REVELATIONS (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

To my complete surprise this was a highly entertaining episode, putting a new spin on the future of the Sliders.

While many who watch this will notice the similarities to season two's "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome" and this is a good thing to say the least, but this episode manages to take that idea and put it in a new scenario and with far more deadly consequences for the newer sliding team of Quinn, Colin, Remmy and Maggie.

This was obviously the most expensive episode of the season (possibly ever?) to make and it really shows, with numerous off-set locations, some great guest stars and some exciting moments. The car chase was brilliant for its shortness. Jerry Hardin was great in his role as the enigmatic Isaac, as was Kristanna Loken as his daughter Catherine (who I'd hope to see again if Charlie O'Connell was returning as Colin). John Walcutt makes a more than good performance as Michael Mallory, making me wonder why he was so truly awful back in "My Brother's Keeper". Marnie McPhail didn't get a huge amount of screen time, though her role wasn't as important as John Walcutt's, however she was good as Elizabeth Mallory. But where, oh where is Linda Henning? Marnie looks far too young to play Quinn and Colin's mother!

This episode introduced another thing we've been waiting to see; a group of Kromaggs far different from those we know. It was good to see the writers are acknowledging the fact that other Kromaggs could be out there and they may not all be as bad as the ones we've so often encountered. Another interesting issue introduced was the reality of the Kromagg weapon on Quinn's home Earth. How much were his parents involved in the project and can Quinn and Colin ever forgive them for committing a crime not far from Hitler's genocide? Also are there more things about the Kromagg war we don't know about? Did the Kromaggs start it, or was it's Quinn's people? These questions may or may not be answered depending on whether or not we get a proper series finale next season, which supposedly is the last.

Though it was obvious pretty much from the time Isaac gives Quinn slightly different co-ordinates from those he has, that Quinn will not reach his home Earth in this episode, it's great to see the plot evolve, in the same way it did back in "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome".

There were a few minor and major glitches in this episode for me. The wormhole at the end manages to stay still, despite the fact that the team should be moving away from it on the train. Also mentions of Wade and Arturo would have seemed more important to Quinn than some of the things he mentioned to the Mallorys, yet they are very much absent. He doesn't even mention trying to save Wade. Also Remmy is given the timer to go back to Earth Prime. First of all, the place is overrun with Kromaggs; secondly, he hasn't even gotten the weapon yet; and finally, Quinn shows pretty much little sadness about him going, whereas Maggie and Colin (who have known him for a lot less time) are reluctant to see him leave. Another nit-pick, Quinn asks for help in getting Remmy to Earth Prime, even though the co-ordinates are in the timer. Michael Mallory claims to most likely have them on his computer too. How the hell could he have them and how would he even be able to look them up unless Remmy could confirm every single detail about that world???? The worst thing though has to be the fact that Quinn can't get home. Way back in "Slidecage" we learn he has the co-ordinates but the Slidecage is blocking his home Earth. However Quinn says in this episode he has the equations to bypass the Slidecage, so if he has the right co-ordinates, why the hell doesn't he?!

Quite an end to the season and a vast improvement over last season's finale. It didn't IMHO have the happy ending Marc Scott Zicree promised, but it was more than worthy. It won't be the same show without Quinn and Colin, but Maggie and Remmy have more than shown this season they can hold an episode and here's hoping for a great fifth and final season and some resolution to the threads left dangling all season concerning both Wade and the Kromaggs...

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