This episode was yet another example of how this new Arturo behaved slightly differently than the first one. This marks the second time since PTSS that Arturo has asked to be left behind.

I really don't see this as something the right Arturo would have done. The right Arturo had bonded with our sliders and they were very close. By this time, if we still had the same Arturo, I don't think the bond would be that easy to break. He wanted Remmy to leave him behind without having a chance to say goodbye to the others? Very
uncharacteristic of our Arturo.

I believe that the wrong Arturo feels a lot of guilt for what he has done, and that any unfortunate circumstances that are in any way connected with him are his fault, and that things would have been better if only he had stayed behind in PTSS and let the real Arturo slide. On In Dino Veritas, it was his leg - in this episode it was his eyesight. Both times he asked to be left behind, even though neither injury was his fault. I think the guy's feeling guilty.

"OW!!! MY EYE!" ~Arturo