture dominates America.

315 | Mourning the Living
    The Sliders work through their grief at Quinn's supposed passing.

316 | Life Sucks
    When Quinn is bitten, will Deera be able to save him from a life of vampirism?

317 | Similar Goals, Mistaken Identities
    On a world where medieval times rage on, a familiar group of Sliders aren't quite who they appear to be.

318 | Animal Instinct
    Same planet, different evolution. Wade and friends pass time on a world bearing multiple sentient species -- but are they guests, or lab subjects?

319 | Exodus, Part 1
    Quinn and Deera are charged with evacuating soldiers on a highly militarized world facing doomsday.

320 | Exodus, Part 2
    A suitable destination world is found, but timer problems and the rampage of a serial killer threaten the slide.

321 | The Show Must Go On
    The threesome is followed by pervasive camera tracking; the others gets a step closer to their goal.

322 | Surprise, Surprise
    Quinn rekindles an old acquaintance and realizes that some things never change.

323 | Never Enough [Season Finale]
    Wade's double is wanted by a corporate government; Quinn's journey is beset by a series of shocking developments.

The OtherworldsEarth 14111