This episode was originally intended to air *before* PTSS, and when closely observed, this is obvious. The Arturo in this episode is our Arturo, and there is little doubt in my mind.

After Quinn shoots down the Kromagg ship, he and Arturo decide to explore it. Rembrandt and Wade discourage this because of the potential danger. The wrong Arturo would clearly have sided with Remmy and Wade, being the chicken that he is, and a relative newbie to Sliding.

In New France, the waiter is terribly rude to our Arturo. But does the Professor lose his cool? Not hardly. He simply said, "Wait till he sees his tip," and handled the sitation very tactfully, rather than risk an arrest for disturbing the peace. In Y&R, Arturo flies off the handle easily and gets himself arrested - as I said before, this was because he is so new to sliding, and hasn't gotten used to these different worlds yet, just as our own Arturo in "Summer of Love".

The Arturo in Invasion was clearly a more mature slider, and he also showed some backbone when deciding to check out that Manta ship.

Arturo also showed some bravery on Earth 113 when he said that they would all have to attempt escape, even if it costs them their lives. Would the wrong Arturo have said this? Would he be willing to risk his own life this early on? I doubt it. Another sidenote: If you will look closely at Arturo's glasses when he is examining things inside the manta ship, you will see that they are not bifocals. There is no line. This was our Arturo.

This is an episode clearly intended to air *before* PTSS, and the actions of our Arturo simply
confirm that. When you compare the before picture with the after picture, there is a difference.

Oh, the Maggnitude!
Okay, that was a bad pun, I know. You can hit me now.