"A Current Affair"
Reviewed by Donner

Out of five stars:

Revised year-end rating:

A steaming political satire ripped from today's headlines that would have easily fit into the legendary first season of Sliders. This was pure Sliders... black comedy!


  • The actor from Alien Nation who played the president was "Slick Willy" to a T. Great charm that masked a true scoundrel!

  • The newspapers! HA! Great cap to the episode!

  • The first lady... my god, what an evil bitch! I loved her!

  • Robert Floyd. Yes, you heard me... Robert Floyd. Ever since that idiotic Peckerhead "Mallory bonded with Quinn" storyline was ended, Robert's really turned the character around. Hell, it's his OWN character now and not Jerry's! Plus, he's relaxed quite a bit. Robert, I know you read these posts and you know what I've said about you in the past saying that you have no business in acting. Well, I'm eating my words and they taste great!


  • I did kind of think that this episode may have hit "Monicagate" a little too close to the mark. It could have been done with more wry subtlety.

  • ...and I thought the way the others found out where Maggie was being kept was a little... oh, what's the word I'm looking for...? STUPID!!!


Great addition to the Sliders mythos and yet another reason to question Sci-Fi's decision to ax the show.