"The Great Work"
Reviewed by Donner

Out of five stars:

Hey folks... and now the moment you've all been waiting for, my review of "The Great Work."


Better than "The Unstuck Man", worse than "Applied Physics" and "Strangers and Comrades". Interesting world that might have looked good on paper (but, then again, so did communism).


  • As I said, good world idea.

  • Tembi Locke - god, I love this girl. She's a take charge kind of girl like Maggie was when she was first introduced, but she doesn't come off as a total bitch like Maggie did when she was introduced. Diana knows her place and when she wants something done, she wants it done pronto, now, chop-chop! She's also a babe! Rrrrrowr!

  • Cleavant Derricks is settling into role as leader/father figure nicely.

  • Kari Wuhrer. Not bad. You've got to admit, she's trying and improving.

  • I loved what the Great Work was. I was expecting some Peckerhead idea like a giant mutated salamander that would devour the Vikings or something. (In case you're wondering "Peckerhead" refers to anything that might have come from the head of Peckinpah.)

  • Continuity. Loved the reference to "Prophets and Loss."


  • Robert Floyd - God, will somebody just shoot this guy? He was making so much progress with the last two episodes and suddenly, he turns into Carrot Top cracking bad jokes and dragging down every scene he's in. Not all Robert's fault - a lot of it is just bad characterization, but watching Mallory this week made me long for Jerry's half-assed performances last season or even the return of Colin the idiot boy.

  • Sloppy storytelling and a confusing story -- what the hell was going on in Monk-World anyway?

  • What the HELL was the favor? That kid reminded the sliders twice to honor his request of a favor in return for helping them. Am I crazy, or did he never collect on it?

  • I've said it once, I'll say it again... Cleavant's sleepy-time rendition of the opening narration has got to go.


Overall, not exactly a bad episode, but nothing to brag about either. It really sucks that Sliders has maintained a lot of its creative edge since last season, but a lot of fans aren't even giving it a chance since JOC and COC threw a temper tantrum and quit.

    A great work himself.