Cleavant Derricks CD CAMPAIGN
I searched the web for sound clips of Remmy singing, and the first two were all I found. They came from M. Harris. The rest of the clips are ones that I made, except for the last two, which were donated by Blinker. If anyone has any more sound clips of Remmy singing, let me know. Here they are, for your listening pleasure. You can also check out the Amazon clips on our News page!

From "The King is Back," Remmy singing "Tears In My Fro". (464K, 21 sec.)

From "The King is Back," Remmy's double singing "Tears In My Fro". Remmy then joins in. (644K, 59 sec.)

From the Pilot episode, Remmy warming up for The National Anthem on his way to the Giants game.. (264k, 24 sec.)

Also from the Pilot episode, another clip of Remmy singing part of The Anthem. (147k, 13 sec.)

Yet another another from the Pilot, Remmy singing "Amazing Grace". (833k, 1 min. 16 sec.)

From "Last Days," Rembrandt doing a rendition of the Motown classic, "Can't Help Myself". (508k, 46 sec.)

From "The Weaker Sex," Remmy sings "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes". (329k, 30 sec.)

Also from "The Weaker Sex," Remmy sings the classic, "Tears On My Pillow". (644K, 59 sec.)

A true work of art, from the episode "Asylum," a Cleavant Derricks original, "Angel". (978K, 1 min. 29 sec. and WORTH the wait!)

In "Data World," deciding to break the rules, Rembrandt sings a couple lines from the Spinning Topps' hit, "Cry Like A Man". (77K, 7 sec.)

Also from Data World, Remmy sings a portion of "Ocean of Tears". (141K, 13 sec.)

From Season's Greedings, Remmy singing "Silent Night". (197k)

(RealAudio)From the Pilot episode, Remmy and The Spinning Topps singing "Cry Like A Man".. (113k)

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