JUST SAY YES (reviewed by Paul Jennings)

To my pleasant surprise this was actually a good episode. The short of it: Colin and Maggie accidentally become addicted to drugs on a world where everyone takes drugs as part of their everyday life. Quinn and Rembrandt have to rescue the pair, who are placed in a village and put on a high level of drugs which makes them want to stay.

At the same time a medical agent sends one of his officers drugged up with an aggressive stimulant to take out Quinn and Rembrandt. Of course the team save the day, Colin and Maggie get a rapid detox, the drugged up officer swears off drugs and the medical agent takes an overdose.

What was good in this episode was how the drugs affected different people and the range of drugs used. Some people seemed perfectly normal, while others really seemed out of their heads. Also there was a great view of the people who didn't take drugs (led by Quinn's briefly seen double) who were thought of as hippies and apparently often die of drug underdoses which many are led to believe are fatal. Barely any of the population of the planet has ever been clean and everyone takes drugs. This was pretty much the drama of the episode. The rest was pure comedy.

Maggie and Quinn argue to start off the episode when the team slide into an equipment room and Maggie gets covered in toilet paper. Colin picks up on this quickly and Maggie shows what pains both Quinn and she can be. Then the real fun happens when Maggie gets her first shot of drugs and goes dancing in the street in puddles then almost gets hit by a bus. Also later when she and Colin are even more drugged up and living as a husband and wife she makes an attempt to bake cookies and Colin tells her it's the worst he's ever had. But you have to watch the episode to see how funny it is.

By this episode Colin is already one of the team and he has fully integrated himself. He is still quite naive though, finding drugs to be a pretty great thing. The guest cast is good, especially Damon and Malone, both of whom begin to realize the dangers of the drugs they take once Quinn makes them see what they're doing to themselves. Fletcher was average as the head enemy/bad guy, but he did it well and he got what he deserved in the end.

Some other interesting points were the new opening credits with new scenes and the addition of Colin to the regular cast. Other new clips looked very cool, showing off new sets and effects. It also seems Colin will have a haircut soon (he needs it, the long hair only seems to suit him in certain scenes). Also this was the first episode copywritten in 1998 (sad fact, but I happened to notice it). Also the set for Quinn's house was redressed for this episode from "World Killer" and looked pretty good.

Anyway, that's it. Next week it's a pseudo-Halloween episode, let's hope it continues the trend of this season's greatness.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? The Alternateville Horror