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4.2 ::: Return and Death of Wade

Note: Doesn't the fact that the ending is given in the episode title make you want to watch? Like, would you have watched the series if it had been called, "Four travelers to parallel universes, but one dies, one merges, one is a pinball machine, and one jumps into a deadly red vortex, leaving a whore, a pimp, and a boring scientist on a world where a man who has heart-attacks can start his own religion"? Peckinbraga thought so....

"Return and Death of Wade"

Well, Maggie lands on a world where everyone is naked. "Don't worry. Only really hot women inhabit this world", said Braga. Touché. After spending half of her time on this world in the nude (You only see her this way for about half the time), she gets the idea that Sliders need "Sliding Uniforms". So, she goes to a clothing store (It's never explained why there is a clothing store on a world where no one wears clothes, but....) and gets the exact outfit she wore in "The Breeder". I suppose she'll be wearing that for the rest of the series...

Well, once again, the vortex "just opens" and this time Maggie isn't even seen jump into it (You think Braginpah would take every advantage to use a lesbian reference, but who knows?) She lands in a Kromagg prison and we finally see the Kromaggs (They are robots in clown costumes. (I'm sure you can imagine the thrill on my face) Why? Because Peckinpah overheard them called "goofy" at a staff meeting once. Go figure...)

Well, we then see the Queen of the Kromaggs (this time, they couldn't get "The tall woman from the Bond movie with Christopher Walken", so who plays Wade? Yep...Braga in a wig (see...it CAN get that bad)...

Well...Wade is REALLY mad (for some reason) at Maggie and starts firing lasers from her head (Peck actually thought that the Kromaggs did this in "Invasion"). Of course, Kari and Braga worked spectacular together (note the sarcasm). Since the SAG strike had expanded to the Sound effects department, Braga actually makes the noise of the lasers.

Maggie looks at the timer (and we see that it reads about 3 days), but she says that she will "reset the timer, anyway" (Someone's been reading the timer's manual...) and she opens the vortex, muttering the words, "I guess it's back to random sliding"....

Who else smells an Emmy?

Then, we see the credits start (12 minutes into the show...Even "The Dark Side with Nat X" is longer...)

After the credits stop, the shot goes black (but I guess they forgot to turn the microphones off, because we hear this conversation between Braga and Peck)

Peck-"What the Hell?!?! We have forty minutes left!!!"

Braga-"I'm a girl, now!"

Peck-"Go get Kari!"

(We hear Kari yelling in the background, accompanied by crashing)



Kari-"Where in the Hell are my fu**ing Nachos?"

Peck-"What do we do?"

Then, for some reason, the microphones go dead and we watch a black screen for about 13 more minutes. Then, we get about 20 minutes of commercials, before coming back to the Kromagg set. We see a drunk Kari struggling to stand as she and Braga re-enact the scene they just had done. The credits roll again....

Then, we're back on black (I pity anyone who watched this episode) and we hear Braga and Peck talk again. We then cut to a blue screen and we hear a loud, high-pitched "beep". It is Braga, faking that there is a message from the Emergency Broadcasting System.

Finally, the episode ends, and you can't imagine how happy I was to see "World's Greatest Fishing Accidents III" come on....

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