A black commentary on the generification of everyone in society and the loss of individuality in the 20th century with loads of humor. THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is the very thing Sliders is about. The 5th season a waste? I think not! Why the hell is Sci-Fi cancelling this show just when it's hitting the stride it had in seasons one and two?

"Please Press One"
Reviewed by Donner

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  • Where do I begin? This is the stuff Sliders was made from! Throw in Wade, Quinn, and the Professor and this episode would have easily fit into the first season. Witty writing and everything that gave sliders its legs in the first place.

  • Maggie. Whoa, she was a feisty little minx in this episode wasn't she? "Scan THIS!" I died laughing!

  • In case you didn't notice, much of the outdoor action happened in... HILL VALLEY from the Back to the Future movies. You could even glimpse the famous courthouse in one shot!

  • Robert Floyd! Yes, you heard me... Robert Floyd! "But, Donner," you say, "aren't you the biggest critic of Robert Floyd on this BBoard?" Yes, I am. Like I said, I didn't like the Peckinpah "Peckerhead" way he was intoduced into the show and his character has been horrible... not to mention his acting. But in "Please Press One" we really saw Robert and the character of Mallory take off. I guess since he was no longer tied down by that stupid "Quinn combined with Mallory" subplot, Robert began making the character of Mallory his own and not JOC's. There were one or two parts in "Please Press One" where he made me cringe, but overall, it's a huge improvement over all his other episodes.

  • We learn some of Mallory's history! He's becoming less two-dimensional, people!

  • The dialogue between Remmy and Mallory was great. (Jerry who?)

  • Wonderful guest star and character. Eccentric enough to be almost crazy, but likeable enough to be palatable. (WE'VE GOT SCOOP SIGN!)


  • The major problem I had with this episode was that Guy was a computer! Ugh! THAT idea belonged in the third season!

  • ...so did the unnecessary special effect of the tractor beam pulling Maggie into the scoop.

  • ...and the little go-bot thing that chased Maggie through the halls of Data Universal which I hereby nominate as the stupidest chase in the history of Sliders.


The entire episode just seemed to fall together nicely. It was a treat, I'll say that much... the best of the season! (I seem to say that with every new episode... good sign people!)

Stupid Sci-Fi Channel... I'm not very hopeful, but maybe the poll that said they were morons for cancelling the show will change their minds.

    Donner - Please Press THIS!