Resident Slider, by HurriKain

1 Chapters 1-6: Tortured Tableau

As she walked behind the counter to get a mug, she noticed a growing puddle of blood. Diana walked closer to it and saw that it was dripping from the ceiling, and she froze at what she saw when she looked up...
2 Chapters 7-11: Metropolitan Maze

So far, the chase had taught them that the monster possessed extreme persistence coupled with enough intelligence to open doors...
3 Chapters 12-16: Deleterious Devolution

"Hold on. You mean to tell me you left her up there alone?" Maggie said, panicking.
4 Chapters 17-23: Nocturnal Nightmare

"Diana... Oh my God! Maggie, she’s here. Get the medic!"
5 The Finale: Apocalypse Again

"Get on the train!" Remmy yelled, grabbing Diana’s and Rebecca’s arms and pulling them towards their escape vehicle’s caboose. "Now!"

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