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Sliders: Earth 10153

Conceived, developed, and written by:
Mike Truman (AKA Recall317)

Web design, editing, and the last couple lines of "Renegotiations" by:

Season 5
Written: December 2000
Special Thanks:
To Blinker's Earth 69, which inspired the entire project.
To the members of slidefiction, where 10153 made its debut as Earth 005.
To EarthPrime.com and its webmaster Matt Hutaff, for the 5th season episode guide.

Season Notes:
The entire fifth season was written in a single day. In the moment before one wakes up, a single thought flashed through my brain: "What if Jerry O'Connell had gained control of Sliders for the 5th season?" For some reason, this idea had yet to be explored in the areas of the internet I frequented. There were two ways to approach it: seriously or parody. Since I was already engaged in a serious earth at the time, parody won out.

I hadn't seen most of Season 5 when I wrote this, so I was completely reliant on EarthPrime.com for info. Well, basically I just took the titles and went my merry little way. Essentially I built Earth 10153 as Blinker had done Earth 69—capsule format, scrambling existing episodes while paying homage to as many relevant things as possible (mostly involving Jerry's career.) The series was moderately popular, so I decided to come back for a 6th season. Unfortunately, I'd run out of series ideas for Jerry and company to screw up. So I took my search to the internet…

Season 6
Written: January 2001
Special Thanks:
To Brand_S, Chaser9, Matt Hutaff, Slider_Sarah, Slidemania, Jayelle Carey, ThomasMalthus, TemporalFlux, Jason Gaston, SL4ever, Blinker, Slider120, Slider8_, Slider_Quinn21, HurriKain, NoMaggs, Nigel Mitchell, Doug Skiles, and MissingSliderRyan—for not going ballistic when their stories got the "Peck treatment."

Season Notes:
The premise to Season 6 is well-documented in its introduction, but it was a risky proposition at the time. I'd only been in the on-line community a few months and didn't know the authors all that well. For that reason, the series aired in the small confined slidefiction group and never saw the light of the volatile Dominion. Retrospectively, I'd have run them concurrently. Oh well, live and learn.

Selection process for this season was a difficult one. I recently rummaged through my old notes and thought it would be fun to post some of the stories that didn't make the final cut.

Splitting Hairs (Recall/Chaser):
The infamous mustache episode.

The Other Side of Dorkness (Slider120):
"I'm not quite clear on the stage direction here." —Cleavant

Cool Sliders (Brand_S):
Rembrandt must lead the Jamaican bobsled team to Olympic Gold.

The Santa 500 (SL4ever):
Lap after lap after lap of heart-stopping drama.

My So-Called Slide (Executive):
Nothing happens of any interest, but we do learn some day to day details no one even bothered to ask about before.

Quantum Colin:
"His only guide on his journey is Magilla, a talking gorilla that only Colin can see or hear."

Yeah, um…well, I didn't include them now, did I?

My thanks to all who read this series and of course, to Blinker, who made this series available to be viewed by everyone. Earth 10153 is closed. I had entertained thoughts of bring it back for a 7th season, but I liked the way it ended too well. But never fear, the 7th season ideas live on… at Earth 5260!

Earth 10153  by  Mike Truman   |   Discussion   |   More Otherworlds