WAY OUT WEST (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

Despite my earlier reservations about this episode, it pretty much had everything that makes a perfect Sliders episode. It had an alternate Earth, the team helping the locals, a group of great sets and a fantastic guest cast. What more can I say? All this and Charlie O'Connell has a decent sized role in the episode.

Also this episode does for Maggie what "Stoker" did for Wade; showed off her great singing voice. Perhaps if Wade came back she, Maggie and Remmy could start a group. Seriously, Kari Wuhrer really can sing and her "Tight Pants" routine was nothing short of hilarious as she got the bar flies going! Of course Maggie was dressed up like a wild west hooker, but it was all part of her role in the episode and it worked extremely well. Charlie O'Connell played Colin the way he should always have been played, with him being savvy about the old west and their ways and proving how good he is with a gun. Shame it seems unlikely we'll ever see an episode with him doing what he and his brother do best; fencing! Jerry O'Connell and Cleavant Derricks were obviously having great fun in this episode and they made their characters really show it.

The guest cast was marvelously headed by Reiner Schone (Dukhat from Babylon 5's "Atonement" and "In the Beginning") reprising his role of Kolitar from "Slidecage". Schone has become the perfect western bad guy as Mr. K and makes good use of the character pleased with the chance for revenge for "Slidecage". A mention of the Jules/Kaldeen incident would have made his role even better than it already was. All this and we also get to see Babylon 5 semi-regular guest star Marshall Teague too!

What helped make this episode extra special was the complete transformation to a real western show with even the credits in a special font for the entire episode and the music to match.

Overall this was a great episode and there should have been more like it earlier in the season. Perhaps Jerry O'Connell should give his ideas for further episodes. Here's looking forward to next week in which we may well see the future for the team!

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