The King is Back

    On this world, late R&B sensation Rembrandt Brown is the hottest thing since sliced toast. Our Remmy decides that he's found his place, and makes plans to stay... but learns the hard way that not everyone on Cryin' Man Prime is a worshipper.

    I loved this episode! It is, without a doubt, one of the best from the first season. The story was great and the plot twists were genius!

    After a brief interlude on a world of "instant justice" where Quinn is threatened with execution for his double's spraypainted graffiti, the Sliders hit an Earth where Rembrandt is the local equivalent of Elvis... right down to his mysterious death eight years ago. As they walk the streets, sighting countless Rembrandt impersonators, a passerby catches them on videotape. The tape is put on the news, and within a day the world is convinced that Remmy is back from the dead for a comeback. In another hilarious turn, Quinn is mistaken for Jim Morrison and Arturo for Pavarotti!

    The Sliders are soon being bombarded by fans at the hotel. Arturo and Remmy try to settle the crowd down by venturing out, but they barely make it back alive. This was one of the greatest scenes in the episode. I loved when Arturo began haranguing the hotel desk clerk: "And do you know WHY??? Because I'M AN ENGLISHMAN, YOU BLISTERING IDIOT!!!!"

    In short order, Rembrandt is discovered by three people with something to say about his return. The first is his manager, Artie Feld, who offers him a deal he can't refuse: a comeback show, at one million dollars per song! Remmy accepts the offer, and immediately experiences his next encounter. Maurice Fish, Remmy's former Spinning Topps band mate, wants the credit for all of Rembrandt's songs -- but will settle for slitting his throat. Thankfully, Quinn is able to catch the license plate, and so he tracks him down.

    Finally, the Rembrandt of this world, who it turns out faked his death to escape the crushing publicity, learns of the commotion. He makes his peace with his alternate and passes on the Cryin' Man torch.

    Now comes the best part: the other Rembrandt discovers how much money he'd be getting for the concert. He races into costume, joins our Rembrandt on stage, and after a show-stopping musical duel manages to pass him off as "The Greatest Impersonator of Them All." That's that. An infuriated Remmy joins the others, and they leave the trappings of celebrity behind.

Slider8's Final Thought:
    A great episode! Perfectly written and acted. 4 out of 4 stars.

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