Resident Slider, by HurriKain

Chapter Twelve

Diana Davis


    Graduated with honors at:


      Quantum Physics, B.A. (1992)

      Bio-Engineering, B.A. (1992) M.A. (1995)

    UC Berkeley

      Bio-Engineering, Ph.D (1998)
Work History
    Geiger Applied Research (Los Angeles Offices) 1992-94

    Umbrella Corp. (Los Angeles Offices) (1994-1995)

    Umbrella Corp. (San Francisco Offices & Laboratories) 1995-present

    Dr. Diana Davis is one of Umbrella's top scientists; with a high IQ and with only a Masters degree she was welcomed into the company with open arms. She along with five other scientists has been working on the Tyrant Virus (T-Virus) for quite some time. She also has been corresponding with Dr. William Birkin of the Raccoon City labs from time to time and has met him on several occasions. She recently made a discovery about the virus' unique affect on plant and animal life, which may have led to the creation of "Plant 42" in the Raccoon mansion labs. She also oversaw many of Umbrella's Bio-Weapons (B.O.W.), some of which were top secret even to most of the staff. Her recent Doctorate degree help propel her as one of Umbrella's finest . . . .
Mallory read a portion of the document out loud as Mancuso angrily pointed his gun at Diana.

"Well... this all looks legit." Mallory conceded after reading the file.

"See, those papers prove that this bitch works for Umbrella."

"Now wait! I..." Diana said.

"Don't say another word!" the officer shouted, his finger ready to pull the trigger.

"Diana, it's best for you to be silent for the time being." Mallory said, then he turned to Mancuso. "Look man, the good Doctor here only contributed to the T-Virus research. She couldn't have done all this by herself."

Mancuso shook his gun as he listened, but it was still aimed at Diana's temple.

"...she killed my wife..."

"She didn't. Umbrella did. She was only hired help." Mallory said, cautiously moving toward Mancuso. "Now... give me the gun."

The S.T.A.R.S. member hesitated, but co-operated and gave Mallory the Magnum.

Mallory continued speaking. "You made the right decision. If you want revenge, then turn it toward Umbrella, not her."

"I... I'm sorry." The officer said. "I don't know what came over me."

Diana still stood there, but quietly let out a sigh of relief.

"Are there any more guns that you can hand us?" Mallory asked.

Mancuso looked down at the floor. "There's the weapon storage office on the second floor. You can try there, but I don't think you'll find anything."

"Thank you." Mallory said as he headed out of the office.

"I'm sorry, Doctor." The officer apologized. "Ever since I found out about Umbrella being behind this outbreak, I..."

"That's all right." Diana interrupted. "I... don't blame you for being angry. I would've done the same in your position."

"Its that... I've recently got married about 3 years ago. Marilyn was everything I looked for and I loved her endlessly."

"Then tell me more about her." Diana said. "About Marilyn."

Meanwhile, Remmy and Maggie were telling Rebecca about sliding and parallel universes. They also explained about their arrival and separation. The S.T.A.R.S. member hung onto every word as she held the timer.

"Sliding?" Rebecca said. "Parallel Earths?"

"Yeah." Maggie replied. "That's the whole story."

"So, that's why you both weren't exposed to the virus when the outbreak hit."

"Yeah. We didn't get here until the 'after party'." Remmy said. "My, you're taken the news a lot better than I hoped."

"Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't believe you. But as you can see, these aren't. Zombies were thought to be bad horror movie clichés before all this happened."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Maggie said.

"One more question." Rebecca asked, holding up the timer. "What is this thing counting down to?"

"That device is what we use to slide." Remmy explained. "If that thing reaches zero, that our stay has been worn out and we will have to leave."

"Oh... so that means you have... 10 hours, 38 minutes and 29 seconds until you leave, right."

"Yeah." Maggie said. "We don't have much time, so we have to find our friends stat."

Rebecca smiled. "Don't worry. If you are what you say you are, then they probably survived somehow. The police station is only a couple of blocks away. I want to check there for more supplies."

"Sure." Remmy said. "Lead the way."

Rebecca smiled, then she turned to Maggie.

"Oh! And now I remember where I saw you before. Chris said that you and him trained together at the Air Force. Whenever he showed me your picture, he would always say, 'don't let her pretty looks fool you, she's a major hard-ass.'"

"He said that, did he?" Maggie smirked. Remmy walked ahead, but turned around to see the two women conversing.

"C'mon. Let's get to the station." Remmy yelled.

Diana couldn't help but to listen to the officer talk about his wife; after all, her double was a contributor to the outbreak, and to the deaths of countless people. Though they were married for only a few years, he seemed to think to her as 'the best thing to happen in his life'.

"Wow... it seems... that your wife is... quite a lady." Diana said, wiping away some tears.

"She was... a pure ray of sunshine." Mancuso said.

Diana had seen a softer side of the S.T.A.R.S. officer, but could still sense hatred. Besides, who could blame him if your double contributed in creating this mess? She couldn't stand the thought of people holding grudges against her; especially for something she hadn't done. She wanted to liberate herself, and since the sliders' presence was strange enough, the only way she could do that was by telling the truth. The REAL truth.

"Uh... Mancuso... there's something I've got to tell you, it's about..." suddenly she was interrupted by a strange noise. Both the officer and Diana looked around to see a fax machine receiving something. Once the faxing was done, Mancuso raised himself and picked up the newly delivered papers. The officer read the papers; his face took on a shocked expression.

"I don't believe this!"

Diana looked up. "What does it say?"

Mancuso handed Diana the fax. "Looks like we're not the only ones with problems."

Meanwhile, Mallory was walking away from a set of stairs on the 2nd floor. He always like taking shortcuts; besides, it wouldn't make sense to walk back to elevator only to go down one floor, and the stairwell was down the hall from the S.T.A.R.S. office. He walked down the quiet halls until he came across a door marked "Weapons Storage. Please have a permit with you or your weapon will not be assigned".

"I have my permit right here." Mallory said with a smirk, holding the Magnum. He twisted the doorknob, but it wouldn't give.

"Damn it!" he said. He looked down and saw something like a clover etched above the doorknob.

"What the hell is this?" Mallory said. "Well, I guess I have to do a little exploring."

The slider walked off, checking room-to-room as he explored the empty hallway.

Chapter Thirteen

From: Barry Burton, S.T.A.R.S. unit, Raccoon City division
To: S.T.A.R.S. unit, San Francisco Division

I have just received the distress call you sent a few hours ago. Unfortunately, I cannot perform any rescue tasks as a similar incident to that which you described is ongoing here in Raccoon. The entire RCPD force has been decimated due to the T-Virus and "zombie" outbreak. RCPD S.T.A.R.S. members are either missing or dead. I have already sent several distress calls concerning this matter, but so far, they remained unanswered. RCPD Chief Brian Irons is missing, feared dead. I am going to find some other means of escape, since all the routes leading outside city limits has been sealed. If the escape goes well, I'll try to send help your way. But if I don't succeed, tell Rebecca Chambers to forward the message of my death to my family…


Barry Burton

"Oh no." Diana said as she finished reading the fax.

"Looks like we're stuck here for a while longer." Mancuso said.

"Is there any other way to contact someone on the outside?"

"I'm afraid not. Everything, including the radio and phones, went dead after the zombie outbreak began. We assumed some sort of jamming signal caused part of the comm failure and all of the phone lines here were cut while we were sending distress calls... I'm surprised the line to the fax hasn't been tampered with."

"Oh… so you have a direct connection from the main phone line to the fax?"

"Yeah… it was Coneby's idea. Doesn't matter now, since we're all screwed."

Diana sat down at a nearby desk, playing with some of the trash that seemed to be littered everywhere on the floor.

The officer sighed and continued his rummaging. "Let me search here for a few more moments, then we're taking off for the university. I'm sorry to tell you this, but if we survive, you may be brought in for questioning."

Diana nodded, safe in the belief it would never come to pass. A few hours from now, she would be long gone. A new world. A new start. The thought calmed her nerves and replenished her hope. Then she looked at her hands, which were still holding the fax. For some odd reason, as if it was a reflex, she folded it up and put it in her left pocket. She didn't know why, but it seemed necessary. She rummaged through her other pocket and found another pack of beef jerky. She opened it and took a small bite as she thought deeply.

Mallory rested in what seemed like a police briefing room. It was filled with high-school desks and a chalkboard that filled with some roughly drawn maps of the San Francisco streets. Mallory chuckled as he sat at one desk.

"Sorry I'm late for class, teach." He said to himself, smiling.

His feet were tired from all the searching, since most of the doors he encountered were locked. What was strange was that the markings were all suits from a deck of cards: diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts. He was sitting back as he saw something glittering amongst the junk at a nearby table. Curious, Mallory got up and investigated. When he got there, he saw a file on a young officer named Rebecca Chambers, with a picture of her paper-clipped on the front flap of the folder.

"Hmmm… kinda cute." Mallory smiled as he stuck the file in the back of his pants and hiding it with the back flap of his shirt. He was about to turn away when something caught his eye. It was a small key, but the handle was shaped like a spade.

"Yes! It's about time." He said. Then he remembered seeing a spade marked door across the hall. Following his instincts, he left the briefing room immediately. With a sigh, he tried the key and opened the door. The room was filled with the same stench of death that haunted him when he first landed on this world. It seemed to be a lounge of some sort, with a few tables littered with soda cans, chip bags and candy wrappers which once in their original state came from the vending machines lining the walls. On the floor were the bodies of three police officers, lifeless and heavily decayed. Mallory covered his mouth and nose as he stepped over two of the corpses, heading for another door. He reached for the knob until he saw the last corpse holding a handgun. Mallory cautiously approached the body, nudging it with is foot before advancing. The slider had a hard time trying to release the gun from the corpse's icy grip but succeeded.

"Fully loaded… almost." Mallory said as he checked the clip. "But it'll do."

As he was placing the gun inside one of his belt loops, something large crawled on the outer part of the window adjacent to the door which such speed that Mallory only seen a tiny glimpse.

"What the hell?" Mallory said as he walked over to the window. He tried looking outside but all he could see was darkness, nothing more.

"Whatever I saw," Mallory thought, "It's out THERE! It isn't getting in HERE."

He opened the door and found out it led to another hallway lined with statues and large windows.

"What is this? Some sort of rat maze?" Mallory quipped. Before he started to walk down the newly discovered corridor, he could hear a sharp tapping sound. It sounded familiar to him, but he couldn't remember how. Mallory gulped as he cautiously took a few steps forward. Then he saw something turning a corner and crawling towards him. It was the monster from back at the bar, or at least something like it. Mallory froze as the creature screeched, its tongue waving wildly in the air. The slider was trying his best not to make any sudden moves, but he slowly reached for the Magnum the officer had given him. The monster screeched again; this time advancing toward Mallory. He quickly grabbed the gun, aimed and fired, filling the hallway with a loud bang. The bullet found its target in the exposed brain of the charging creature, and fragments of its head exploded in blood and fragments. Its arms and legs flailed wildly from the now-headless body, then stiffened one last time before hitting the floor with a thud. Mallory breathed heavily as he wiped the blood from his face, staring at the now lifeless corpse.

"Please God, let me get off this world." Mallory prayed. Then the hall was filled with more tapping. Mallory glanced at the corpse; it wasn't moving at all. Suddenly, two more creatures turned the corner, one crawling on the floor and one on the ceiling.

"Oh no…" Mallory said, readying his weapon.

Remmy, Maggie, and Rebecca were near the front gate of the SFPD station when they heard several rounds of gunfire.

"What the hell was that?" Remmy asked.

"That doesn't sound good." Rebecca said, rushing towards the double doors. When she tried the handle, the doors wouldn't give. "Damn it! It wasn't locked when the last time I left here."

Maggie looked at the massive dents on the on one door, "But I understand why someone would lock it now."

"Is there another way in?" Remmy asked.

"There should be a way in the rear." Rebecca said. "Follow me."

"What's going on?" Diana said as she heard the echoes of the Magnum blasts.

"Looks like your friend has run into trouble." Mancuso said, grabbing a grenade launcher from a nearby locker. "I'm going out to lend see what's going on. Stay here until I get back."

Then the officer left the office, locking the door behind him. He put the key in his vest pocket, it's heart-shaped handle sticking out of the flap, before running off to the nearby staircase.

Rebecca led them to a large passageway on one side of the building. A few zombies were standing around, but started moving when the three travelers made their presence. Maggie, taking the opportunity to use her new "toy", braced her assault rifle and opened fire on the undead. As the AR released its rapid fury, the zombies continued to march towards their potential meal... but as their withered chests filled with bullets upon bullets, the zombies collapsed, twitching on the pavement as the pool of blood grew from their decomposed bodies.

"WOOOO!" Maggie yelled. "I forgot how good it felt to use one of these."

"Yeah, much better than shooting a blackboard." Remmy chuckled, then Maggie gave him a playful punch.

"Nice shooting." Rebecca said, looking over the several twitching carcasses to see another passageway. "All we need to do is to go down this last alley to get to the rear entrance."

Maggie ran ahead first, probably from all the excitement of shooting more zombies.

Remmy couldn't help but laugh. "Looks like Maggie is out for blood."

"I just hope she'll remember to conserve her ammo." Rebecca said, ass the both of them ran after the ex-Marine. They didn't have to run to far because they saw Maggie standing near one of the large windows that lined the building.

"Uh… guys. I… think I found a shortcut." Maggie said, sounding a bit uneasy. Remmy and Rebecca ran to Maggie's side as they saw the window she was standing near was shattered, the glass was scattered across the floor inside the building.

Diana covered her head when she heard the rapid gunfire outside. She was reading some files on the desk she was sitting at, trying to get a grasp at what was going on, before she was interrupted. After several seconds, everything went quiet. Diana looked up cautiously. She grew curious as to what was happening, but couldn't because of the locked door. Then she noticed some of the files she knocked over the floor.

"Di, you are such a klutz." Diana said to herself as she picked up the straggling papers.

Then the building was filled with a new sound. The sound of heavy, booted footsteps.

"Oh no. Oh God no…" Diana whispered. She remembered hearing that same sound back at the shop.

"How did that thing get in here?" Diana thought. Then she heard that same groggy groan from before, but it sounded a lot closer. Diana rose from her seat and frantically searched for a way out as the footsteps became louder...

Chapter Fourteen

Diana waited impatiently in the office for the haunting sound of the footsteps to go away. They seemed to echo through the office, in her ears, and in her mind. Frightened of what might happen to her, Diana began to search the room for another means of escape, but with little success. The office had no other doors linking to other rooms and no windows of any kind. The only way out of the office, she thought, was through that monster. She was trapped. With no way out of the room, Diana's only remaining option, as futile as it seemed, was to hide.

Then, almost like a beacon, something caught her eye. A ventilation hole, covered by some sort of grating, was high on a wall above a nearby desk. It wasn't big, but it was large enough for someone as slender as herself to crawl through. Without a hint of hesitation, she grabbed a chair and placed it on the desk. Now, only the grate stood in her way. She scoured the room with her eyes, searching desperately for something to pry the grate off. There was nothing, and the footsteps were getting increasingly more audible. Panicking at this point, Diana began to claw at the metal grate with her nails. Most of them broke and it hurt her hands, but she didn't care. She had to escape at any cost. Diana, like a caged animal trying to escape a brutal slaughter, continued to literally attack the wall. The grate was giving but not fast enough. She heard the knob turn, followed by the most God-awful, screeching roar the woman had ever heard.

"No. Not now," Diana huffed under her breath, with tears streaming down her face from the pain in her hands and the fear that clouded her better judgment. She took a deep breath, and with the seemingly last bit of strength left in her, she managed to pull the grate off of the air vent. Success, she thought, was finally hers. That success, however, was fleeting, and Diana's sense of triumph sank into the pit of her stomach as she heard the office door's window shatter. There was a monster at the door.

"Oh no... no...," she said so quietly, not even hearing herself say it.

The door finally gave, and standing there in the passageway was an image that would haunt Diana for the rest of her life.

She turned around to gaze at the creature making its way into the office. Remembering what she was doing, she continued her efforts to try and evade the monster. She climbed up into the vent and began to inch her way forward. A roar echoed through the office and in the narrow shaft which Diana found herself crawling through. She looked back to see a deformed hand reaching inside the vent, searching for its prey.

"What are you?" Diana said under her breath as she backed away. Suddenly, a purple tentacle shot out of its arm, flinging wildly as it searched for her. Diana quickened her pace to avoid it, but while looking back at the monster, she failed to watch was in front of her. She hit her head on something that felt quite solid. It was yet another grating. Diana began to bang on it, but it wouldn't budge. She looked back to see the tentacle coming at her like a snake in the grass. She took a change of action and started ramming the grating with her shoulder.

"Come on!" Diana yelled. After a few hits, she heard a screw fall, which made her attack it with more strength. The tentacle inched closer to the Slider as she rammed desperately at the grate. Then, with one final blow, the grate gave way, and Diana flew out with it from the force of her blow. She fell on the ground, hitting her head on a nearby shelf. The last thing she saw was the tentacle waving around in the opening before retreating. Then, everything went black.

Mallory was lying down with his back to the wall. He was now lying on a pool of blood, mostly from the lifeless corpses of the vicious monsters that attacked him. He sat there holding his left shoulder, which was bleeding heavily. The beasts were too quick for him, especially the one that attacked him from the ceiling. Those things dodged his bullets as if they were bricks, and Mallory wasn’t comfortable handling two targets at once. He paid for it when one of the creatures took a swipe at him. However, he did eventually manage to cap both of them at close range. Good thing too, or he wouldn’t be breathing now. Mallory was struggling to stand up when he noticed that a tongue belonging to one of the monsters was wrapped around his ankle. The Slider yanked his foot, and the rope-like appendage was detached from the creature’s mouth.

"Damn. This just isn’t my day. AH!" Mallory quipped as he stood tall over the dead bodies. He stopped for a few minutes to listen for more tapping, but all he heard was silence, pure silence. Assuming it was safe to explore, Mallory limped down the hallway. With each step, Mallory howled in pain. He was aware that he needed medical attention, fast! He saw more doors on each side of the hall when he turned the corner and went to the first one he came across. Before turning the knob, he checked it for any special markings.

"No card suits. Thank God," Mallory said as he turned the knob. Mallory walked in and found himself in some kind of waiting room. The odor in the room was different, as if someone urinated on the walls.

"Jesus!" Mallory yelled as he covered his mouth and nose. Standing at the far end of the room was a zombie. He was dressed in some kind of baggy uniform Mallory didn’t recognize. The Slider aimed the magnum at the undead creature, who was unaware of his presence, and pulled the trigger.


"Shit!" Mallory said, realizing he was out of ammo. The zombie turned around and started walking towards the Slider. Mallory was beginning to back away when he remembered the handgun he picked up earlier. He pulled it out and started shooting the walking corpse. With each shot, the zombie jerked back, but it still marched towards him. After he shot several bullets into the zombie’s chest, it staggered backwards before the last shot knocked it down. As the zombie collapsed, Mallory still aimed at the corpse, walking cautiously towards it. He noticed some sort of nametag was pinned on its shirt.

Jeff Margulis
(Executive) Janitor

"Executive?" Mallory thought. "Doesn’t he mean 'supervisor' or something?"

Suddenly, the corpse sprung back to life, grabbing the Slider’s ankle. Mallory aimed at the zombie’s head and pulled the trigger. The corpse became lifeless once again, a pool of blood growing from the freshly made wound on its forehead. Mallory waited, still holding his gun, for the body to resurrect again, but it was conclusive that the zombie was officially dead.

"AH!" Mallory screamed as he grabbed his wounded shoulder. He could feel the pain getting worse now, but he managed to stop the bleeding.


Mallory looked up to see Mancuso coming from a door at the far end of the room.

"Jesus! What happened to you?" the officer said.

"I got caught in a brawl, that’s all," Mallory said, smiling weakly. Then, he noticed that the man was alone. "Where’s Diana?"

"Don’t worry. She’s back at the office. She’s safe..."

Then, both of them heard a loud boom, and it sounded like it came from the floor above them.

"Dammit!" Mancuso shouted.

"Diana!" Mallory yelled as he started running for the exit.

"Stop! You are in no condition to help. Stay here while I check on your friend. In the meantime, I’ll find something to treat that wound."


"Stay!" the officer ordered and ran off.

The Slider leaned against the wall and sat down.

"But... it stinks in here...," he said as he took the bottom of his shirt and covered his face.

"How long did Coneby tell us to guard the stairwell?" an officer said, looking bored.

"I don’t know. He didn’t say," said another officer, who was standing across the hall. "Why d'you ask?"

"Because I’m hungry," the bored officer answered. "I saw a vending machine near the elevators. It’s just down the hall. So, it’s not that far off. I think the chief wouldn’t mind if we grabbed a couple of snacks while doing our duty."

"Wait, what do you mean 'we?'"

"C’mon Ray, a two-minute break wouldn’t hurt anybody. And we wouldn’t be practically leaving our posts. Whaddya say?"

"I don’t know, Albert..."

"I have three words for ya. 'Hostess powdered donuts.'"

"Alright. Two-minutes, that's all," the officer sighed.

The first officer smiled and said, "See, I knew you could see things my way."

Soon after, the two officers walked together down the empty hallway.

"Good thing my wife decided to visit her mother in L.A. three days ago."

"Lucky bastard. My wife is now one of those things walking around the city."

"Well, I didn’t notice anything. She still has that ugly mug. So, I couldn’t tell."

Ray punched his companion on the shoulder while he was laughing. They were passing the elevator when the two of them saw the floor numbers light up.

"Hey," Ray motioned to his buddy, "I didn’t know there were people still up there."

"Couldn’t be. We evacuated the top floors hours ago," Albert said as he saw each floor number light up in a declining fashion.




The two officers heard a bell as the elevator stopped at their floor. The doors opened, and several zombies rushed out.

"Shit!!!" Albert yelled as he reached for his gun, but he was tackled by a few of the undead. Ray kept firing shots at the large group and backed up.

"Help! We need back-up! Now!" he yelled as he kept firing. His efforts in keeping them away were futile, as he was savagely attacked by the undead. Both of the officers' screams were heard throughout the building, and every officer that heard was immediately on alert.

Chapter Fifteen

Susan Lane was doing a crossword puzzle when she heard the commotion. Curious about what was going on, she grabbed her bow-gun and ran out of her post. Out of each door in the halls, police officers rushed out with their assigned weapons. Susan ran with them but slipped on something.

"Ah... shit!" Lane said as she tried to help herself up. Before she could get up, she noticed her hands were covered in blood, and she looked around to see that she was lying in a pool of the crimson liquid. She stood back up and saw that the blood was coming from a closed office nearby. She walked over to the door, but it seemed to be barricaded by something from the other side.

"Is anyone in there?" Lane said, loading her weapon. Then, she rammed the door, and it opened partway. The stale air and the stench of decomposition hit her senses. She walked in cautiously to see an officer eating another officer.

"Oh God!" Lane exclaimed. The zombie cop looked up, its skin paled and some of its facial features decayed.

"Chief...?" Lane said, almost choking on her breath. The undead chief rose from his meal and started advancing towards the female officer. Lane immediately ran to the halls, giving herself some ground to maneuver on. She turned around to see the zombie walking out of the doorway, and she also saw a perfect opportunity for a shot.

"Forgive me, chief," she said as she aimed at the zombie and pulled the trigger. The arrow shot out with blinding speed and went through one of the zombie’s eyes. The walking corpse finally collapsed from the blow. Lane took a deep breath and heard the heavy gunfire coming from the elevator area. She reluctantly gathered her senses and ran to the aid of her fellow officers.

Diana opened her eyes as the smell of cleaning fluids and dirty mops filled her nose. She rose up, rubbed the back of her head, which was bleeding slightly, and noticed that she was in some sort of janitor’s closet. She looked around to see shelves filled with cleaning supplies, and one of them showed a small dent, probably caused by Diana when she fell.

"Ah...," Diana moaned. Then, she spied something on another shelf. It was some sort of journal belonging to a man named Jeff Margulis. By instinct, she put the journal in her pocket for further reading. Once again, she didn’t know the reason for her action. She glanced over the shelves and saw a key with a diamond-shaped handle. Knowing that it might come in handy, she grabbed it. Her head was throbbing, and the bleeding slightly increased.

"Oh God...," Diana said as she held the back of her head and walked toward the door. When she opened it, she stuck her head through the doorway, looking for any signs of danger. The hallway was silent, eerily silent. Old paintings and benches also lined the walls of this well-lighted corridor.

"Well, no monsters or zombies here," Diana thought out loud as she proceeded down the halls.

Mallory was getting nauseous because of the vile stench occupying the waiting room. He had been sitting there for at least ten minutes, but it felt like hours and the shirt cover wasn’t doing any good. The pain was getting worse as each second passed, and he started thinking that if the stench didn’t kill him, the massive infection would.


Mallory came to his senses and looked up to see Maggie running from the doorway leading to the halls. She was so excited to see her friend alive that she ran towards Mallory and hugged him.

"OW!" Mallory yelled.

"Oh, sorry. You’re hurt!" Maggie said as she backed off a bit.

"Just a large scratch. Where the hell were you!?"

Maggie ignored her friend’s question and yelled for assistance, "Becky! Remmy! Over here!"

"Becky?" Mallory thought to himself. A few seconds later, the two remaining members of the search party ran inside the waiting room.

"Hey Fog Boy!" Remmy said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, glad to see you too," Mallory said cockily. Rebecca knelt down to examine the wounded Slider.

"Looks like you lost some blood," Rebecca said, reaching inside her travel pouch around her waist, "but that’s about it. It’s best to patch this wound for the time being."

"You’re the girl I saw in that file I found," Mallory said.

"What file?" Rebecca asked.

"Wait, I have a better question," Remmy interrupted. "Where’s Diana?"

"She was waiting inside an office upstairs..."

"Hold on. You mean to tell me you left her up there alone?" Maggie said, panicking.

"No, no. We met a S.T.A.R.S. officer while we were searching for you guys. He was keeping her company, while I was searching for some supplies and necessities. Not too long ago, I heard this loud bang upstairs..."

"Oh God," Remmy said. "Rebecca, you stay with Mallory. Maggie, come with me."

Then, the both of them ran out the room. Rebecca was busy treating her patient when something went through her mind.

"You know what?" she said.

"What?" Mallory said, smiling.

"You look a lot like Chris," she said, smiling back.

Chapter Sixteen

Remmy frantically climbed a nearby stairwell to the next floor. His concern for Diana grew with each quick step.

"Diana!" he yelled as he ran through numerous corridors. He turned a corner, then halted in shock.

"Remmy, wait up!" Maggie yelled from the stairwell, trying to catch up to him. When she reached her friend, she saw what he was staring at. One of the doors in the hall was destroyed. Debris littered the floor ahead of them.

"Oh my God!" Maggie said. The office entrance looked like it was rammed inside by a small tank.

"What happened here?" Remmy asked. He cautiously walked inside the devastated room, holding his handgun in case something popped up. Maggie followed with her AR in tow, walking on the paper littered floor. Remmy saw a desk that was flipped over and an exposed air duct.

"Well, whoever or whatever trashed this place is gone now," Maggie said. Remmy looked disappointed. There were no signs of Diana anywhere.

"I guess we still have some ground to cover," Remmy sighed as the two Sliders resumed searching for their friend.

Diana looked at each door while walking down the silent corridor. She noticed that each door was marked with a symbol by the doorknob. Diana had tried her key on one of the doors earlier, but without success. That door was marked with a club. She kept walking down the hall until she saw a door marked with a diamond.

"Well, it's worth a shot," Diana said to herself as she looked at her key's handle. She tried the key on the door, and it successfully opened. Diana let out a pleased sigh when she reached for the knob and twisted it. She found herself in some kind of press conference room. It was filled with aisles of chairs, and a few news cameras were placed a few feet in front of a small stage with a podium. On one chair was a dead officer with a clover-handled key shimmering in his breast pocket. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it, realizing that it would allow her to go on and explore. Suddenly, after grabbing the key, the walls shook, and a small amount of debris fell from the ceiling.

"What the hell?" Diana said under her breath. She immediately turned and walked towards the door, but something else caught her eye. She walked towards the podium and grabbed some sort of fuse that was lying on it.

"I don't know why I developed a habit of collecting things," Diana thought to herself. "To think that in a situation like this I've become a pack rat."

When she walked away from the stage, she heard a loud crash behind her. She turned around and saw the large creature raise its massive arms in the air and letting out a very loud roar. Debris from the wall he crashed through and pieces of the broken podium were everywhere.

"Jesus! How'd he find me?" the scientist said, running towards the door as the creature gave hot pursuit.

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