SLIDE BY WIRE (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

Well I have to say it, Kari Wuhrer has pulled it off again in my book. She proves yet again that she is an asset to the cast and that Maggie is now fully part of the team. Colin is barely seen at all (practically only for the horse scenes) and Remmy is only used as little as it seems possible, something which is a down point for the episode. This further extends the point that introducing Colin wasn't particularly needed this season. Since Jerry is supposedly leaving next season, Charlie should not make his role as Colin the lead, leaving it preferably to Cleavant Derricks as Remmy.

This is the closest thing we'll ever get to the Maggie plot first revealed back in "The Exodus". We see the return of Maggie's husband Steven Jensen (this time not in a wheelchair and a different actor) and we get an insight into what Maggie's life might have been like before she started sliding and if she had never had the chance to slide at all. Kari Wuhrer made this insight come alive, especially playing both versions of Maggie on the two different Earths.

Several new sets and locations this week, including the military base (which seems to be a cross of the prison in "Genesis" and the original base in "The Exodus"), and the old town used for the world the team slid to (last seen not in Sliders, but in Star Trek: Voyager's "The Killing Game"). We also had the new effect of the behind of the new look wormhole, something unseen before this season. It's similar to the old wormhole's behind, but blue-er and shaped differently. Not exactly important to the plot, but quite cool nonetheless.

The plot this week was generally very good, both plots running well side by side, with Kari Wuhrer playing well in both worlds as two very different Maggie doubles. We also get to see Quinn is actively searching for other sliding equipment (yet again called quantum translocation) that could help them find a way to Quinn and Colin's home Earth. On top of this was IMHO one of the best openings this season (with "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" and "Asylum") where our Maggie screams when she misses the slide, as well as Maggie's double going into the men's bathroom and walking up to the urinal!

My gripe this week is the continuous shots of Maggie's chest in bras or otherwise, which weren't particularly necessary after the first shot on the teaser (which itself wasn't really needed). Another minor gripe - why couldn't they get the actor who previously played Steven Jensen?

I'd give this week's slide one of the higher rankings to date, a well-deserved mark for what turns out to be a quite original episode. It could have been even better if we had seen doubles of Maggie's old friends (if indeed a career-minded woman like her had any) in the base or maybe even a Rickman double.

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