Kromaggs One popular theory is that the whole thing was a Kromagg trick. Think about it; why was Quinn’s mother in Los Angeles instead of San Francisco? And why did our Quinn just happen to bump into her? Was it a mere coincidence that the guards brought Mrs. Mallory in immediately after putting Quinn in the holding cell? Would it not be just as easy to believe that the very Kromaggs under whom she was held captive strategically placed her there as a trap?

Another issue of note here is the fact that after probably going through multiple searches and seizures by Kromagg guards, scanners, and probes, Mrs. Mallory had managed to keep secret

the microdot that revealed Quinn’s "true origin". The problem? Kromaggs would have undoubtedly found the microdot and removed it… unless, perhaps, it was all part of their plan. It all unraveled perfectly... a little too perfectly.

This wouldn't be the first time the Kromaggs have used a double to fool one of our sliders. Remember in Invasion, when Rembrandt thought he was talking to his father? The same may have happened here with Quinn. How can we know for sure that the woman Quinn met on Earth Prime was really his mother?

If, then, it was a Kromagg trick, that would mean that as far as we know, Quinn really is from Earth Prime.

This theory was originally intended to be confirmed in the Season Four finale, Revelations. Colin was supposed to have been revealed to be a Kromagg plant; a genetically altered clone of Quinn made from tissue samples taken from him in Invasion. Of course, that would have ruled out every revelation made in Genesis as part of a Kromagg Conspiracy.

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