Hi, this will be my last post for a while. Enjoy it! Relish it! And, is it just me or did most of the SIY winner pitches SUCK DONKEY BALLS!? I mean, what did the judges do? Print out all the pitches, paste them to a dart board, and throw darts at them!? I mean, Jesus age Christ! Rock band earth!? Forest fire earth!? Whatever happened to "let's see ideas for stories that couldn't happen on any other show besides Sliders!?" &*#()*#ing hack writers. No wonder they're freelance... NOBODY WILL HIRE THEM!!! Does S.I.Y. really stand for Silly Inane and Yucky?

I'm glad Blinker's pitch won. To me, that was the one truly inspired pitch in the "top ten".*

Okay, now the review.

"The Return of..."
Oh, to hell with it.

(Take that you fascist lawyers!)
Reviewed by Donner

Out of five stars:

Revised year-end rating:

Some much needed and overdue background and development of Maggie with a great world (similar to a fanfic I wrote three years ago called "Stowaways", not that I'm accusing anyone of anything) with great support from the cast.


  • Kari Wuhrer acted better than she has in quite a while.

  • Great joking and chemistry between the cast during the beginning. The cat? That's funny stuff.

  • Awesome guest star playing Maggie's father!

  • Fresno, California was, in fact, HILL VALLEY! We even got a great shot of the famous clock tower! Where's Marty and Doc?

  • The inscription on the memorial was lovely.

  • The episode evoked REAL EMOTION! When was the last time Sliders did that? (Aside from disgust at choice third season episodes?)

  • Robert Floyd: I'll STILL take him over Quinn and Colin the idiot boy.

  • The entire episode was such a slam against conspiracy geeks! I wonder if aliens from Area 51 financed this episode with money made from selling black helicopters to Men in Black?


  • I don't know folks, Sliders and aliens just don't mix.

  • Anyone notice that "Beckett" was spelled correctly everywhere except on the memorial where it was spelled "Becket"?


Very close to being a five star effort. This is an episode we should have had last season.

    * Yeah, like I'm going to edit that part out. O7:-)