In The Young and Relentless, the Professor was pretty much identical to Earth Prime's. Only one thing led me to believe that this was not our Arturo . . .
This was his near militance against the society in this episode. Now, our Arturo, being more accustomed to sliding and the endless possibilities that each earth offers, would most likely have accepted it as a part of their society, as Remmy did. But his reaction to this society would be expected of someone who is more
inexperienced in sliding, and who still doesn't know what to expect.

Remember Arturo in Luck of the Draw? He said something along the lines of hating their methods, but not being able to deny the results thereof. One would think that if our Arturo said something like that on Lottery world, he may have said something similar on this world, and accepted it until the slide. That just seems like our Professor, doesn't it? This outrage against society and personal offense displayed by Arturo in The Young and the Relentless just struck me as non-Arturoish.

In addition, this is evidence that this Arturo was relatively new to sliding. Remember one of the first slides of the first season, Summer Of Love? Remember how Arturo acted (especially toward the police officer) in that episode? Compare that to the way he acted in the courtroom on Y&R. Arturo's behavior in Summer of Love and that in Y&R is virtually identical, and presumably both were among their first slides!

And the thought plickens!