Was it really home???

Pondering the possibility that Quinn may actually be from Earth Prime leads one to also ponder the following question: Was the earth in Genesis really Earth Prime?

Had Arturo been there, he would have reminded his companions that they had all been fooled before. For that matter, who can say for sure that the earth in The Exodus was really Earth Prime? If Exodus Earth Prime was not Quinn's home world, it nips the whole thing in the bud, leaving the conclusion that the earth seen in Genesis was not Earth Prime either. But there are other possibilities here.

Remember the episode The Other Slide of Darkness? Rickman's timer blew a chip, and"Smarter Quinn" had to repair it. Well, suppose that the timer was never fully repaired. Imagine that the chip that blew was directly related to the input and/or recall of earth coordinates. That would damage the chances that Rembrandt and Wade landed on Earth Prime using Rickman's timer, and ultimately the idea that Quinn is from another earth. Even if Exodus Earth Prime was the actual Earth Prime, this would render that fact irrelevant. For all we know, the sliders could have landed on Azure Gate Bridge World from Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome.
Alas, though, the truth may never be revealed... all we can do is speculate and wonder.
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