It's a generic name for a theory, I know, but so far it's the only one. It may change if another one pops up, but as for now I'll keep this name. If you have a problem, deal with it. ;-)

Anyway, here's the theory, short and sweet... Who's to say that the Rembrandt we saw in Season Four and/or Five was the original? Besides the absence of his trademerk moustache, he seemed to survive quite well when landing underwater in Heavy Metal.

The problem? The original Rembrandt couldn't swim! He said so in Summer of Love, when the tidal wave was about to sweep over San Francisco. Although this is only one incident, it totally contradicts prior knowledge we have of Remmy.

So when did this alleged mix-up take place? I think the best place for it to have occurred (or the most likely) was in Genesis, the Season Four opener. There are a few theories as to how the earth in Genesis may not have been the real Earth Prime, and there is just as much reason to belive that in Genesis, Quinn and Maggie slid onto an earth that was different from the one that Rembrandt and Wade slid onto in This Slide of Paradise. How did they really know? If that earth's coordinates didn't match up exactly to the other, or it was just another earth stored in Rickman's timer, it would be the wrong one, which would mean that the Rembrandt picked up in Genesis is not the original Rembrandt. Where would that leave our Rembrandt? All I can say is "somewhere". Who knows where Quinn sent Wade and Rembrandt in the Season Three finale? It may have been Earth Prime, but it may have been the Future World we saw. If Rickman's timer was damaged, it could have been anywhere in the multiverse. So is it our Rembrandt? You decide.

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