I only made one observation in this episode. At the beginning where the sliders are standing on the side of the road waiting for a ride, they encounter Daelin's fiancÚ, and immediately Arturo begins making fun of him. The comment "I am not your sibling, sir...for which I thank God and good breeding," though very funny, was very cruel also, and I once thought it wasn't our Arturo, especially since the episode aired after PTSS. Throughout the rest of the episode Arturo acted just like ours, but this didn't surprise me, since the two were almost identical.

A fellow Sliders fan informed me that going by the production number, As Time Goes By would have been intended to air before PTSS. But with the way Fox was screwing with the order anyway, who could really tell? It wasn't until I rewatched this episode that I was convinced that it was indeed set before PTSS. On Backwards World, Arturo, trying to keep Wade's spirits up, told her they had gotten out of worse situations before. Wade's response was "not lately". This would imply that they hadn't yet encountered the Kromaggs, which were a far worse situation than this. Invasion was definitely set before PTSS, which makes As Time Goes By set even before Invasion.